Nachos & RPF Battle For Arctic

➡ Note: I was NOT at this battle and did not see it live. I apologize if any of my reports are inaccurate, although I think I got most of the important parts.

Arctic- In the most recent battle of the Nacho army and Rebel Penguin Federation war, the two armies dueled on the server Arctic, a highly controversial server due to RPF’s Operation Restoration plan on that particular server. The RPF was without their leader Elmikey for the battle, as he was on vacation for the weekend and hoped to prove that they could be successful in battles even without him. Did they prove that? Read on to find out.

The battle started with the Nachos in the Town, and RPF in the Snow Forts. In the town, the Nachos had maxed around 25+ meanwhile RPF had around 21 soldiers online with a few soldiers in separate rooms.

The Nacho Army With 25+

RPF with 21+ in the Snow Forts

When the clock struck 2 PM Eastern Time Zone, the pre-battle was over and the real battle had officially begun. The RPF quickly charged the plaza and formed a chat bar line in hopes to gain the upper hand in the room, but the Nachos quickly joke bombed the entire room as pictured below.

The Nachos Joke Bomb RPF in the Plaza

Later, the Nachos cover RPF by also forming a chat bar line, but RPF counters by performing a joke bomb as pictured below. The Nacho army defends the joke bomb by executing a mad faces tactic while remaining in the chat bar line. As the battle in the Plaza went on, the Nachos soon got the upper hand in size and in my personal opinion won over the room as a whole.

The Nachos begin to take the size advantage

As they started losing momentum in the Plaza, the Rebel Penguin Federation turned its sights elsewhere and retreated to the Ice Berg. The Nachos quickly followed with a mad faces bomb. RPF averaged around 20 soldiers, meanwhile the Nachos maintained 30+ soldiers. The Nachos would go on to form a circle around the Ice Berg while RPF varied from bombs to what appeared to be vertical lines.

The Nachos have around 30 soldiers, while RPF spread out within the room.

The battle then moved to the Docks. Because of the room’s shape along with the party decorations inside of the room, neither army could form much of a line so both armies relied on frenzy attacks, and spread out tactics. The Nachos had a clear size advantage with nearly 10-15 more soldiers than RPF. The winner of the battle begins to come clear.

Both armies in the Docks.

The RPF made another retreat, this time to the mountain top where the battle was much the same as the dock in terms of both tactics and size. The Nachos maintain a 10 to 15 troop advantage in the battle. In the picture below the Nachos perform a sick face bomb while RPF counters with a mad face bomb.

RPF and the Nachos in the Ski Hill.

In a final move, the RPF retreated for the 4th time, this time to the Ski Village. The Nachos still easily had a size advantage and circled the room while the RPF tried various bombs and chants inside their circle. The Nachos still had around 15 or more soldiers as seen below.

The Nachos and RPF battle in the Ski Village

The Ski Village would be the last room of the battle, and both armies would log off, except for a few RPF who had a party in the Dance Club. Unlike most battles of this war, a winner was determined and agreed to by both leaders of each side. Although Lord Pain, RPF leader, was not able to be in attendance for the battle, he would later go on to admit defeat to the Nachos granting the Nacho army the win. Normally at this point I would insert the war score, but seeing as there are so many controversial battles during this war, I’m going to skip it and avoid all the tally marks for ties. This battle was probably one of the smaller battles of the war seeing as both armies have gotten much more troops than this at battles, but it may also be a turning point in the war itself. The Nachos have taken a clear lead in the war through the last week by forcing RPF to admit defeat at several battles. RPF’s final hope may be that Elmikey returns after his short vacation and brings RPF some much needed victories or else this war could turn ugly fast.

Thank you for reading my battle report on Arctic. This was my first coverage of this entire war, and my first post in a while in general. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any opinions or facts that could improve my post, please politely leave a comment below. Also, let me know what YOU think about the war to this point. Is this the turning point for the Nachos? Could RPF be facing a pre-mature death? Or will the tides change? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

I apologize there wasn’t much writing in the post, this is maybe the 2nd or 3rd post I’ve ever written on a battle, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. Thank you!

– Buritodaily//Gannon, CPAC Semi – Reporter

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  2. I like the way you reported the battle. Good post.


  3. The battle was actually at 4 PM Eastern Time Zone..


  4. The pictures seem like they were taken from the Nacho site alone. I don’t know for sure and I’m not going to check because I don’t care. It also looks like the Nachos sat around and did nothing (As always) while the RPF went in to attack.


  5. Thank you for posting this, I originally would have, and was supposed to, but my internet was acting up due to a storm. Shame on me. Everyone dislike this comment and put me in the corner of shame.


  6. I will never forget the clash on ski hill and ski village… It was when i got my funny face glasses ^_^
    And my first battle with nachos 😀 It was fun


  7. Nice post


  8. Like this or I will find you and kill you,


  9. Very Good Post! I luv it!


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