Legends Cup IV – Quarter-Finals In Review

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KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – As a defeat now means that you are now not automatically knocked out of the competition, with the new redemption rounds, the stakes have risen as 9 armies fight for a place in the Semi-Finals. There are some shocks and surprises and very close battles. Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.


  • Nachos (1) vs Doritos (8)
  • Army of CP (7) vs Water Vikings (4)
  • Army Republic (3) vs R.P.F (5)
  • Ice Warriors (6) vs Chaos (11) vs Dark Warriors (2)


  • Doritos reached 35 and beat Nachos who reached 30.
  • Army of CP reached 20 and beat Water Vikings who reached 20.
  • R.P.F reached 25 and beat Army Republic who reached 20.
  • Dark Warriors reached 20 and beat Ice Warriors who reached 12 and Chaos who reached 14. Chaos came in second.

All 4 battles were close in some way, with some upsets in all four battles based upon their respective rankings. One army managed to beat an army ranked 7 places above them on the top ten prior to the battle. In the three-way battle, two armies had similar sizes and one pulled away with slightly larger sizes and superior tactics. With the Redemption Round now introduced, only the loser of the three-way battle is knocked out which could make for some interesting battles in the Redemption Section. These battles were for a place in the Semi-Finals.

Nachos (1) vs Doritos (8)

While this was the first real battle for the two armies, with the Nachos beating three Snow-Ninjas with sizes of 40 to get here and Doritos beating the no-show Light Troops with much smaller sizes, the Nachos were expected by almost everyone to win this battle comfortably. For the past few weeks, Doritos had consistently been near the bottom of the top ten but managed to hit sizes of 35. The Nachos managed to get around 30, much smaller than they would have liked and were shocked by the DCP’s great sizes. This was a very close battle and the judges voted slightly in favor of DCP. Doritos will now face the Army of CP in the Semi-Finals.

Army of CP (7) vs Water Vikings (4)

There was not much separating the armies before this battle, both consistently having 20-25 on CP and every week having a similar top ten ranking. The ACP beat SWAT in Round One, in a close battle, with the Water Vikings beating the Police Department in a constrastingly easier battle. During this battle, both took the lead at times during it and both had around 20 throughout the battle. The WV had a better start, but the end was much better from the ACP. In a 5-4 vote, the judges decided that the ACP were victors of the battle. The Army of CP will face Doritos in the Semi-Finals.

Army Republic (3) vs R.P.F (5)

In another close battle, of which we have already seen two, the AR and RPF knew that they would be strong favorites to reach the final if they won this battle, with three smaller armies in the other battle. The AR beat the BR in the first round, a good Wednesday battle in which AR had 30, while the RPF had 20 against the Shadow Troops. In this battle, the AR and RPF had their time in the lead, but the RPF held the lead for the longest and the judges decided that over the two rooms, with rooms changes inbetween like the other battles, that the RPF had won. RPF will now face DW in the Semi-Finals.

Legends Cup RPF vs. AR3

Ice Warriors (6) vs Chaos (11) vs Dark Warriors (2)

in the first three-way battle of the tournament, due to the draw between Ice Warriors and Chaos, there was little to separate the three armies. Before this battle, IW and Chaos drew with sizes of 15 and DW beat UMA with similar sizes of 15. This was set-up to be a close battle and this was shown during it. The DW dominated the Forts, with sizes of 20 and the IW/Chaos both had 10-15. When the battle was moved to the Stadium, DW’s sizes dropped but increased back to 20 after a while and the Chaos had a slight size and tactic advantage over IW. In an 8-0 vote, the judges decided that the DW did enough to win and in a 5-3 vote the judges decided that Chaos were the army to go to the Redemption Round. Dark Warriors will face RPF in the Semi-Finals.

What do YOU think about some of the upsets in these battles? How did DCP managed to beat the Nachos, with such an increase in size and are the Chaos the most surprising army of the tournament? Comment YOUR opinion on these matters and the WV/ACP and RPF/AR battles.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

12 Responses

  1. fascinating


  2. first


  3. I hate how these exaggerations of sizes go unnoticed.
    Wheres the reward for the honest armies?


  4. Worst review ever;. I’m not going to point out all the mistakes but when I first started reading it said Doritos maxed 35 and Nachos maxed 30. So I went to Doritos site and they maxed 47. Thats really off.


  5. RPF beat AR 😀


  6. I am on Ice warriors.I’m sad we lost..We’ll get Chaos next time!


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