ACP Leadership Tensions

BREEZE – Confirmed by “The Clover”, a private post written by Shab, who has had previous of removing leaderships, lists the problems with Capncook as ACP leader. The Clover suggests that Slime or Flipmoo may be inline to replace Capncook, but many people are not thinking of this as a coup in the making. Shab had reportedly deadminned Capn to get rid of his “steamroller attitude”, but has since readminned him.

On the Private Post, it does not state that Shab would be couping Capncook, who recieved leader nearly 1 month ago, but says that Capn needs to change his attitude. Shab said that he “was a bit surprised” when he found out that “hard-headed Capn & a softer-spoken Tori” were chosen as the leaders. The whole private post is seen bellow:

When Mch picked the two leaders to replace him I was a bit surprised, hard-headed Capn & a softer-spoken Tori. I assumed that Tori would get run right over due to your controlling nature, Capn. Well, it didn’t happen right away that I saw (thought I honestly didn’t pay that much attention) but it appears that my assumption has come true.

Capn, you are not THE leader, you are A leader. That means you hold 1/2 the power of this army. Not 3/4, not 51%, exactly 50% of the power. You know what this means? You can’t make big decisions without the approval of the person holding the other 50%, Tori.

Who did you consult before promoting Cas? Who did you consult before deciding that you would unowner Funks?

You can’t unowner a retired leader just because they joined another army, even if ACP is at war with them. You can certainty guest and ban them during battles, sure, but otherwise they get to be owner. They earned that and they will keep that reward for their service.

If yourself and Tori do not agree on something then either:

A. Consult a 2ic for advice or pick a tie-breaker
B. Tell me that you two don’t work well together and I’ll happily look for two other people who would be happy to take your places.

You can’t just go do what you want because you believe it to be right when the other person holding 50% of the power says no.

You can deny it all you want but you’re walking all over Tori, try to get her involved if you think she isn’t active enough.

To deal with your steamroller attitude, and try to curb your controlling nature a bit I’ve made you editor for a bit. I’ll re-admin you when I feel you’ve calmed down.


The issue of deownering Funks came when he joined the Nachos earlier last week, sparking Capncook to deowner him without the consultance of Tori who later reownered him. Shab said that “You can’t unowner a retired leader just because they joined another army, even if ACP is at war with them”. Shab claims that many major decisions have been taken by Capn without Tori knowing, and that she later went on to say how these decisions were wrong. The latest minor decision came when Capncook deleted a post celebrating the birth of the royal baby, sparking protests from the UK troops suggesting that the ACP only posts USA celebrations. Tori later said that it should be reposted.

In response, Capn said that he doesnt think Shab has “seen all of what we’re [The ACP] doing“. Capn also said that, when he hasnt been there, ACP’s sizes have been a lot lower than when he has been there and that this shows his strength as a leader. In response, Capn said the following:

I don’t think you’ve seen all of what we’re doing Shab. Tori and I have both made decisions without consulting the other. I can tell you now that I never had anyone talk to me about approving entering in the Legends Cup, starting the Clover Awards, etc. However, I would really rather not waste time bickering and arguing against you and Tori both. You have your opinions I have mine, but the facts are the facts. Tori has led one single event where we’ve gotten over 30 (And just barely at that) without me being there. Cas and Flipmooo were able to get 35 at an Ausian event. However, there have been around eight or more events where I have been there and the ACP has gotten well over 30. Right now, and especially during that big war we had with the AR (Which isn’t over), we NEED to be achieving sizes of over 40. I’m not saying I did this alone, not stealing anyone’s credit, so get that horribly negative perception out of my head. I haven’t gone mad with power, I haven’t corrupted anything.

The point of talking about sizes was because of something Mchappy once said: “Without me the ACP will fall, without Puck the Nachos will get small and die later, the IW is dying without Icey” and he went on to say a few more things. However, the ACP is not dying. Tori and I have led us through a war (WHICH IS NOT OVER) where the ACP is undoubtedly winning most of the battles. If you think that it’s okay to start intervening because Tori hasn’t showed enough backbone to get anything done when I’m not around (And we talked about that a few nights ago) then you’re hurting the ACP more than helping it. I urge you to stop what you’re doing right now and come back when both Tori and I aren’t getting the ACP anywhere and the soldiers are starting to wonder why.

Two more points I would like to make is that for the majority, and that majority is probably around 90% or so of all decisions I’ve had a hand in making as ACP Leader (Which in this one short month we’ve been leading hasn’t been a lot due to war), I’ve consulted Tori and only Tori unless it was more fit to go to the ACP as a whole. Some decisions like this include promoting Cas to 2ic, Lighton to 3ic, promoting Slider to 3ic, remaking Divisions (And asking Tori who she may have wanted to be Division Generals), making the General Training Program, asking for a poll to ask soldiers if they’d like a senate back (Which the majority want a senate back so I have to talk to Tori about what she wants to do about that), and more. The only thing you are right about in your post here is that I unownered Funks. Why? Why did I do that? Because he did something very traitorous. (I don’t want to hear anything said about my history at this point as I know I have never betrayed the ACP) Funks and the majority of the community both knew the Nachos are going to declare war on us after the Legends Cup. They plan to team up with the AR and Puckley and Ads will retire after the war. In the end, (About an hour after making the decision) I talked with FUNKS, not Tori and he admitted that if the Nachos tried to harm the ACP that he would retire right away. So yes, one single decision was made involving a traitor being unownered, but not only was the decision reversed, but nothing happened as a result of it.

To sum it all up, you’re putting all of the blame on me, when really I know that the ACP is a fast moving army that needs to get things done or we will fall under the top 10. We’ve got two wars coming that will be unavoidable, three traitors in the past month, and loads of people willing to help us out. However, a lot of the reason we’re still floating around number 2-4 on the Top 10 is (because the Nachos are too big to beat for number 1 right now) because of the efforts that I and the ACP administration is putting into the army right now, even though we’re all fairly busy people. Therefore, the room for concern of power should be almost nothing, as I know I’m not going to do anything harmful to Tori because I enjoy leading with her and I need her at leader over any other position. I had a full 100% trust in Tori before I read this post, but now I can fairly say that because she decided to use you as a weapon against me for almost no reason that she is insecure about her rank and does not trust me. I am truly offended that Tori would do this as I have proven time and time again over the course of this one short month that we have worked TOGETHER FOR THE ACP and not for ourselves. This post is absolutely useless and is more hurting the ACP than helping it. So please, if you want the ACP to improve, if you want Tori and I to start working together more (Which is going to be hard to do considering we already do a lot) then you’re going to have to give me my admin back and put more trust in me that I won’t do anything to Tori, I don’t know where you’d get this idea that I’d cause any harm to her. So thank you for the concern, but it is not necessary.

To Tori: The reason you’re having this problem is because literally every time I ask you to help me with a decision the answer is always “OH GOD CAPN” or “IDK IDK IDK”. The problem isn’t that I’m stepping all over you, the problem is that you have no opinion and you need to speak up. If you want to reverse a decision of mine that I’ve made alone for whatever reason, you need to PC me, not embarrass me on chat and make yourself seem all powerful like you did when I banned Foldez for being an obvious traitor, unownering Funks to try to get him to prove his loyalty to the ACP, and undermining me by telling Mon we could do the Clover Awards IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. (Although, they turned out better than I had thought so good job Mon)

Call me offensive, call me a jerk. Say that this proves that we haven’t progressed to where you want us to, but the truth is you’re paranoid that I’m going to do something bad to Tori and thus you’re blindly protecting her without knowing all of the facts. In the end, things are getting done, and the ACP is on a faster recovery than ever, but this will set us back if you don’t stop it right now.

Oh and before I forget, if I left out anything that I really did kind of step on Tori for then I apologize, I just can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

They key point of his response comes when he says that Tori has lacked the drive to make a decision and never gives a straight answer when he asks her a question. Shab says it is good for opinions on each other to be said to one another, instead of behind eachothers back, in his response to Capn’s response.

 It’s not always the words that are said but rather the effect that they have. It’s obviously easier to mumble complaints behind your backs about each other (@capn & tori) but if you are to work together, they need to come to light. I’m merely playing devil’s advocate, getting the ball rolling. Everything I said was merely a paraphrase of an email sent to me, obviously I have no idea what is happening in ACP as I haven’t been around. Tori, it’s your turn to step in, to respond to Capn, to settle your unhappiness.

Tori has yet to respond to this private post and it is unsure if she has not seen it yet, or if she has just decided not to respond to it. To only other response of note came from Monsoon, recently promoted Commander General, who said that Capn has manipulated the situation of decisions. Her opinion stated:

I can tell you now that I never had anyone talk to me about approving entering in the Legends Cup, starting the Clover Awards, etc.” Honestly, dearest Capn. I went to you first to talk about the Legends Cup. You said no and then told me that if Tori says yes then we could do it. And then when I went to tell you that Tori said yes to The Clover Awards you said that I needed your permission too (to which I then apologized for not asking you too), but then you said I was lucky it was it was a good idea so I could proceed with it. I’d appreciate it if you stop shifting the story to different details.

Mon states that Capn had allowed for these things to happen and had lied when he claimed that no one had consulted with him about the decisions that had taken place. To get another opinion from within the leadership, I interviewed Light, ACP Commander General, on the recent developments within the ACP leadership.

Q: Can you confirm for sure that no coup will take place under any circumstances? 

No, I hope that no coup will take place.

Q: But you cannot confirm that none will take place?

I’m unsure.

Q: What do you think about Shab’s opinion?

Shab is right, Capn takes control too much but hopefully Shab will get his point of view.

Q: What do you think about Capn’s reponse?

Capn is correct, Shab judges too much.

Q: How do you think ACP is doing in this leadership?

ACP is doing great with Tori and Capn as leader.

Q: Do you have any other comments?

Good luck to WV and the other Legend Cup Participants.

Light, as you would expect, sat on the fence for this interview and couldn’t comment if a possible coup was in order. While not saying that a coup would happen, he could not deny that it wouldn’t as he says that he is “unsure” on the situation. He agrees with both Capn and Shab’s opinions, while saying that the ACP is doing fine under the new leadership. Slime says, in a quote to CPAC, that “many people have many opinions” and this is confusing the situation. “Tori should do a bit more and post a bit more, but the current leadership is doing fine”. When asked if she thought if she was ready for leader she said “no”.

What do YOU think about the leadership tensions in the ACP? Will Capn be replaced by someone else, or will the ACP move on from this in a positive way. Comment YOUR opinion on the developments.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

DISCLAIMER: CPAC cannot verify or say how this was leaked and who(m) provided the information. CPAC reserves the right to refuse to answer questions on who provided the information.

37 Responses

  1. The way I worded mine sounds like a preppy girl in high school telling another preppy girl what happened.


  2. Capn didn’t consult Tori about promoting Cas to 2ic. This is a decision that could affect the future of the army.

    Plus, private posts are private for a reason Funks.


  3. Good report Funks, I like leaked information (wary)


  4. Lol, eveyone knows that Boomer, Oagal, and have all the power in ACP.


  5. pictures or it didn’t happen


  6. I’m not terribly happy that you posted this because 1. It involves you and 2. B1 and I have other information and a draft that was being prepared on the story.

    I’d assume this will be added to later.


  7. Who reads all of this 0_0


  8. If you replace the word ACP with UMA this post would have 0 comments..


  9. “We do better when I’m there” yeah cause you need to get on a 5 bar to have a sucessful event..


  10. Cas was banned from ACP forever in 2011, but he found his way back in ACP. Not only did he find his way back, he earned owner in a little less than 2 months, while other mods who have worked hard for nearly 2 years are still waiting for their chance at 3ic. The same thing applies to Slider. It’s all a ton of B.S. to be honest and Capn yelled at me yesterday for confronting his corruptness.


    • I personally think that the ACP should hold elections. At least I was elected by the people when I was made 3ic.


      • and I was elected as 3ic also. So Burr’s pathetic attempt at slander has clearly failed. Yes, it is true that in 2011 I was not at my best. I dont think you have any right to judge me, when ACP as a whole has judged me before you.


  11. Capncook is pretty corrupt, and I honestly in my opinion want Capncook to be removed as leader. From reading this, he does seem like he tries to make all the decisions in ACP, when he needs the confirmation of Tori.




  13. cheddar is an excellent cheese


  14. Saying that Funks is a “traitor” for joining the Nachos after he retired from ACP, is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. He put months of work and effort into ACP, and giving it his all. He might not have been the best leader, but he still was dedicated to the ACP. Who cares if he joined Nachos for mod rank. If war comes, he can easily be de-ownered.

    Also, I don’t blame Foldez for going to Nachos. She got demoted from 2ic to 2nd highest mod.


  15. Can’t believe I was planning on reading this. Lol


  16. >insert witty joke thats gonna get me lots of thumb up here.


  17. Capn and Tori aren’t the worst ACP leaders…


  18. Retired From ACP plus Nachos both asss Staff Sergeant what TROLOLOLOLS


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  20. And yet again It’s ACP….


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