Top Ten Armies: 07/28/13

BLUE1 EDIT: This Top Ten has been given at edit to the top three due to some major discrepancies and skipped events in the RPF rankings. The revised Top Ten is below. 

As the month of July comes to a close and we see a few major upsets in CPAC’s Legends Cup IV, another Sunday comes around. The ACP/AR war is currently at ceasefire due to the Legends Cup IV, but the Nachos v. RPF war rages on full force. Let’s see how armies stack up.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4] [96.88]

2T. Nachos [-1] [87.88] 

2T. Doritos [+6] [87.88]

4. Army Republic [+0] [85.75] 

5. Dark Warriors [+4] [76.88]

6T. Ice Warriors [-4] [69.75]

6T. Army of CP [-1] [69.75]

8. Water Vikings [-3] [65.88]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [60.75]

10. Black Rebels [-3] [57.16]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Chaos Army [NEW!] 

12. Water Ninjas [+2] 

13. Underground Mafias Army [+0]

14. Watex Warriors [-2] 

15. N/A

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF has had another great week, making it to first. RPF’s week began as they beat out the Shadow Troops to advance to the Quarter Finals of the Legends Cup. Following this, many more battles were fought in the ongoing Nachos/RPF war, beginning with the battle of Arctic on the 22nd. The next day came a smashing victory on Snow Fort, with sizes of 30-35. Next, the USRPF reformed their government with the induction of a senate as they prepared for more battles. A few days later, the army scored another victory on Tundra with sizes of 25-30, and claimed victory once again on Deep Snow the following day. The army is scheduled to face off against the Army Republic today in the Quarter Finals of the Legends Cup IV.

2T. Nachos: The Nachos take a fall to second as their war with RPF continues. Their first event of the week was halted by a server issue on CP, and so was redeemed with an early invasion of Tuxedo with sizes of 20. A defense of Arctic the next day yielded sizes of 40-45. The day after that, the Nachos defended Arctic with a max of 53. An unsuccessful defense of Fog on Wednesdayhad a respectable troop count of 35-40. Finally, the 25th’s sizes of 35-40 on Tundra were enough to claim victory. A close loss at the hands of the DCP puts them against the WV in the next round of the Legends’ Cup.

2T. Doritos: The Doritos sharply rise to the 2nd spot on this week’s Top 10 from last week’s #8 ranking. To get ready for Sunday’s LC battle, the Doritos had a practice battle with UMA that was won with sizes of 30-35. Sunday’s LC battle was fought and won by the Doritos with an average size of about 40. They will face the ACP in the next round.

doritos win

4. Army Republic: The AR drop a spot in this week’s edition. They had an unscheduled event on Tuesday with a max of 30 troops. A recruiting session the next day maxed 33. A late night recruiting session later on that night averaged around 26-28. A victory in the Legends Cup versus the Black Rebels maxed about 35. Later that week, the AR averaged 25 in a Red/Blue practice battle within the army.


5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors seem to be on their way to another top spot. Their week began as they faced off against the UMA, winning the battle with sizes of 15. Two days later, on Frosty, the army logged on with sizes of 20 — following this, on the 25th, the army held their first recruiting session in awhile, with sizes of 25-30. Other events included two 25-troop unscheduled events in the coming days. The Dark Warriors are one of the three armies facing off in the three-way IW vs. Chaos vs. DW battle later today.

6T. Ice Warriors: The IW drop 4 slots in this week’s CPAC Top 10. A Legends Cup battle against the Chaos resulted in a tie, in which the IW averaged 20 in. The next day, a training session maxed around 25. A recruiting session on the 23rd averaged around 28-29. An Australian/Asian event maxed around 7. Finally, a friendly raid on the ACP averaged 23.


6T. Army of CP: The ACP drops 1 place in this week’s version. They kicked off their week with a Tuesday training event averaging around 30. ACP maxed around 19 in yesterday’s Legends Cup victory against the Water Vikings. An Australian/Asian event wrapped up their week, maxing about 19.

8: Water Vikings: The WV drop 3 spots in this week’s Top 10. They had a Legends Cup’ training on the 26th with sizes of 15-20. WV’s battle with the ACP in the Legends Cup resulted in a loss, though they did max 22. An unscheduled event later that night averaged around 20 troops.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT takes the ninth place stop this week. About halfway through the week, the army made the decision to move back to their old site due to the current one being deleted. Events in the beginning of the week were collected in one post on the new site, but most showed sizes of around 20. On the 27th, the Black Rebels cancelled their PB with SWAT — however, the army logged on anyway, reaching sizes of around 10. 


10. Black Rebels: The Black Rebels take a fall this week, coming in at 10th. The week got off to a fast-paced start as the army declared war on the Fire Warriors, who were also only newly-formed. On the 23rd, the Black Rebels held an Unscheduled with sizes of 20. As the week continued, the army declared war on SWAT. The war has seemingly already ended, with scheduled events being turned into Practice Battles and other recruiting sessions, respectively.



weekly poll

This one has actually been up for two days, sorry about that. This time, we asked you, the readers, who you believed was winning in the ongoing conflict between the Army of CP and the Army Republic.

Make sure to check the poll sidebar soon, new polls every week!


So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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103 Responses

  1. First of all dcp should of gotten 1st. We maxed 57 at the legends cup

    Also we had atleast 10-20 troops locked out :@


  2. Let the rage commence and the bullshit rise!


  3. Polldaddy is now messed up. 47%+42%+12%= 101%



  4. Funks can’t pot anymore statistics about how long WV have been in Top 5 now!


  5. WV should be tied with ACP. Where is this 8th shit coming from?




  7. Good week for armies.


  8. On the 21st of July RPF gets sizes of 25 on the invasion of Tuxedo
    Same day we battle RPF vs ST in the tourney RPF gets 30

    On 22nd RPF battles Nachos for Arctic no leaders were online RPF gets 25’ish. RPF lost.

    On 23rd RPF gets 47-50 In the Invasion RPF won, Nachos claimed 50 that day and said they won Commando and I proved they lied and only got 40.

    On 24th The RPF defeats the Nachos with sizes of greater than 50. (Fog)

    25th Victory on Tundra RPF gets ATLEAST 50+.

    26th Deep Snow RPF once again achieves well over 50.

    The most Nachos got this week were 40 and even were getting 25-30 recently. Commando and I proved Nachos only maxed 40 in a post. This top 10 is completely wrong RPF is first.

    DCP got 50 once yet tie with RPF? Wut.


  9. no no NO! THIS IS ALL WRONG! REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION SHOULD BE FIRST! NOT NACHOS! Rebel Pneguin Federation beat them four days in a row! Rebel Penguin Federation should be first!


  10. 4th. Really CPAC? Obviously you didn’t see a lot of our event pics. He should be higher xD


  11. What? How could Nachos still be first, RPF got bigger sizes then them and beat them in almost every battle this week!


  12. Also, I would like to give a congratulations to the DCP for their sizes! Good job, Doritos! *Thumbs Up*


  13. lol #DCPPicture


  14. CPPD is out of the top 15. Cring


  15. RPF should be first on CPAC. We are defeating the Nachos in this war with overwhelming steady sizes of 50+ Doritos beat the Nachos in the tournament. It is unfair they get a rematch. It is unfair they are first. It sounds like CPAC is favoriting Nachos over all the armies.

    I understand if Doritos were first because of the whole tournament thing beating the Nachos while they are in war with RPF. Nachos keep getting defeated (not only in the tournament but the war with RPF too) but they are still first… Something is wrong here.

    Also, RPF hates the negative comments about Pain: “We don’t like Pain” etc. We still have 2 other great leaders who are working extremely hard and it isn’t fair because Pain is doing a fabulous job.

    The ranks are becoming favoritism ranks than score ranks.


  16. Acp will advance against dcp maybe


  17. As a Ar I would say the post is great it’s interesting to see Dcp and swat makeing a come back though its hard to know if Dcp can hold it up


  18. I love this Post 🙂


  19. Just saying that poll is wrong ACP has no chance


  20. I don’t think RPF should be behind DCP to be honest. DCP had one event, where they got 35, not 40 at all.


  21. 8th? WV should be at least 7th. :/


  22. I agree with Burr.


  23. Excellente! :mrgreen:


  24. Here comes the Nacho rage.


  25. RPF is #1 😀


  26. Uh oh. RPF is in 1st now. Nachos are coming run!


  27. Heat Warriors should be in the Top 15. We are 2nd in SMAC.


  28. Biased ACP should be first.


  29. Congrats to RPF for finally getting #1 spot changed after complaining about the last two top tens. Elmikey should get a round of applause.


  30. i was reading the description for nachos and rpf… sounds like nachos did better.


    • Whoever wrote that decided to only talk about the two events RPF had when not a single leader was on :p


  31. Lol Elmikey went on cam, it’s not Kyle. I have Kyle on Twitter and my old fb.


  32. With Black Rebels gone, UMA’s gonna be in the Top 10 again soon..


  33. t0tally bias acp shud b furst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


  34. The top 4 armies are getting 30 to 40 troops at events.
    Then we have 5 and both armies tied for 6th. Getting 25 to 30 troops at events. Iw should be 6th. Not acp, they got 19 people on at there tournament battle and still won! they should be at least tied for 7th!
    Leaving 7th to 10th having 10 to 20 troops at events!!! Swat should not be even in the top 10! They got 10 people for their latest event!
    Its sad how some of the top 10 armies are getting in the top 10, even though they are maxing 10 troops online! Armies should be in the top 10 if they have good sizes and win battles. If its hard to choose which army should be in the top 10. Look at their tactics! Ik I have no right to tell you, the all mighty blue1, how to make the top 10. I’m just saying. Srry for the long comment.


  35. From this new top ten it seems like if you complain a lot blue will give you first. This is mainly toward the RPF


    • (ono) When they were making this top 10 they skipped over a few RPF events on our site, they realized what they did and fixed it.


  36. so.. many.. comments


  37. Lets reach 100 comments :O


  38. so many comments and I just read all of them XD.


    UMA GOT SO MUCH ON CP !!!!!!


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