Golden Troops: Is It Legit?

Blue1: This scroller was recently put up on a former GT chat by Jerry. It seems a rebellion against Pain’s GT is beginning. 

HALF PIPE – The Golden Troops are reformed by Lord Pain, but only have approval of one of the many original founders of the Golden Troops. Due to this, many influential people inside and outside GT are recognizing them as “a GT”, not “the GT”.

The 8th and Final Generation of the Golden Troops were their Golden Age. they usually circled any room they were in at any event. Here are some pictures taken from, the Golden Troops’ last website, of the Golden Troops’ last generation and other generations:


In the last generation, the Golden Troops were in their Golden Age. Circling any room they were in at most events. They were lead by Ganger, New, Shad, Surferboysc (Ben), and Jerry.

The Golden Troops make their return, but do not have the approval of Jerry, the Golden Troops Retired Leader/Legend. He made it clear to Lord Pain that the Golden Troops were never to come back, but Lord Pain has gone against this order. Jerry said the following in a post to Lord Pain just recently.

Edit2: Any former GT soldiers that joined other versions of GT should be ashamed of themselves. You’re just helping a disgrace to this GT’s legacy.

Edit: Apparently, an army name cannot be copyrighted. So a creator’s creation can’t be original in CP Armies. That just destroys all common sense that would normally seem right. However, Pain’s GT or anyone else for that matter will not be tied nor related to this GT’s history. To conclude: This legacy will stay the way it is. The Golden Troops still live, and will always be a hundred times better than any of these fakes we see.

On the 23rd of February, 2013, the the 7th and final generation of the Golden Troops ended. A vote between the highest ranking powers of the Nation decided the following:

“The Golden Troops are to close indefinitely and are unable to reopen even with a founder’s permission. This law is to take place immediately.” With this action, the following is considered illegal.

  • Recreating GT.
  • Using the name “Golden Troops” or any similar variations.

Pain, your version of GT is illegal and invalid. I order you to shut down your army and give up any temptations of recreating GT. We shut down for a reason. Trying to bring back the past is a direct insult to all the history we accomplished. If you refuse, actions will be taken against you such as:

  • Direct Rebellion
  • Negative Media

And if need be, I will personally take military action against you. And that is something you should avoid if you don’t want to be humiliated. You have one week to heed my warning. Otherwise, you will have to be terminated.


P.S.: This warning not only goes to Pain but to others who seek to recreate GT. Everything comes to an end and that includes GT.

I Interviewed Lord Pain, Golden Troops re-creator, for more on their return.

Me = Red || Pain = Green

Why did you want to re-create the Golden Troops?

It’s what I consider my home, I want to make GT a consistent top 5 army, never to be shut down ever since I joined them. Its been my goal ever since I became Leader my first time in GT.

Do you respect Jerry’s decision to take this generation of the Golden Troops out of their actual history?

No, his decision does not stand anyway. Jerry is not a founder of GT, and I have one of the creators with me. GT is GT, and there is only one GT and one GT history.

What are you going to do to get the Golden Troops back to #1 in CPAC?

Same thing as always, mass recruit, get the proper leaders along with me, get a domain, and have great and attractive graphics, but also get us advertised.

Do you have any plans for the Golden Troops’ future to come?

Just to get GT back in the top 5 permanently, get number 1 in the process, and then retire putting GT in the hands of someone who will continue to keep it alive and abide by the no shut down law.

Next, Blue1 spoke to Sercan, a former leader of the Golden Troops for his side of the story regarding the recreation of this army.

Blue1 = Blue || Sercan = Green

So, what was your reaction to Pain’s recreation of the Golden Troops? 

Well, when I heard of it from Tap — he’s given me all the intel I needed to know — I went on GT chat as soon as possible to see what’s going on and ask Pain myself. I knew from the beginning all of this was going to happen. 

Do you know if any other former GT have heard the news and, if so, what their reactions were? 

Jerry — everyone knows about him, so I’ll just skip his reaction. Flipper doesn’t seem to care. Ganger, well, I guess he was glad since he joined Pain’s side. Sai and Skloop… I don’t know anything about them. Those were creators’ reactions, former troops were on Jerry’s side. Most of them, I mean, the troops that were in the former generations. 

What action, if any, do you believe will be taken against Pain’s GT? 

I know what’s going to happen, but it’s pretty secret, you know? But I can say that this GT won’t last. Or even if they do, we won’t let them bring disgrace to GT’s name. No matter how we try to call this “Pain’s GT”, everyone will always confuse it as a new GT generation. In conclusion, what has to be done, will be done. 

Any final comments or messages to Pain and his GT? 

Hell will be unleashed, again…

Thanks for your time, Serc. 

No problem. 


What do YOU think about the Golden Troops’ return? Do you believe they are legitimate? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!

11 Responses

  1. Once again, congratulations.


  2. Bad, But still good.


  3. wow this was the first army I ever joined! i’m so happy that gt is back! im definitely re-joining!
    p.s im using a fake email 😉


  4. This won’t last.


  5. Lets see if GT becomes new SWAT.


  6. Well l disgrace this but this may not be right but not official…


    • But yeah l agree with Jerry’s post because their leaders said that GT should be shutting down and with no longer to be live. Do you see? Now Pain wanted GT to be back and that’s illegal. So Qwerty just made a GT rebel and it will shall be taking over the GT and to be leave dead.


  7. It will never be the same or even close.


  8. except how Jerry is one of the creators too


  9. Jerry isn’t a creator infact there were a lot of leaders before him and pain can recreate the army because he has a creators permission not only that but ganger is in the army


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