Army Republic vs. Army of Club Penguin: Day 1

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The war between the two former brother allies, Army Republic vs. Army of Club Penguin has rocketed off to a jumpstart with interesting results thus, I thought I could wrap day one out.

Note: For the battle of Berg/Klondike, I was present most of the time on the respected chats which is why I determined the number of troops online then, but the numbers/statistics stated here may be inaccurate; feel free to correct me.

Ice Berg

The first battle of the war took place on July 9th 2013, suitable for Australian/Asian time zones, on the AR tier server, Ice Berg. As seen from the ACP’s blog post, the AR only managed to bring two troops online, leading to a clear victory to the ACP who maxed about 15 troops at the time. The tactics and consistency of the ACP was reasonable, with nearly everyone performing them.

About 15 ACP troops and two AR troops are present here

A picture found in a comment by Splasher99

The AR admits defeat

AR’s Sheep admits defeat

With this, I had a chance to interview Ken/Splasher99, an ACP AUSIA troop and CPAC VP.

Q. With the first battle of the war down, what do you feel?

The AUSIA dividion managed to win the first ACP-AR battle in this war. I must say we did a great job, and I hope we can continue contributing to the war by invading more AR servers. However, we’re still quite a minor part of the war, and this first battle is certainly not representative of ACP’s US/UK capabilities. I believe though that we’re still going to at least play a part in defeating AR.

Q. Can you give us an overview of the battle?

The battle was pretty short. ACP logged in with 15 troops, a lot of them from Australia or Asia, while the AR had 2. They surrendered pretty quickly.

Q. Anything else?

Join the ACP AUSIA Division!


Following a few hours after the Australian/Asian event, the next battle took place at Klondike, as Burr stated that Berg was full. Prior to the battle, both leaders of the respected armies prepared by ordering troops to recruit and deploy at the server immediately. In the meanwhile, I questioned a couple of the troops on the ACP and AR chat about their hopes and predictions for the battle.

First up was ACP’s newly promoted 2ic, Purpleslime:

Q. What do you believe will happen and how do you feel?

I’m excited because we haven’t had a war like this in a while and I’m glad it isn’t the Pirates… They always declare war on us and think we will have a treaty. Treaties always happen, but eh, who knows?

Next was AR’s Candy, a 3ic:

Q. What do you believe will happen and how do you feel?

I believe that AR will win this battle/war because ACP hasn’t been doing too well without their former leader, Mchappy. I am feeling very confident about this battle also because AR has been doing great with recruiting and tactics. 

After this, I got on with Kai/Foldzez, a former ACP 1.5ic:

Q. What do you believe will happen and how do you feel?

I hope we crush ACP; for the pure fact I want revenge.

Finally, I asked Splashy, part of ACP’s Echo Division, the same question:

Q. What do you believe will happen and how do you feel?

Well, I think it’ll be a close battle, and a fun one too, but ACP will just edge it out.

Twenty minutes before the battle (the battle was originally scheduled for 2 PM EST), both the ACP leaders and AR leaders commanded their troops to deploy at Klondike’s Town. The battle begins with both sides equalling each others’ sizes for the first part of the battle where the AR numbered above 25 while the ACP about 24-26, slightly higher than the AR. Following ACP’s dominance in the beginning, they dropped in sizes while edging the end, being slightly smaller than the AR.

The ACP numbers about 16-19 while performing the E+N tactic and the AR numbers about 17-20 and perform the E +7 tactic.

The ACP performs the E+9 tactic while the AR performs the Joke Bomb (A guess: AR seems to dominate here) 

The AR number about 19-22 while the ACP number about 18-22 as well.


In the end, both sides claimed victory as they usually do and argued most of the time about who won.

AR’s Vinny regarded the battle with the following:

Hello AR, the title says it all. We maxed a good 33 on cp, we could have done better, but we still got the victory. Honestly I don’t know what ACP is thinking, I don’t see how they’ve won. The pics will show it all ;)

ACP’s Capncook too claimed victory with the following:

We’ve won on Berg, we need to pick up our sizes though. Not much more I can say, we maxed 28 and averaged 25. Let’s keep up this path of victory then we will win the war!

AR’s Burr asks Taco, leader of Chaos, if ACP’s Capncook asked for assistance 

Found on the ACP’s blog, Burr claims that the ACP is using the Rebel Penguin Federation as allies 

Snow Globe

The next battle took place a couple of hours afterwards and both sides claimed victory once again. The ACP numbered in the 17-25 range while the AR ranged about 23-29.

The ACP number nearly 17 and perform the E+P tactic while the AR number around 17-18. 

A picture which shows AR clearly dominating at this time, numbering about 17-20 while the ACP acquire 13-17 troops 

Max/Cassius Brutus, ACP 3ic, adresses the battle with the following:

Hello ACP,

After our event earlier today, which we won. We faced a defence of Snow Globe from an AR invasion. I will be the first to admit that this was a tight race, AR are worthy opponents. I would say we had consistently superior tactics. AR did have a slight size advantage over us for most of the battle.

However, it is the official ACP position that we did win this event, due to our successful tactics and the AR log off at :30 minutes. I led this event, with help from Slider.

Our sizes were between 17-25, which is disappointing. Considering the fact that we have been recruiting a lot recently.

Burr, AR leader, happily provided a small testimony of the battle:

Hello AR. Today we ANNIHILATED ACP on Snow Globe. We had nearly double their size for most of the battle. It wasn’t even close, and all I heard was about how ACP was giving up. When the battle hit the :30 mark, it was clear it was time for the battle to end, but since AR was bored, we decided to go along with ACP’s little gimmick of battling longer to try and gain and advantage. It’s funny because we STILL won, even though we gave them 5-10 minutes to regroup and re-organize. What’s even more pathetic is ACP is trying to claim victory. ACP, you lost this battle by a huge margin. You were destroyed easily. Sit down and face the facts and watch as the last of your morale runs out for good. ;)

In summation, the battles were intense; both sides gave it their best and were determined to win, nor showed a sign of giving in. As the battles have been claimed as victory for both sides, the results of Day 1 remain undecided. For now, the AR has scheduled invasions on Breeze, Fiesta, Yeti and Avalanche (battle will take place on Klondike); the ACP has invasions scheduled on Toboggan and Beanie and will defend Breeze, Fiesta, Yeti and Avalanche.

What do YOU think? Who really won the battles?

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Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

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  1. 122344a, remind me to never give you my opinions on anything again…


    • No, its not your fault, AR were the first who posted it. I just find it telling that an opinion given in a private conversation suddenly became public without my knowledge (and Vinny had asked me my opinion, and I gave him a statement that in effect said the same thing, yet AR instead chose to post my far-less-delicately crafted and off-the-record opinion in the post).


      • In my opinion, the post is great! 😀


      • YOUR…. YOU’RE ALIVE!!! 😀 BLUE2 I MISSED YOU ALOT! I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE 😀 TALK TO ME, BBY, I MISS YOU ❤ (WARY) ive been female since birth, me being a boy was a lie. but it doesn't matter now… you're mine ❤


  2. AR won! They had more people online in all of the pictures, and had superior tactics. Go AR!


  3. ACP won. AR had equal sizes to ACP, though ACP had superior tactics.


  4. AR clearly won. Admit you ACP bastards.


  5. The one at the Dojo there were like 5 people locked out.


  6. everything that sheep says makes me cringe.


  7. During those battles Ar had greater size by a long shot


  8. Well, at least this war’s over…. or is it? Seriously, I haven’t caught myself up.. is the war really over? Whatever, the IceWarriors aren’t gonna… uh.. we’re just minding our own business… I’m just going to shut up.


  9. The post wasn’t bad, but you messed up on a lot of the countings.


  10. Rabbit approves. 😀


  11. ACP clearly won. AR were retarded with tactics.


  12. Yeah ACP did win. Don’t deny the truth you AR fools.


  13. I also agree with bobingson, their tactics were retarded. 😀


  14. acp win 3+ ar bastards u ar peeps got 0+


  15. Acp won 3+


  16. bias
    rpf won
    boycott cpac


  17. I was just thinking, has CPAC made a post about the ACP and AR war yet? So I went onto CPAC and of course there was :). Btw good post.


  18. Good Post! The battles were really close, except that first one though (15-2 ACP). I’d say overall the AR won 😀


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  20. Hey I see myself in the pictures! :O


  21. Oh my god who the hell cares about this war.


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