Nachos and RPF War: Deep Snow

DEEP SNOW – The Rebel Penguin Federation try to fight off the furious Nachos from their server of Deep Snow.

Before the battle really started, the Nachos logged on in the Snow Forts. They were able to get 40+ troops forming a full circle. For the Rebel Penguin Federation, their leaders have been DDoS’ed during the event. They [the leaders] were not able to log on Club Penguin. For the Rebel Penguin Federation troops, they started in the Cove. They were able to max 35+ and form a line around the water.

The Rebel Penguin Federation in the Cove
E+2 Tactic

The Nachos in the Snow Forts
Circling the Snow Forts
E+9 Tactic

When the battle officially started, the Nachos moved to the Forest as the Rebel Penguin Federation also moved to the Forest. The tactics delivered from both armies were astonishing. The Nachos quickly took the circle with 40+ troops. The Rebel Penguin Federation took the circle also with 35+ troops. After a few tactics, the Rebel Penguin Federation switched formations into a backwards “L”.

The Rebel Penguin Federation in the Forest
E+P Tactic

The Nachos in the Forest
Joke Bomb

After battling from some time, the Nachos moved to the Iceberg. The Rebel Penguin Federation tried to follow the Nachos, but the room quickly filled up. The Nachos circled the Iceberg easily and maxed 40+ troops. For the Rebel Penguin Federation, they went to Stadium. In the Stadium, the Rebel Penguin Federation had around 55+ , circling the room. After being without their enemy for so long, both armies bashed in the Town.

The Nachos at the Iceberg
E+9 Tactic

The Town was the last room for the Nachos, who were able to scatter the Town with around 40+ troops. The Rebel Penguin Federation also made a circle with around 35+ troops. Not long after the room change, the Rebel Penguin Federation retreated to the Iceberg.

The Nachos in the Town
E+L Tactic

At the Iceberg, the Rebel Penguin Federation made a huge “+”, but quickly changed their formation to try to circle the Iceberg. They still had 35+ troops with near perfect tactics. The Nachos stayed in the Town, but because the Rebel Penguin Federation retreated, logged off and claimed victory. Because the Nachos logged off, while the Rebel Penguin Federation still stayed on Club Penguin, Elmikey claims that the Rebel Penguin Federation take home the victory.

The Rebel Penguin Federation at the Iceberg

What do you think about this battle on Deep Snow? Who do you think won? Will either army end this war? Can the DDoS attacks against the Rebel Penguin Federation still continue? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

36 Responses

  1. End this war already.


  2. RPF…. If you believe that The Nachos are DDoSing you, why not report them to the authorities. Technically you could get the “DDoSers” arrested under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act :
    I’m just saying that because if its as serious as they claim they can go ahead and do that.
    But perhaps a better question is why the hell are we all of sudden getting DDoSes every single week. Back in ’11 and a good part of ’12 we had no reported cases of DDoS attacks. Also, how do you know that they simply are
    A. Lazy
    B. Lying
    C. Simply have bad internet connections


    • I find it ironic that no Nacho high ranks were harmed and that DCP leadership was hit offline after/while defeating the Nachos as well. Yes bad internet connection because everyone goes from perfect internet to no/very poor internet at the same time only during RPF vs Nacho battles. -.-. Must not have happened in ’11/’12 cause nobody stood up against these guys until now.



      • Not really. There was the ACP and IW or NW. Nachos weren’t the top dogs until a couple months ago.


      • You guys have a photo of a bot saying that 60 people are on your chat, right?

        That explains the bad Internet. Any army leader should know that when a lot of people are online, a lag occurs.

        Also, the only reason that it seems like only you guys are being harmed is that the Nacho Army leaders doesn’t accuse people of DDOSing them to make themselves look good.


      • Actually, Puck and I have been being kicked off since the war started also.


      • Elm You are clearly behind in your history, ACP fought them serveral time in relatively recent times, including just last year when they suffered a crushing defeat from the Nachos. Why weren’t there any DDoS attacks from them (assuming it’s true) until now? Also, Even though the logical group that would do it would be the nachos (again assuming it’s true) Could you consider the possibility of a third party doing these said attacks? It’s unlikely but always possible.
        Give evidence to your claims or some factual basis or else people will continue to dismiss your claims.


      • Why are you acting like you’re the first army that we’ve ever been at war with? If you’re suggesting this is the first time that we’ve had an “intense” war then you’re clearly still stuck in 2007, it’s not like we haven’t had an a massive rivalry with ACP for years. Not to mention that we’ve had lots and lots of other wars…


  3. Dude. In the third picture. Dont freak or anything, but there is totally a talking rock there.


  4. I really doubt the Nachos would go as far as doxing an enemy. They have their standards. RPF have many more enemies then Nachos, it’s just that they actively pursue war with them. As for the winner, I can’t tell. Too much bullshit.


    • Nachos sent a package to my house, how did they get my address? ._.


    • Nachos even took the time to make up a fake dox too.


  5. LOL, Goblin BTW rpf had won.


  6. Well, in all standards, I just think this war has gone from the CP front to the constant yelling at each other. I just think that these accounts of “ddosing” are just lies. This war has gotten out of hand and should just end before people get tired of it, and both armies die.


  7. RPF won that one.


  8. Rpf sizes during battle.
    Cove: 35
    Forest: 40
    Stadium: 55
    Town: 35
    Ice Berg: 35

    Where did the 55 at stadium come from? Would LOVE to see some pictures. Or was that the room that you were “DoSSed” and the pictures got conviently deleted?


    • Cove I counted 42 about 5 minutes before battle while we were still logging in before I was hit off. 40 at forest lol that’s awesome Nachos gave the room change orders first (rooms max like 55). Stadium 55 I wouldn’t doubt it where’d it come from you say? Simple: When you have a room to yourself you can fit more of your troops in it. Really we got 35 at town? o.o & 35 at berg not bad not bad.. Interesting.


      • so you can only get 35 in cove where you have a full room to yourself, yet you magically gain 20 troops in the stadium..Interesting.


      • Elm, you are too stupid to insult. I was using the sizes that the POST gave me.


  9. Are there proof of rpfs 55 soilders?


  10. All these battles are the same; Someone claims they’ve been DDoSed, there’s a whole lot of lag, people start flaming, RPF claim victory, and us incredibly, sustainable Nachos always win (bias, I know xD)!


  11. Okay let me give you my opinion im an rpf member im a staff sergeant now only the people who was in the battle can really say the truth now im saying what I know is true you can call this bullshit all you want but I will now say my part first of all 3/4 of our leaders were DDoSED not saying it was the nachos but that’s that cleared furthermore we actually had 42 at the cove and around to the beginning during the middle we got 55 then towards the end more were logging off or getting lagged out now I will say one thing being based on recents posts and true facts in no offence to start a insult but most things that come out the nachos mouth is total bullshit I mean go on their site for most of the RPF vs NACHO EMPIRE battles the nachos have had 0 PICTURES at all but the RPF however have had loads to prove their win now overall we kick their ass all the time but for this battle just because us RPF troops know our leaders got DDoSED all you public or community can say we are lying all you want but atleast we know the truth and also one more thing to cover up the reason for us having only 4 pictures for this battle is because of the DDoS so that’s all I have to say let me know if you disagree but that’s my insight of the battle as I attended to it 😛 – Teigan RPF


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