Media Network Meeting || Legends Page Reformation || Information Regarding the Wikia

There’s a lot of administrative stuff that needs to happen so I’m just barreling this all into one post. If you work for CPAC, any of the Network sites, or care at all about the Legends Page or Army Wiki, feel free to read on. 

For all those on the Network sites looking for the media times, scroll to the bottom of this post. 

Legends Reformation 2.0

CPAC will be making some changes to its Legends Page in the coming weeks, along with some changes regarding the Wiki. Firstly, let’s talk about the Legends Page. We’re talking more about the general design of the page at this point and not the people on the page — though there may be a Legends Induction this summer — but in any case, the Legends Page is less than satisfactory. The graphics are sub-par at best, and the descriptions for most of the elected Legends are three or four sentences. I have no idea who initially wrote these descriptions, but they definitely need to be fixed.

So, I’d like to put out a request to any members of the army community who are high ranking in their respective armies — or who know a good bit about a specific legend — to put together a short, revamped biography on any CP Army Legend you choose. Biographies should be around 150 to 200 words, and should explain the major events of that persons’ career and anything else you find relevant. You can submit your biography by commenting them on this post, the Legends page, or by emailing me at Also, Blizzard or Monsoon — if I could see you on chat sometime soon about revamping the graphics on the page, that’d be great.


Information Regarding the Wiki

Secondly, in case you aren’t aware, the CP Army Wiki was recently defaced. However, the Wiki will not be fully restored into operational condition due to a new project presenting itself. Vince/Cowboysfan13 and Nick/Tomb will be using a new hosting software to create a CP Army Database, a site that, unlike the current wiki, will not be open to everyone to edit — that way we don’t get people who are desperate for attention covering the site in porn.

CPAC’s current wikia team will be working with these two to move all of the wiki information that’s still there onto this new database, and, following this, will be helping to put together all of the things we never got to — the CPAC Wiki Project, at its peak, was only about 20% done, with only one of our five major categories completed. This time, we will be truly able to keep a record of where we came from and where we’re going, and I hope to finally be able to successfully put together a record of that. More information regarding this project will be soon announced.


Media Network Meeting

This is information for the administration of the following sites: Small and Medium Army Central, The Stale Nacho News, The Clover, and RPF Daily. 

A few months ago, when CPAC and SMAC joined back together as partnered sites, we agreed to host the Annual Summer Awards as a joint project as opposed to each holding separate awards. Now that the Network has been reformed, I don’t see a better opportunity to get all of the sites in on one project than this one. So, the meeting times are below.

Sunday,  August 11th

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm GMT

If anyone has an issue with this date and time, please let me know as soon as possible and we’ll try and edit according to your schedule.



CPA Central CEO

8 Responses

  1. 1st suckers


  2. I can come to le meeting (smac)


  3. fuck kenneth is 1st. just fuck.


  4. Told you Splasher. It’s going to be a DATABASE.


  5. Pungy, Funks, Adro and I will be representing SMAC. Just need to confirm with Pungy and Adro, but I believe they’ll be up for it.


  6. 1st


  7. change to 6pm Est


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