Ice Warriors and Doritos Face Off in a Practice Battle

SUMMIT – The Ice Warriors and the Doritos square off in a Practice Battle that would be the very last event of the week.

Both these armies had worse weeks than the previous one, with the Ice Warriors dropping in chat sizes slightly, and the Doritos only maxing 18 at one event.  The Ice Warriors were obviously the favourites going into this battle, as they were 6th on last week’s Top 10, whereas the Doritos were 8th last time out.

Although the IW were the favourites, the DCP wouldn’t give up without a fight. When both armies logged on, they had similar sizes of around 10+. As the battle began to develop, the Ice Warriors rose to sizes of 15+, with the Doritos only managing 12+. The Ice Warriors then hit their max; 20, but the DCP were quick to respond by getting to a max of 18. The Ice Warriors remained consistent, with sizes of 16, while the Doritos shrank to sizes of barely 10.


After only 20 minutes, the Doritos surrendered the battle, but that would not be the end of the battle for the Ice Warriors, as the Shadow Troops raided the battle at the end.

I found the time to interview Aquabluejet, Ice Warriors 2ic.


Me: Blue

Aquabluejet: Green

Do you believe IW will be on a rise next week, or will you stay the same?

It’s uncertain at this given moment, since every day/week is different, but we’re hoping that we do rise next week, as we have a ton of recruiting sessions in store for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Will IW be able to become “Number 1” by the end of the summer?

Most likely, if everyone pitches in as an effort to make IW rise.

Any last comments on your plans for the summer?

I like pie.

Will IW rise next week? Will they become Number 1?

Comment below with YOUR opinion!


8 Responses

  1. did you just ask if iw would be number 1 next week


  2. Wow st raided and DEFEATED IW


    • Not really, we had even sizes, 25 is just an over-exaggeration on ST’s part. At most they got 20, and even during the raid we hardly got any battle time because they were recruiting in town for 15 minutes, and DCP kept switching rooms. I wouldn’t say they won, but they did put up a good fight.


      • We did put a good fight we had sizes of 27 you jus tdont wanna admit shadow troops won


        • a) You raided, so it wasn’t a battle
          b) You came at a time when most IW had left
          c) You didn’t get 27
          d) You “didn’t put up a good fight”, you ruined a perfectly good practice battle between 2 armies


        • 27? Please learn to count, because at most I counted 21.
          And ST won nothing, this was a PB vs IW and DCP not IW vs DCP vs ST. They were just raiding, hence, they won nothing, only the satisfaction of logging on CP for their troops.


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