Legends Cup IV – The Preview

KLONDIKE – As the most eagerly awaited tournament of the year approaches, with the qualifiers starting next weekend, I will preview the tournament from what could be the start to finish. With the seedings being done last week, could the pink bracket be one of the hardest imaginable with the Army Republic, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation all seeded on this side. Some of this will include my personal opinion.

With the top eight seeded armies automatically qualifying for the first round, the other 16 armies have to battle out to face these armies. From this section, the army that has recently shown that they are on the rise are the Underground Mafia Army. They face the Death End, who face a tough challenge as the UMA have hit sizes of 20-25 in recent events under the new leadership of Np, Wgfv, Percy, Xmen and Spi. If the UMA did manage to win this, they could even go on to beat the Dark Warriors, who have taken a fall after the large war. 

UMA using E+9 faces

Should the Golden Troops be up before the qualifiers start, I would put the GT vs SWAT battle as the highlight of the Qualifiers. Both have struggled to emulate their past and both are looking to rebuild to what they were in the past. This would be a blast of the past battle and, should the GT be up before this, they could both put up some of the biggest sizes of the Qualifying round.

At this point, the 8 largest armies come into the tournament. The army to look out for should be the Rebel Penguin Federation, who have hit 70 this week and have consistently got sizes about 40 (although some people have suggested they have not done this fairly). The RPF are currently the army who have hit the biggest sizes on the Pink Side of the draw, but the Army Republic have hit good sizes and the Ice Warriors won the AWL tournament. The RPF will face either the Pretzels or Freeze Warriors.

RPF circle the berg and use E+T

On the red side of the draw RPF enemies, the Nachos, are the army to look out for. They have been hitting sizes of 40+ on a regular basis and have held the top spot on the top ten for several months now. For this reason they have been seeded first and will face either the Elemental Ninjas or Pirates. The battle that, in my opinion, will be the closest and in which we could see an upset is the UMA vs DW.

From here on, we see some of the biggest armies possibly clashing already. Should they avoid upsets, the Army Republic and Rebel Penguin Federation could meet in what could be the biggest Quarter Final we’ve seen in the Legends Cup. The AR have been on a rise recently, easily hitting sizes of 30-35+ and could challenge the RPF if they fail to hit sizes like they did on Fjord. The Army Republic are also looking to go to war with the ACP.


AR circle the berg and use E+3.

The closest battle of this stage could be between the Army of CP and Water Vikings. The ACP have struggled to gain any size improvements since dropping out of the top five and the WV look likely to join the ACP in the bottom half of the top ten with the retirements of Dash and Tylund. Both armies have been hitting sizes of around 25-30 at their heights and this should be a hard one to predict and ironically, the WV leadership consists of an ACP moderator and former ACP leader.

There are no easy draws from here on, with the biggest armies battling to get a place in the last four of the tournament. From the Red Bracket, we could see the Nachos facing the Water Vikings or Army of CP. While the Water Vikings are the Nachos’ brother ally, the ACP have been long enemies of the Nachos and either way it would be an interesting battle. However, the expectation would be for the Nachos to beat either of these armies as both have struggled to hit 30 or above.

Nachos bomb the berg with E+9.

From the Pink Side, we could see the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation battle out in a huge battle that could go either way. The Ice Warriors are known to always “take tournament steroids” with Iceyfeet using Riffy as a way of gaining troops during tournaments. The IW won the last two legend cup tournaments and are looking to make it three in a row. They still face a tough challenge in the RPF and it could come down to who fits more into the room and who has the best tactics.

The Nachos are clear favorites to advance from the Red Bracket and into the final, with possibly no top five competition as the WV face dropping out of the top five. The Pink Bracket could go either way, with the Ice Warriors and RPF the main armies who seek a place in the Final. In the RPF, the Nachos would face their current enemy and the army they are at war with and with the IW, they would face typical Legends Cup competitor. Should the IW face the Nachos in the final, it would be the battle of the two only armies to win the tournament.

The Ice Warriors in 2010, runners-up of the first legends cup.

The final can come down to reactions, tactics and how many soldiers you can fit in the room. Speed of entrance is crucial and the leaders need to guide their troops quickly for the best result. Small margins are deciding factors in a final and, whoever is taking part, it’s not going to be an easy win for any army.


Whatever happens, the legends cup IV is set to be one of the best yet with multiple armies looking to win the tournament. A lot of battles are hard to predict and could we see a third army win the tournament, or will the IW or Nachos win again? Do YOU think the Nachos or IW will win the tournament? Could the AR or RPF possibly upset these two armies? Comment YOUR opinion on the Legends Cup IV.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

9 Responses

  1. first l0l


  2. We won the first legends cup, and we’ll win this one too.


  3. Even though I’m on the Ice Warriors, I think the Nachos will win it


  4. RPF will fight either WN or ST


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