Crazy Steps Down as Dark Warriors Leader

FROSTY, DARK WARRIOR’S HEADQUARTERS – Dark Warriors Leader, Crazy186 steps down after being leader for nearly 3 months.

It is a sad day for the Club Penguin Army Community, as Dark Warriors Leader Crazy186 has stepped down. He occupied the position of Leader for 2 months and 5 days. Crazy186 took over the position as Leader of the Dark Warriors after SaW/Unk retired, but they could not replicate their excellent December-February stint, as they were on a decline from April-May. In the weeks leading up to Crazy’s retirement, they were on a rise and would soon be back within the Top 5.

Here is what Crazy186 had to write in his retirement post:

Hello Dark Warriors. Unfortunately my time with you guys is over. Their is a reason for it, because if I could I’d lead until the end of my army days. The reason is Soccer. I play competitive soccer, I have soccer every Thursday,2-3 practices a week and tournaments almost every 2nd-3rd week. I cannot handle leading a major army. Hence the fact that I will not lead a major army over the course of this summer.I  will comeback to major armies in the fall,but in this summer I’m going to be focused on small/medium armies. I know I’ve let many of you down but it was for the best of DW. DW don’t need 1 leader to be gone for 2/4  of the summer, we need leaders that can stay together. So my advice to bears,Puf and DX is to choose a leader and/or consult with


Goodbye DW.

Remember the saying I made up

DW where amazing happens~Crazy

This is certainly an indication that he will be back later in the year, hopefully rebuilding the Dark Warriors. He left just as the Dark Warriors were on a rise, so he hopes they will continue this and return to where they were in late 2012.

What do you think? When will Crazy return? Will the Dark Warriors be able to improve without Crazy?

We want YOUR opinion!


6 Responses

  1. This is a good post, but some facts you’ve stated are wrong.

    First off, DW didn’t have a poor start to the year. As I may recall, they were first in almost every top 10 throughout December – Early March, and I don’t think they dropped out of the top 3.

    Crazy was hired when SaW/Unk retired, and they were on a downfall throughout the months of April-May, until Dx stepped in of course.


    • Thank you for the help! I have edited my post accordingly!

      I like to take notes to any corrections, as it helps me develop as a reporter.


  2. what i think is that i don’t care


  3. Any mention of me and Dx retiring? Crazy isn’t the only one…


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