Retirements in S.W.A.T. and the Army of Club Penguin

ICICLE and AVALANCHE – As a Leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics and a 3rd in Command from the Army of Club Penguin retire, may those retirements bring down either army in the Top 10 rankings?

For the Special Weapons and Tactics today was not they best day for them as their Leader, Domsamillion, retired. This could affect the army as they are on the verge of the Top 10 at the moment. In a post found on S.W.A.T.’s website, Domsamillion explains his retirement.

Hello SWAT change of plans stuff didn’t work out with me leading SWAT accusing me of abusing soldiers that’s not true but whatever.I would like to have these last words to all of my friends in CP army history I will always remember you guys and you will always be in my heart[no homoyou all helped me have an increase in school you supported me SWAT made me what I am today 5 years in CP armies and 4 years in SWAT isn’t bad I met ALOT of new friends and I achieved the goal I’ve always wanted.below will have pictures of events I have lead.

This retirement could put a huge impact on S.W.A.T. They have recently taken the 10th spot in our Top 10, but now with this retirement they may drop. Before Domsamillion posted his retirement post, he posted something directly to S.W.A.T.’s current Leadership:

I don’t mind you guys chose to fire me,well if you haven’t noticed SWAT made a great leap in my leadership and all I wanted to do was make my last 3 weeks in cp armies fun and help SWAT rise for when I leave but no you guys wanted to do this shit to me.I totally understand I’m not mad at all just pick the right leader to take my spot please.Thank you~Domsamillion

As the same for the Army of Club Penguin. Today they woke up to their 3rd in Command, Slider568, retiring. His retirement post can be read here:

Hello ACP!

This retirement post may surprise you, and I’ve decided to retire only in this last week. My reasons for retirement are ACP just isn’t that fun anymore, being active has gone from being on ACP chat a couple hours a day and attending a few battles to attending every battle and being on chat all day and this point in my life I just can’t do that. My summer is almost over and school starts soon and I need to dedicate my time to that really. I may come on chat a few times a month but thats it. As well as the reasons above, I need to patch up my social life and start hanging out with my friends again.

This road has been an amazing journey, although I did make it to leader and retired leader is a title they never let me have (but let another leader in the same place I am have) it’s been a pleasant journey. Although most of my friends have gone and moved on from ACP I’ve been here wondering if it’s my time to go too. Battles are honestly no fun anymore. I dread having to go to them but enjoy leading them but they’re just not as fun anymore. My favorite leaders are gone too and these people are all great people but the last leadership I enjoyed was Flen’s.

Tori and Capn you’re both wonderful people but the leadership is missing a spark to ignite the fuel which ACP has always run on. I just want to live my life and work towards my career and focus on school now once it starts up again. So next up is my history.

A young penguin by the name of Slider568 joined Club Penguin somewhere in November 09. In real life he had just started middle school and found this game entertaining but lacking combat and thrill. One day in March 2010 he noticed the huge server list that existed and picked Breeze to explore next. Breeze server and I was excited to explore it but then in the forts I noticed something strange a massive army of green penguins fighting a massive army of Nachos and I saw someone call out “JOIN ACP TODAY!” so I quickly logged out and searched it on google and thats where the journey started.

I never made a mark and like most noobs went inactive and left mid July. But then I decided to rejoin September 2010 and thats when I got off on a career. I met my best friend Skloop that month in ACPTR and we clicked. I also met a lot of friends I’ve probably forgotten now and I’m sorry for that. In late October I flew up the ranks to Major General and became a moderator! Then again in late November I joined ACPTR. For me this was like a dream come true, a taste of what it’s like to run ACP. I taught cadets, posted and soon moved my way up to Co-Leader under Skloop and Jack.

Skloop retired and Jack went inactive. I worked on ACPTR myself with the fellow teachers and then one day Jack retired. He said I was to take over. I took over ACPTR and it ran kinda laggish after all, Jack didn’t hand over ACPTR in a great place in it’s time. I was promoted to Division General as well. Then April came and new leaders Flipper and Ken came to power. Their first group of 3ics Jcapp and myself. Jcapp was soon fired for being absolutely terrible to the soldiers. Then Carter came to power and soon Johnny.

I was promoted to 2ic when Bobcatboy10 retired and I realized there was someone better than me below me and that would be Johnny. He’d been waiting for this much longer than I and I handed my rank to my good friend and stepped down back to 3ic. Khimo was promoted to 3ic but he was worse than Jcapp when it came to noobs and soon quit when people started to get angry, but still he was a nice friend. Johnny retired somewhere between August – September and I was made 2ic again feeling more confident than before.

There we led ACP together until July 1st when I first retired with Flen and Carter and theres not much to say after this. I left and enjoyed retirement up until this year when I rejoined in April. I soon got my wish, a second chance in the leadership but I realized my time is up today.

You’ve all been amazing friends and my retirement will surely come as a surprise. Below are the friends I’ve made in ACP over the years and if you don’t find yourself there it’s not that you’re not my friend but these are the people who made a difference to me. Alot of these were copied from my old retirement post but they still should mean the same I hope.

I skipped the “people I will remember” part of this retirement post as they should be acknowledged separately and directly by Slider568.

Thats that I guess. This part of my life is over now and I need to go live life now and get off the computer. Over the past few months I’ve just been staring at chat too much and posting on ACP. Funny how thats the only thing I really use my computer for but I’ll find more uses when school starts using it for projects and research. If I’ve forgotten anyone, because I again it doesn’t mean you’re not a great friend it just means my forgetfulness got the best of me once again.

Slider568 also saved a special acknowledge to the Army of Club Penguin troops.

To all the members of ACP:

Maybe we’re not the largest army anymore but ACP is something great. Theres a history here and we’re all just trying to hold up the legacy of those who came before us. Everyone doubted me when I first started out and it took a long time but I became successful and achieved what I wanted to. You can too. It takes a strong will and a long time but you can make it if you really want. Good luck in ACP and in life.

With my final retirement comes my final wish. I want you all you consider Clintos as your next 3ic. Hes a great person and a great leader who can do much better than I. Good luck in life Clintos. Anyways I think thats it. I’ve said what I’ve wanted to and it’s time for my to catch a boat to retirement island where my lovely villa has been waiting for me.

What do you think about the retirements in S.W.A.T. and the Army of Club Penguin? Could it put an impact on either army? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

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  1. Have a good retirement guys c:


  2. Visit the bar on Retirement Island!




  4. Retirement of 3ic hardly ever brings down an army. Although all of us like Slider, his retirement won’t affect the Army. I wish he hadn’t retired because in my opinion he could get even higher in the ACP. 😦


  5. trolololololololololololololol


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