Club Penguin Armies: Nations and Tactics

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Hey there, I’m Commando717. Either the name is brand new to you, or it’s something that you may consider common. I am also known as the penguin in Club Penguin Armies responsible for Nations, and a vast amount of the tactics branching off of the subject. But anyway, before we get into that. I want to run some of you new guys up to speed!

Back in 2005 (or 2004) Club Penguin was created, and Club Penguin had a feature where you can throw snowballs. Now, a bunch of us thought it would be cool to have teams for snowballing in the snow forts. This was so much fun at the time, everybody decided that organized armies should happen. This originally resulted in what we call, “The Color Wars” (Since each team were just a different color).

Following this, some guys made the Romans and the Vikings, and those wars happened. We call those wars “World War II”. After time things continued, and armies such as the Army Of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafias Army were created. Now, these armies were green and red- two obvious colors for two teams. The UMA was winning awesomely in this snow ball conflict, but they weren’t the good guys. UMA was helping people hack for coins in Club Penguin, and at the time this was deteriorating the game itself. So- this is where the RPF story begins. We have these kids that are ruining what we thought was a great idea to have some fun on Club Penguin, and if we didn’t put a stop to them, they would get away with it. The best part is that I was in the UMA!

Seeing these problems, I created the Rebel Penguin Federation, which is where we rebelled against the UMA and went on to win the war known as “World War III”. After that time period, the RPF continued to revolutionize Club Penguin Armies by adding more and more stuff to make things more realistic. At this point Club Penguin Armies was more of a mock- role playing game. Which is what it was in it’s height. In early 2008 I retired, and with that, this was lost. Armies started to become more mechanical, and now have come to the point of “whoever is bigger than the other army in this certain room, is the winner”.

Back in 2009, I deliberately took steps to make sure that didn’t happen. But obviously, due to the decrease in people in this community, that is what resulted. So now we face a plethora of new questions all created by what just happened with the RPF.

  • The RPF comes back with 2007-2009 sizes, and dwarfs a large army in an event
  • The RPF is bigger than other armies, battling head on easily makes it so everyone can’t be in the same room

How do we determine a winner if the current policy no longer works? 

How do we determine a winner if armies expect the other army to go to its room first, so they always have the size advantage? 

How do we determine a winner when both armies believe they have truly won? 

Now, we had all of these questions solved back in the day. So it’s about time that I give some of you a refresher.

When I created nations, the reasoning was to help make things as realistic as possible. Not only to make things COOLER for everybody, but this also helped build standard rules for warfare.


Exhibit A

RPF and ACP vs. UMA and Nachos ~ 2007

The the last seven days of that war were met with seven invasions, all of the server Mammoth which was the hot spot for armies of that time. RPF and ACP were in the Forest battling the UMA and Nachos, the UMA and Nachos were obviously outnumbered.

This is our basis example for a win in warfare, for the RPF and ACP.


Exhibit B

RPF vs. DW ~ Practice Battle 2013

RPF and DW meet on the same server, they both start piling in to two different rooms. The DW take pictures of their numbers while the RPF takes pictures of themselves too. The battle starts, and the DW run into the room with the RPF and declare victory- and then log off.

The DW proceed to post the pictures of the other room, saying that the RPF were too scared to fight.

This is a grand example of how to ruin warfare as we know it. Since the battle started, and the DW were the first to go attack, but then left right away to leave the RPF with the upper hand. The RPF is the obvious winners. It doesn’t matter if the DW had numbers before the battle even started. This was not an invasion or anything like that, this was a battle for both armies to fight in. Since the DW didn’t fight, the DW would not get this win.


Exhibit C

RPF vs. Nachos ~ Invasion For Aurora 2013

RPF and the Nachos meet on the same server, the Nachos get great sizes in a separate room, while the RPF goes around to multiple rooms with an overwhelming force that prevents the Nachos from getting their full force in. The Nachos decide to hold their ground, take pictures of that room, and claim victory since the RPF didn’t fight them.

This would give the Nachos the win if they were the ones invading. The RPF were invading with a massive force, that helped them prevent retaliation attack of the enemy. The RPF was able to conquer multiple rooms almost completely unopposed while the Nachos were off not hunting down the attackers of their domain. So why would the Nachos be the winners if everything but the Ice Berg was taken over?


So Commando, what’s the difference between a Battle, a Invasion, a Raid, and just all around server conquering? 

That’s an easy one. We created nations so we could have land and of course, nations. This made it so we could invade things and have fun competing for different servers. So, lets define some of these dynamics real quick.



Invasions are the first thing you do when you attack another army. You find the server, you declare war, and you prepare to invade. The attacking army needs to win the influence of that domain, so, they must go around claiming rooms pretty much. This hasn’t happened in a long time obviously since I haven’t seen anybody do this or even mention it. The defending army needs to obviously block the invading army by making sure they can’t claim a room. So what I’m saying, it’s up to the defending army to find the enemy and stop them. This should be super obvious. In real life terms, not stopping an invading army is basically just surrendering.


Battles are the most common thing for Practice Battles, two armies find each other, and decide they should fight. The army who stands the longest with the most troops for the duration of the battle obviously overcomes and wins. This battle scenario is also seen when two armies are disputed over a territory, and they are battling for a long amount of time for this. This was seen with Mammoth, and the Tundra Wars. Some of these current invasions with RPF and the Nachos, if they were unregulated, had a chance to form into this. Consistent battling is usually ended by a “Server Clearing” or a “Battle Of/For ______”.


Raids are equivalent to hit and run attacks on servers not yet invaded. You show up, and you mess up the place because you’re angry and you can. The winner of a raid is the raiders unless defended by the owners of the server.


One army, or both, are too big to be in the same room with each other. If they aren’t fighting each other, the bigger army is probably winning if of course it’s an invasion, unless one of the sides isn’t defending. We covered this, but not the question of “What if one army has 70 troops, but the other army already got into a room and made it so the rest of the army with 70 troops cannot get in. Who wins?”. Well this is solved in a few ways. The big army should obviously use tactics to help disperse the dominating one, but if it’s a stalemate, perhaps a disputed battle can happen finally? If this is in invasion terms of course, and the bigger army is taking other rooms while the defending army is conquering a single room, then the invaders would win since more land was covered. Just relate this stuff to real life warfare.

Input on the subject by Yeasy, a former Pirates Leader who commented on the RPF site with some great input:

“You said that the invading army needs to claim rooms to win. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the defending army to “fend off” the invading army if the invading army fills up the room (like yesterday.)

This is where the long forgotten term of “spying” comes into play. Basically the defending army (Nachos) bring in spies to the invading army’s (RPF’s) chat. Once the leaders decide a room change, the message should be immediately reported to the defending army’s leader (Nacho spies giving the info to Puckley).

The defending army (Nachos) immediately order all their troops to that room, to make sure the RPF would be unable to get their full force, also giving the chance for both armies to fight each other.

Obviously, at this point the RPF can not get their full force in the room, so instead of having “locked out” troops wandering out and crying that they can not get in, you use the remaining force to invade another room. Yes, here comes an old term called“divisions”, also not used for a long time. Now obviously the Nachos will have a few locked out too, so they will use the troops to attack the locked out troops of RPF, creating two battles at once on the server.

The fact that my scenario brings back the idea of strategies, puts tactics into a greater play (when you have even sizes in a room tactics are important) and more importantly destroys the excuse of “the invading army filled up the room”.”

In my opinion, that is a great solution to try out during these type of battles.


So I’m hoping this quick guide helps you guys figure out how these things work, instead of arguing about it for hours on who had the best “E6 Tactics”. Tactics like this were added in late 2009, not because they did anything, but because they made the enemy look smaller in the room. I’d say the only thing these tactics are good for are looking well organized on the battlefield. Other than that, they’re not really fun. I’d snow ball instead any day.

~ Commando717

28 Responses

  1. *Claps*


  2. Good post Com


  3. Lol, dwarfs us. Yea, 3 armies and 1 day troops. Where were those sizes on Tuxedo?


  4. No, just no, and this clearly an advertisement for RPF as well.


    • Invasions should not even exist. Everything should be battles, so armies can actually fight each other. It should simply be “Battle for…” rather than “Invasion of….” No one has a clue on how to successfully invade a server the right and proper way, and it is something that really will never be agreed upon apparently. For some reason, people think invasions are just showing up and doing absolutely nothing as you parade around. Where’s the fun in that? Seriously, the whole purpose of this is to actually fight each other.

      No matter what, to conquer a server in a battle, it should take place over at least three rooms (if more, an odd number of rooms). Battles in each room can take place between 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever the two or more armies battling want. Sure, there will be disputes, but it’ll probably be a lot easier to accurately tell who actually won the battle.

      Oh, for larger armies, even better. As I said, everything should be fought over if you wish to conquer something. So what if the armies are too big? No, RPF, you do not sit around and do nothing. The two battling armies should simply be in separate rooms before the battle begins. Once the battle begins, they will charge in at the same time. Fair enough, right? If one army is too slow to get in, it’s their fault they weren’t fast enough.

      At the designated time, they will move onto the next room at the same time. And so on and so on.

      Simply, one unbiased person can be assigned by the two armies to tell them when to charge in and move at the same time. They can even judge the battle… whoa I know right! It’s not too hard, people.

      This isn’t anything new either. CPAC has done this for their tournament battles, and I’m not sure why they haven’t done it every time for them and more so why it hasn’t caught with the rest of the community.

      And it shouldn’t be easy to conquer a server, you know. Walking on a server and claiming you won is just pathetic when you think about it.

      And no, standing there and throwing a virtual snowballs and calling for medics for five hours until the other army logs off is not fun.


      • What if I told you that RPF like being on Club Penguin? But also, you prove a great stance. Though I don’t always like the idea of a judge because a judge of course can be bias, and you’re putting more power into somebody that isn’t even in a army, or of another army.

        A better idea would actually to have each army keep on fighting in a server over the course of multiple battles until one of the armies finally admits defeat. “ERMAGAD THAT COULD LAST FOREVER”, that’s the point.

        Now you’re right about fighting, but I’m arguing that it’s always been possible to not fight. I like the idea of multiple battles in multiple rooms for sure.

        I also observed that you tried out what you said today by having Kingfunks come to the battle. I made sure RPF was ordered into the Ice Berg this time, and the victor was still obvious concerning that matter.


  5. Commando just made every one of Shab’s over-glorified posts look like complete and utter crap.


  6. Nice post Commando.


  7. While you make good arguments, the essential purpose I see in this is to ‘prove’ that RPF won that invasion (which, might I add, we are still fighting about two days after it happened, a fact I find extremely amusing. Perhaps we should just agree on a draw and have RPF reinvade the server, since they seem quite confident that they’d have no trouble.)

    Also, as I recall, the rule was that the invaders, because they are INVADING, were the ones with the burden of having to attack the other army, not vice versa. But then you can also argue that it is the responsibility of the defenders to stop the invading army, so in my view those two cancel eachother out (thus why neither is the accepted ‘law’ of how to conduct invasions).


    • In addition, claiming was abolished and it alone is no longer considered a vaild way to win the server (unless the other army does not show up at all). Other strategies must be employed to ‘win’ rooms, but you can’t just go to 5 rooms, say ‘WE CLAIM _____’ and call it a day.


      • Do you want this warfare to be real or what? I’m telling you how this works in real life and relating it to how the game used to be played. If there is no claiming, and no movement necessary for the defending army, how do small armies get ahead then? What you’re suggesting is that you literally through in the towel on all things strategy.


  8. There should be no difference other than for the two armies to fight. It makes it hard when the armies are too big. Try to work something out then, so we can actually fight and no just sit there and dance around for an hour.


  9. Club Penguin was made in the October of 2005, I think.


  10. Thank you, Captain obvious!


  11. Warfare should be done like this, but Puckley is right, this is clearly an advertisement for RPF, trying to prove RPF won the server.


    • RPF isn’t advertising, this is a refresher on How Battles & Tactics are done in the CPAC & We aren’t proving we won the server, we’re using it as an example of Battles & Tactics. If you think we’re advertising our group, you should be quiet. We aren’t advertising our group nor are we proving we won the server. We are using the battle as an example.


      • & Commando did a nice job on the article. He really spent time on typing this & giving new soldiers on how Battles & Tactics go.


      • Why be quiet, i’m merely speaking out my opinion.

        Its like dating a girl to get back your ex. (sorta)
        You say you love the person but you really don’t. Youre just doing it to get back your ex.

        Over here the variables are different.
        The ex represents the server.
        The person youre dating represents the title of explaining CP armies and stuff.


    • How can we determine the winner if we can’t go by some legitimate strategies/rules?


  12. Quite simply, whoever stays to fight longer wins. If one army leaves, the other is Victorious, if one surrenders, obviously the other is victorious.

    inb4 That will go on forever, no one in CP armies has the willpower to stay on CP for more than an hour to fight anymore, one side will give in eventually.


  13. Commando, Good job, Nice recruiting method by placing the link at the top of this post. Lol i think i might do that a little more ofen. thnx commando u do have a good imagination by this recruiting method. anyway thnx commando


  14. Great explanation and post Commando. RPF did win the server, and Nachos can never admit defeat unlike RPF would. Just compare our xat chat sizes during battles and amounts on CP. We’re bigger and our tactics nearly perfect. You’re probably still butthurt from placing third in CPAC tourney. I remember you cring saying it should be IW DW and Nachos all versing at once.


  15. I didn’t even bother reading the post, clearly it was gonna be a load of RPF bullshit and propaganda, and you’ve even tagged Rebel Penguin Federation in the post. Please, fuck off 😀

    seriously. Go away.


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