Legends Cup IV – Round One In Review

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KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Following the Qualifiers, which saw some surprises and upsets, the top 8 armies joined the competition to fight for a place in the Quarter Finals. Only one army from the qualifiers managed to reach the next round, the battle in itself a shock, with several battles being decided by the smallest of margins. Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.


  • Snow Ninjas (24) vs Nachos (1)
  • Light Troops (9) vs Doritos (8)
  • S.W.A.T (10) vs Army of CP (7)
  • Police Department (21) vs Water Vikings (4)
  • Army Republic (3) vs Black Rebels (22)
  • R.P.F (5) vs Shadow Troops (20)
  • Ice Warriors (6) vs Chaos (11)
  • Dark Warriors (2) vs U.M.A (15)


  • Nachos reached 40 and beat Snow Ninjas who reached 3.
  • Doritos reached 13 and beat Light Troops who didn’t show.
  • Army of CP reached 20 and beat S.W.A.T who reached 15.
  • Water Vikings reached 25 and beat Police Department who reached 7.
  • Army Republic reached 30 and beat Black Rebels who reached 18.
  • R.P.F reached 25 and beat Shadow Troops who reached 15.
  • Both Ice Warriors and Chaos reached 20 and drew.
  • Dark Warriors reached 15 and beat U.M.A who reached 14


While Sunday (and the Army Republic vs Black Rebels battle) was the closest day for battles with the more debatable judging taking place, Saturday saw the Nachos hit the largest sizes of the round as they managed to reach 40. The closest battles were Ice Warriors vs Chaos, which ended in a draw and Dark Warriors vs UMA which saw little separation. Chaos were the only army to advance to the next round from the qualifiers. Here are the individual reviews for each battle:

Snow Ninjas (24) vs Nachos (1)

As the lowest seed in the competition clashed with the highest seed, after beating the Pirates with sizes of 3, there was no expectations for an upset at this battle. The Snow Ninjas did not even login until 10 minutes into the battle, in which they could only muster 3 troops once again. The Nachos, as expected, hit 40+ and easily circled the berg. The tactics for the Nachos were decent, while the SN appeared as a “rogue force” with the lack of tactics and formations performed. Due to the time taken for the SN to login and the lack of size from them when they eventually did login, the judges ruled that the Nachos won before the 20 minutes was up. The Nachos will face the Doritos in the Quarter Finals. 

Light Troops (9) vs Doritos (8)

The Light Troops managed to provide 5 troops against the Night Divers and now had to beat the DCP in Round One to face the Nachos. According to the seedings, this was supposed to be the closest battle of the round and possibly of the tournament, but it did not turn out that way as the LT failed to turn up and DCP had sizes of 10+. The Doritos did not try too hard to get more size, or to do tactics, as they knew that this battle was an easy win for them. In reminding the LT that they had a battle, I was banned and Water said the LT “didn’t have time for niggery battles”. Five minutes into the battle, the DCP were declared winners against the only no-show army of the round. The Doritos will face Nachos in the Quarter-Finals.

S.W.A.T (10) vs Army of CP (7)

Arch rivals throughout their history, SWAT and ACP faced in a surprisingly close encounter. SWAT, who hadn’t been on the top ten for a long time prior to this, advanced against the GT (who had not been created yet) and now had to beat the ACP, who had reached 3rd on the top ten, for a place in the Quarter-Finals. ACP disappointed at this battle, only managing sizes of 20, while SWAT did fairly well with sizes close to the ACP’s at 15. Tactics edged slightly in ACP’s favour and, coupled with the slightly superior size, this was enough for the ACP to go through to the next round in a 3-0 vote. The Army of CP will face Water Vikings in the Quarter-Finals.

Police Department (21) vs Water Vikings (4)

After a narrow win over the Watex Warriors, CPPD had the tough challenge of beating consistent top five army, WV, to get into the next round. CPPD had 10-15 in the Qualifiers, but couldn’t reproduce these sizes again as they wore red with sizes of 5+. While the WV were not totally happy with their performance, they still managed to get respectable sizes of 20-25 with decent tactics, which was enough to beat the CPPD. 10-15 minutes into the battle, CPPD logged off and this automatically put victory into the Water Vikings’ hands. Water Vikings will face the Army of CP in the Quarter-Finals.


Army Republic (3) vs Black Rebels (22)

This battle was supposed to take place on the Sunday, but was postponned due to CP not working for most people. Should the battle have taken place on the Sunday, the AR were looking like they were going to win easily so the move to Wednesday was beneficial for the BR and the neutrals. BR didn’t have competition in the qualifiers, as the FW failed to show to their battle. In the Wednesday battle, AR managed to reach 30+ while BR had only a modest 15+. Combined, these armies provided the most troops at a battle for this tournament so far, with the room becoming full for the first time. In a 2-1-1 vote, the Army Republic were voted as winners, with one judge choosing to abstain. Army Republic will face R.P.F in the Quarter-Finals.


R.P.F (5) vs Shadow Troops (20)

ST provided the biggest sizes of the Qualifiers by reaching 20-25 (which turned out to be some of the biggest sizes of Round One), but they failed to reach these sizes in Round One as they had 10-15. At the start, it appeared as if the battle may be close with the RPF failing to hit large sizes, but as the battle begun and continued the RPF managed to hit 25 and in the end easily beat ST. Most of ST logged off with a few minutes left and RPF won in a 3-0 vote to get into the Quarter Finals. R.P.F will face Army Republic in the Quarter-Finals.

Ice Warriors (6) vs Chaos (11)

Prior to this battle, IW had hit 2nd on the top ten while Chaos failed to even get a spot on it. Chaos hit 10 in the Qualifiers, beating the one-man Global Defenders and had low expectations against the Ice Warriors. Both armies had sizes of 15-20, with IW having a size advantage in the first 10 minutes and Chaos having a size advantage in the last 10 minutes. Tactics were fairly even through the battle and this resulted in a draw for the battle. However, the vote was orginally a 3-1 decision in favor of Chaos but this was revoked by Tournament Host, Bluesockwa and Battle Gamesmaster, Kingfunks4. Ice Warriors, Chaos and Dark Warriors will face in a three-way battle in the Quarter-Finals.

➡ Dark Warriors (2) vs U.M.A (15)

UMA had an easy battle against Death End in the Qualifiers, as they hit 15 with great tactics and DE failed to show up. Prior to this battle, DW were 9th on the top ten and UMA were 13th on the top 15. This battle was almost as close as the Chaos vs IW battle, with both armies having 10-15. UMA maxed 14 and DW maxed 15, with DW edging in tactics through the battle. DW had a slow start, but a strong end and the UMA were just pipped to the post by the slightly stronger Dark Warriors. The Judges voted 3-2 in favor of the DW. Dark Warriors, Chaos and Ice Warriors will face in a three-way battle in the Quarter-Finals.

With some close battles and strong sizes, the Quarter-Finals are set up nicely and we want to know YOUR opinion! What do YOU think about the Round One results? Who will get into the Semi-Finals and win the tournament overall? Comment YOUR opinion.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

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