Army Republic Respond to Capncook

TOBOGGAN, AR HEADQUARTERS – The Army Republic respond to ACP’s response that Capncook wrote only a day earlier. This came after the AR stated their intentions for a war with ACP.

After ACP Leader Capncook responded to AR‘s war declaration last night, the Army Republic have once again responded. This time, they had made responses to all of Capncook’s points, or “lies” as they call them.

Burr’s post on the AR Website:

Exhibit A:

Anyway, so yea I don’t really know what they were thinking but they should know that the ACP always comes out triumphant.

Hmm… I think the Nachos and HSA would think differently. 


I’m sorry but what? Verge of death? Yes, you unfortunately couldn’t beat the LT at first. Yes, we didn’t help. This is horrible logic though, AR Leaders… By this logic, you’re basically entitling us to scrutinize the AR and every other army for not helping the ACP when we were at war with the Nachos.

Our war with LT DID practically kill us. And your little cop out on not helping us was pathetic. We had helped you on and off consistently for nearly 7 months. When you asked for our help, we were there. You guys were out of war after we defeated BA for you, and then the one time we need help, what do you do? Make up a pathetic excuse for reasons you can’t help. 


Some other things I’d like to point out about this is that the AR actually came back and beat the LT the following April.  This war ended the LT for good for the most part. By the way, you kept Toboggan and Berg and every other main AR server.

We did come back and beat LT… 3 months of recovery later.. And we did not keep ANY server except for Toboggan after the war and that was because we BEGGED Ioio for mercy. That shows just how helpless you left us. We had also just gotten out of 3 long and intense wars when LT started attacking us. 


I’d like to point out that just because the ACP and AR were “allies” at the time, that did not mean that we offered to defend you from the LT in any shape or form. I put the word allies in quotes because it’s a term that is thrown around the community very loosely, a contrast to the real definition of the word.

Both armies had agreed to be brother allies. However… ACP were just tools and used us for their personal profit as usual. 


Lastly, the ACP was not in the best position to get involved in a war at that time. Not to mention, in February, we were not very highly ranked on CPAC’s Top 10. Next time you use this pathetic excuse against us AR Leaders, you need to get your facts straight.

You may have not been in great shape, but AR wasn’t either. We had fought WITH you guys, through thick and thing and that was how you re payed us, so you Capn, should get your facts straight. 


What does this even mean? I’m not a racist person and I don’t make racist remarks to you or to anyone in this community. I’m appalled that you would accuse me of such a thing without any evidence. However, if I have made any jokes to you (Vinny) then I truly do apologize and hope we can move on from that. My “racist remarks” (Of which you have no proof) should not be a reason for the AR to declare war on the ACP. The more mature thing to do would’ve been to talk it out with me politely on a chat, I wouldn’t have said no to a nice friendly chat.

On multiple occasions, you were caught using racist profanity towards Vinny, and even black people in general. You claimed they were simply jokes, but over time, you became flat out offensive. Vinny told you to stop, and said they were distrubring him, and what did you do? Continued doing them of course. Capn, you aren’t untouchable. People in the past may have stood for these things, but AR won’t.


Thank you to all who read this and took the time to learn the truth. :lol:

The AR are clearly unhappy with Capncook’s response and all that was said by Capn has been regarded as a “lie”. I managed to find the time to interview Wheelo, AR UK Leader.


Me: Blue

Wheelo: Green

What does AR feel about ACP’s response to you?

Well, most of us, including me, know that it’s pathetic. The ACP are trying to make out that we’re “Butthurt”, which is clearly not the reason.

Do you think this will make the chances of a treaty even lower?

Well, as Vinny stated in the war post, there will be no treaties, we will fight till ACP’s Nation is wiped out.

How long do you think this war will last?

I would estimate around 1 month, as there will be no treaty. Fight till the Nation is wiped out, clean out.

Do you see ACP dropping out of the Top 10?

I already do, they recently maxed 8 at a PB with the Doritos, whilst we  maxed 22, and the Doritos maxed 28. We also raided that.

Any last things you would like to say to Capncook?

You’re not untouchable Capn, oh, and next time, maybe not be so racist, it doesn’t get you very far.

What do you think will happen? Will ACP drop out of the Top 10?

We want YOUR opinion!


10 Responses

  1. Oh its getting fun


  2. AR does have a big point in as they help ACP countlessly and ACP didn’t do much or anything for them.


  3. Shits getting real.


  4. ACP didn’t help us in times of need when they asked us for help we helped them they were just using us no suprise there


  5. Funny how when sometimes ACP didn’t need help really, we helped them. Then when we’re in times of need, they didn’t help us. Talk about bad allies.


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