ACP 2nd in Command Foldez Demoted & Defects to the Nachos

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Following an owner meeting today, and seemingly at the height of multiple arguments between Capncook and ACP 2ic Foldez, a large ownership change was made demoting Foldez to General (5ic), and promoting Purple Slime to 2ic and Lighton155 to 3ic. 

Blue1: Can you sum up for the viewers what happened in the past few hours? 

Foldez: We had an owners meeting to discuss ideas, and that time was mainly wasted. I proposed the idea that we introduced a new rewards scheme, the majority disagreed and I left chat for dinner and a shower. I come back to find myself demoted three ranks, with no better explanation than “negative”. 

Blue1: What do you believe this was as a result of? 

Foldez: I suspect Capn had something planned out, and they were probably looking for a scapegoat to blame all the trouble on. 

Blue1: What subsequent action are you planning to take? 

Foldez: I really don’t care what happens to the ACP anymore. It’s fairly unstable as is; they get seven on CP on a Saturday nowadays. ACP can fall and die and it really won’t bother me at all. 

Blue1: Do you feel like we’re repeating history here? That ACP may be taking the same fall Funks’s ACP made last summer? 

Foldez: History will probably repeat again — Mch did the same thing as usual. The “ACP Circle” seems to be back and start again. 

Blue1: If the circle is repeating, is it going to take another “visionary” to get back out? And this time, will it be permanent, or will ACP fall back into the same pit? 

Foldez: The circle is permanent. It may be possible to dig it up out of the grave again, but with the current leaders — half of which are on leave — it will be very hard, if not impossible to stop. 

Blue1: Any final comments, or words to the ACP ownership? 

Foldez: ACP really isn’t worth putting your time into — one wrong move and you’re gone. It’s really a dictatorship covered up by a big fancy name which says otherwise. To the leaders, I look forward to seeing your next steps towards “progress”. To everyone else, run before it backfires. 

Blue1: Thanks for your time Fold. 

Foldez: [No problem.]

ACP Leader Tori refused commenting on the issue, but I caught up with Casiusbrutus, a current ACP 3ic and Lighton155, who was recently promoted to the 3ic rank following Purple Slime’s promotion to 2ic to replace Foldez. A few hours later, I reached Capncook for comment.

B1: Any comments on the demotion of Foldez to 5ic? 

Cas: Inevtiable. 😉

Light: Well maybe next time Fold shouldn’t be so negative and lazy. 

Capn: This was no plot on my part to demote Fold. She was just not what we (as the entire ACP) was looking for in a leader which led to Tori and I contemplating the idea for a couple of days. Tori actually brought the idea up to me. Then Cas supported Tori’s claims with evidence so I was with them. 

Usually ownership changes such as this one aren’t even significant enough to warrant a story, however this one is significant because ACP, while they are far from returning to the World Power of armies, does seem to be on an upward rise. It’s not an idiotic argument to take that Mchappy’s short stint as ACP Leader was what gave them the boost, and now it’s a question of whether or not ACP will be able to stay in the fast lane. So far? It’s still a debate. Comment with YOUR opinion on this. 


CPA Central CEO

10 Responses

  1. Bias, ACP should be 1st… on SMAC.


  2. Lol 1st, nobody called it.


  3. Like

  4. I guess cass never got demoted or fired from 3ic in his life…


  5. Here we go again.


  6. July really is the month of news o:


  7. Foldez is never going to be a great leader. Only when you face the consequences of your actions, instead of running away, can you move on.


  8. Foldez was a downer and a no help at all. I don’t blame her quitting ACP anyone would as it’s obvious shes not going to be promoted after a triple demotion.


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