CPAC Central Head Blue1 Caught In Gambling & Scamming Scandal

Hello Viewers. Today I’m sharing to you all the very graphic and disturbing report of Bluesockwa1, famed CPAC Central head of staff, and what he really does outside of work.

Blue1 is inspired by millions of Club Penguin citizens, desperate for his fame and success he has achieved over years of service towards the business of CPAC. But is he as pure as it would seem to us on the outside world? I quickly aimed to find out and live the dream of every employee who ever lived, to get my own boss arrested. I first knew I had a lead when I saw Blue1 pull out of his garage in his Klondike estate, and take a 6 hour drive to one of the most crowded and busy servers in all of Club Penguin, Arctic. I couldn’t figure out why he would ever drive such a distance. Surely it wasn’t business as no CPAC headquarters or report centers were anywhere near the area. Not to mention, in such a busy server people would recognize him for sure. But when he got out of his car and walked the busy streets, I could tell he had the same idea in mind. He was in disguise wearing a black pull over hoodie and a red baseball cap tilted downwards to hide his face. For whatever reason he was down here, he surely didn’t want anyone to find out.

I continued following him, and weaving through the busy streets of Arctic, keeping my eye on him the whole time while avoiding suspicion. It was when we got to the Ski Hill that I saw him turn into the Ski Lodge. I knew if I just barged in there, he’d likely turn around and see me which would be an incredibly dangerous route to take so instead I peered through the window seeking what little information I could gain. However, this was something big and I could tell as soon as I looked into. Blue1 was involved in underground illegal gambling. The chips were layed out on the table, and the connect 4 boards stood straight and tall. This was obviously no friendly game, because I could see the stacks of money being laid out on the table. Blue1 still kept his head down out of fear anyone in the room would notice him. Suddenly he got out of his chair and headed towards the outhouse in the back. I took this as a chance to walk in and find a seat near him. I quickly walked in, kept my head low and avoided suspicion. I took the spot right next to his bag, assuming he was sitting near this position. When he walked back into the room he quickly sat down and folded his money up. I turned to him and challenged him to a game. He agreed and bet over 1k of Xats. I pondered the idea, but quickly told him I had something else in mind. I informed him I knew who he was, and if he didn’t give in to my deal I would reveal him for the crook he was. He turned his eye to me and quickly and sharply asked what I wanted. I challenged him to a game of find four, If I won he would give me admin rights at the CPAC headquarters, if he won, I would walk out of the building without saying a word to anyone. Seeing he had no other choice he agreed and the game was on.

I guess you could I say I was what they might call a find four expert. I had taken several Taiwanese connect 4 classes some years back because I had a hunch they may just come in handy. Oh, how right my formal self was. He quickly laid his first chip in and I followed. I beat him mercilessly. It took me a mere 9 moves to eliminate him from the game. He pleaded and begged for a best two out of three, to which I agreed knowing it would make no difference. I beat him in only 7 moves the next round. He looked at me shocked, but then his expression changed. I saw rage wash over his face, his attitude was completely different and he set forth with no mercy. He stormed out the building screaming, “NO ONE DEFIES BLUESOCKWA1, I’M THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN CLUB PENGUIN. ESPECIALLY NOT SOME PEASANT ILLEGAL GAMBLER SUCH AS YOURSELF!” He was furious, yet at the same time he underestimated me. Luckily for me, he had not recognized me as one of his very own reporters. I quickly rushed home and underwent 5 hours of detailing my every story on this epic adventure. When I typed the last word I had realized I was done. I had exposed Bluesockwa1 for the crook he really was, I even had the picture to prove it.


So, what do you think? Should Bluesockwa1 be removed from his CEO position and replaced with someone more suitable? Perhaps a Mexican snack themed reporter? Or should he give me my rightful place as admin on CPAC Central, so we can all move on from this distasteful event and Blue1 having learned his lesson. Let me know what you think in the comments.

-Buritodaily, CPAC Semi – Reporter

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  1. Can’t see the pic. Hang on let me just get my microscope..


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