Who Will Conquer Arctic This Time?

ARCTIC – The Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation battle again for the server of Arctic. Who will conquer the server this time?

Because the server of Arctic was full, the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation were forced to move the battle onto the server of Klondike instead. Before the actual battle started, both the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on, ordering troops to the Town. The Town filled quickly, so the Nachos decided to move to the Stadium while the Rebel Penguin Federation stayed in the Town. Both armies were getting around 30 on Club Penguin. When the battle officially started, both armies stayed in their pre-battle places. The Nachos circled the Stadium with almost perfect tactics. At the Town, the Rebel Penguin Federation made an “X” line, still with almost perfect tactics. The Nachos picked up some troops, maxing around 35 now. At the same time, both armies charged the Forts, halfway into the battle. The Rebel Penguin Federation J-Bombed while the Nachos E+9 Bombed.


RPF and Nachos in Forts
Throwing Snowballs at each other.

After some time battling and throwing snowballs at each other in the Forts, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the Plaza quickly, and the Nachos followed them, but the whole Rebel Penguin Federation army was already there, and the Plaza was quickly full. Some locked out troops went to the Town, but after some time the Nachos started to gain their sizes back. The Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation stayed in the Plaza for the rest of the battle. When the Nachos logged off, the Rebel Penguin Federation stayed on. Both armies claim victory.


Nachos and RPF at Plaza
RPF – E+6 Tactic
Nachos – E+9 Tactic

I interviewed Puckley, Nachos Leader/legend for more on the battle of Arctic.

Me = Red || Puckley = Black

In your opinion, how were the Nachos’ sizes today?

Very good. We consistently had up around 40 Nachos, including those locked out at the beginning.

What did you think about the Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes in this battle?

They probably had between 20 – 25 throughout the battle, 25 possibly being their max size.

Do you see an end to this war any time soon?

I am hopeful that it will as RPF continues to decline in size each battle and struggle. However, based on their attitude throughout this war, who knows really.

What sizes do you want the Nachos to have tomorrow at their defense of Tuxedo?

I expect us to have great sizes tomorrow since we generally do even better on the weekends. We have been averaging about 40+ throughout the week, so I’d like to see somewhere around 50-60 Nachos.

I also interviewed Red Gush24, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader/Legend for more about the clash on Klondike.

Me = Red || Red Gush24 = Black

What did you think about the Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes today?

They were overall good, but we could have done better.

What happened to the Rebel Penguin Federation getting 70+ on Club Penguin? Why can’t they do it now?

We aren’t unable to do so now, RPF just isn’t preparing as much as we were during those times, and we have had multiple accounts of troops, officers and leaders, being hacked, DDoS’ed, and all sorts of things. If RPF were to prepare enough, I believe we could get those sizes again.

Do you think the Rebel Penguin Federation is going to try to end this war soon?

Indeed. We tried to bring peace with the Nachos, and we were just about there, although it seems we may have to go on a bit longer. Although since the day we discussed this, there have been several battles, so we may possibly try a second time to end this war.

How big do you think the Rebel Penguin Federation will be tomorrow on Tuxedo?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think about the battle of Arctic? Yes we want YOUR opinion, and don’t forget to vote on the poll below!


30 Responses

  1. Should’ve posted about the other battles nachos have humiliated RPF in too.


  2. Hee hee hee.


  3. This DPD guy is obviously bias against RPF


  4. lol this guy said RPF got 25 we had 35-40..


  5. Honestly, and this is coming from an RPF Soldier, I just want this war to end. It is getting boring, repetitive, and not really fun anymore.


  6. Nachos did a great job ignore elm he just complaining


  7. Lol, elm you are so hypocritical its funny dpd is biased against rpf, but i’m sure if he put you as winning the war and maxing sizes of 70+ you wouldn’t of complained.


  8. this post gave me aids


  9. why is it that about on every post RPF and the Nachos are fighting


  10. Biased. Compare pics on sites.
    This war with Nachos IS stale. Boring now. It would be fun if Nachos actually engaged in battle other than having a photo session with themselves.
    If you think RPF is tiring, you’re dead wrong.


  11. I made a new army please join it here is the link http://cpfireballarmy.webs.com/


  12. First, no one called it 😀
    Also, I just like to hate on Dpd, no need to go all “EERMERHGERD U GREE WIH ELMIKEY YER MUSH BEE E NOOBBB!!!!”.


  13. I think its a tie,but they r rotten nachos,i would never eat them


  14. the most votes is for nachos so im pretty sure Nachos win


  15. RPF is going to fall to 20+ soliders while the nachos have 90+ Then RPF is going to have 9-15 soliders and the nachos will have 80+ after this battle the RPF (REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION) Will be #1 and nachos #2 and this will keep cycling until something BIG happens.


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