Black Rebels Declare War on Special Weapons And Tactics

EDIT: After a long chat between the SWAT and BR representatives, both armies agreed to end the war and instead scheduled a practice battle; in retaliation, a quarrel between rehired Doms and Taco, resulted in Spi101, newly made FW leader, to have deleted the blog (suspected) – says Goodjoker5, SWAT leader.

BIG SNOW, Black Rebels’ Empire – The newly created army, the Black Rebels have decided to declare war on the rising army known as the Special Weapons And Tactics.

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Legends Cup IV – Round One In Review

[CLICK HERE for the Updated Legends Cup Brackets]

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Following the Qualifiers, which saw some surprises and upsets, the top 8 armies joined the competition to fight for a place in the Quarter Finals. Only one army from the qualifiers managed to reach the next round, the battle in itself a shock, with several battles being decided by the smallest of margins. Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.

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RPF/Nacho War: Invasion of Fog

FOG – The Rebel Penguin Federation remain victorious over the Nachos on the server of FOG.

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Multiple Leaders: To Tear Oneself Apart

KLONDLIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk- Can a pack of wolves have two heads, or will it tear itself apart? Continue reading

Army Naming For Dummies


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The Blue Review [2]: Adult Diapers Mailed to Elmikey’s Home

AMURICA, PARENT’S BASEMENT — Allegations rise due to a pack of adult diapers that were mailed to the home of Elmikey, Leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation.  Continue reading

Club Penguin Recruiting: A Thing of the Past?

ALASKA, U.S.R.P.F. Territory – After making a glorious return from the dead, the RPF went from being a fragment of people’s imagination to being number 1 with incredible sizes. But why? Recruiting. Specifically CP recruiting. Today; could we finally see the beginning of the end for this historical army? Club Penguin staff says we might.

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Nachos and RPF War: Snow Fort

SNOW FORT – In another battle in this war of the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation, which army will be victorious?

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What Makes a “Good” Leader?

Hello CPAC viewers, my name is Shad and I am a new Philosopher here at CPAC. Many of you may know me from leading a few top ten armies. Anyways lets move onto the purpose of this post. What is a leader? A leader is the sole head of an army and without them the army would fall drastically, but to become a leader it takes time, effort, and dedication. Which raises the question, what makes a leader a “good” leader? Perhaps we should take a look  at what leadership it takes to become a leader or improve one’s leadership skills.

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ACP Leadership Tensions

BREEZE – Confirmed by “The Clover”, a private post written by Shab, who has had previous of removing leaderships, lists the problems with Capncook as ACP leader. The Clover suggests that Slime or Flipmoo may be inline to replace Capncook, but many people are not thinking of this as a coup in the making. Shab had reportedly deadminned Capn to get rid of his “steamroller attitude”, but has since readminned him.

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The Wiki: Legend Pages

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Nachos & RPF Battle For Arctic

➡ Note: I was NOT at this battle and did not see it live. I apologize if any of my reports are inaccurate, although I think I got most of the important parts.

Arctic- In the most recent battle of the Nacho army and Rebel Penguin Federation war, the two armies dueled on the server Arctic, a highly controversial server due to RPF’s Operation Restoration plan on that particular server. The RPF was without their leader Elmikey for the battle, as he was on vacation for the weekend and hoped to prove that they could be successful in battles even without him. Did they prove that? Read on to find out.

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Rescheduled Legends Cup Battles: First Round

❗ CP is now working and only AR vs BR is to take place at a later date ❗

Due to CP crashing during Legends Cup battles, rescheduling has been made for several battles. The following battles have been moved to Wednesday, 24th July:

  • Army Republic vs Black Rebels

These battles have been made during the midweek so they can fit in with the weekend schedules. Click “Read More” for the rescheduled times.

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Top Ten Armies: 07/21/13

With the Legends Cup in full swing and many wars being fought across armies, it’s time for another Top Ten.  Continue reading

Legends Cup IV: Quarter Finals Times

The competition has been narrowed down to nine armies, with one three-way battle as the Quarter Finals approach.  Continue reading