Results of the Nachos/DCP/RPF/UMA Meeting

Update: The Nachos announce more invasions on the RPF

There will not be a 1 week cease fire between the Nachos and RPF.


ARCTIC, RPF HEADQUARTERS – After a meeting with the Nachos, UMA, RPF and the Doritos, we now have a much clearer view on the events that will happen next week.

On Monday evening, representatives from four armies, all at war, came together to have a discussion on the situation in this war. After the main meeting between the armies, many One-on-One discussions were held between certain armies. Here are the main results of the meeting:

A ceasefire between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Nachos is still unclear, although it was passed by majority of both RPF and Nachos Leaders. Neither the Nachos nor the RPF have posted any invasions on their website as of yet. This was the proposed idea by the Nachos:

  • Aurora, Alaska, and Alpine would be placed under disputed territory, with RPF unable to log on these servers.
  • If RPF high commander ranks were seen ordering RPF troops to the territories, or recruiting on such areas, war would be recommenced.

The RPF Leaders accepted these terms, and so did Nacho Leader Puckley. Puckley ran the proposal past Ads, although Ads did not accept, nor did he make any changes or additions to it. Apparently he “rejected, offered no viable alternative, mocked us [the RPF], and left the chat” according to the RPF.

Currently there is no say on whether or not the Cease Fire is actually in effect, as it stands, no invasions have been posted on either side. 

-Taken from the RPF site

At the end of the post, this was added:

RPF is still open to talks with the Nachos at this time.

The war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Underground Mafias Army is practically over, although further battles will be continued in a “Gentleman’s Manner”, as the RPF have agreed to return any captured servers back to the UMA, although the UMA have not officially announced if they will do the same.

In regards to the Doritos and UMA situation, some mixed messages have been sent out, although the conclusion of the war is more likely. Here is the excerpt from the RPF’s Meeting Results post:

DCP aims to continue warfare towards the UMA after the UMA teamed up with the Nachos recently. After RPF and UMA’s Gentleman’s war, the two armies will be going neutral with each other.

However, if we go over to the Doritos website, this is what is seen:

Hello troops! The war with UMA has been called off recently but we still have a event tomorrow!

So in conclusion, the meeting way very productive, as it is now only the RPF and Nachos situation that is still unclear. The RPF are still hoping to continue talks with the Nachos, over a possible “1 week ceasefire”.

What do you think? Will the Nachos and RPF war end? Is a World War on the cards?

We want YOUR opinion!


10 Responses

  1. What do YOU think will happen?


  2. Rpf,Uma and Doritos will die….


  3. Pretty much at the meeting there was a bunch of arguing, so puck was pcing commando, and got the agreement done, but then the other nacho leaders didn’t agree to terms.


  4. I wasted half an hour of my time on RPF chat yesterday…


  5. There will not be a 1 week cease fire between the Nachos and RPF.


  6. Nachos may be winning this war (don’t really pay attention to armies anymore so idk) but there is no need for them to be making comments on Elmikey’s life. He can do whatever he likes, and to be honest from what I’ve saw he’s improved this community.

    Puckley’s the one who takes this too seriously


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