Flappy: New Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

TUXEDO, RPF HEADQUARTERS– After reclaiming the Number 1 spot in the Top 10, the Rebel Penguin Federation have appointed a new leader.

Only hours after the RPF being announced as 1st on the latest CPAC Top 10, Elmikey made the decision to promote Flappy to Rebel Commander of RPF; Leader. After Lord Pain recently announced that he would be away on holiday, Elmikey decided that long-time serving troop, Flappy, would be promoted to the position as leader as both Elmikey and Flappy “have the same vision for Club Penguin armies”.

Flappy has served within the RPF (although sometimes not actively) for 6 years now, so it was obvious that Elmikey was looking for a loyal and dedicated soldier. The RPF has been getting sizes of 50 prior to Flappy’s appointment, so the RPF Leadership will be hoping to keep that up.

Can RPF keep up these sizes?

Can RPF keep up these sizes?

I managed to grab a quick interview with Elmikey to talk about the new RPF Leader and the Legends Cup.


Me: Blue

Elmikey: Green

Why did you make the decision to promote Flappy to RPF Leader?

He’s been with RPF since we started in 2007 and we both have the same vision for Club Penguin Armies.

How has Flappy reacted to his promotion to Leader?

I don’t think he cares, LOL, he’s Flappy but I’m sure he’s happy. It really doesn’t matter what rank you are we’re a team/family.

I then took some time to talk to him about the Legends Cup.

Do you think that the RPF will be victorious over the Dark Warriors in the Legends Cup Semi-Finals?

It might be a challenge for DW and we might have to do something about them using RPF’s uniform.

Who do you think will be the 3 armies in the Legends Cup Final?

I haven’t been paying attention to the other armies especially since the DCP defeated the Nachos then the Nachos threatened CPAC and got another chance which is bullsh*t. I’m only focused on RPF. The Nachos should be punished for what they say and do but since only RPF will stand up to them we’ll do all we can.

So Elmikey is certainly positive about the RPF with Flappy as their new Leader, so we’ll have to see if Flappy will fit into the position, or if problems will occur. He is also angry due to claims that CPAC created the Redemption Week piece of the Legends Cup in response to threats from the eliminated Nachos.

Will Flappy be able to keep RPF at the summit of the Top 10? Will RPF be victorious over the DW? Comment below with YOUR opinion!

We’ll have to see in the Legends Cup IV: Semi-Finals– RPF vs DW on Sunday, 4th August, 2013 @ 7:30PM GMT!


10 Responses

  1. What the heck where did my long comment go.

    But delete the bolded comments in the post. It’s ridiculous.


  2. at least flappy and pain are leaders!


  3. Im a RPF member and im a staff sergeant a middle kind of rank and I haven’t had much contact with Flappy or know what he can do so for my personal reason I think we may be in trouble…


  4. Ive been in Rpf for 5-6 years 😀 and Im the highest Mod. Pretty bawz or not 😦


  5. I served under Flappy for a bit and was owner in RPF with him for quite a while, he’s definitely worthy of the spot


  6. Instead of “After reclaiming the number one spot on the top ten” you should’ve put “After bitching for the number one spot”


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