Practice Battle Report: ACP vs. RPF

BREEZE  On Saturday, two ancient allies marked the beginning of a new relationship with a friendly practice battle.

The Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation were once allies in World War III, when the UMA and ACP were at war.  The UMA and their allies the Nachos were clearly ahead, until Commando and his section of UMA rebelled and created the RPF.  Recently, RPF has been revived by the legendary Commando and another former RPF great, Elmikey.  This has launched them to fourth in the Top 10 with sizes of 35-40.  They’re using their strength to ally with the Doritos of Club Penguin to try to capture some popular servers from the Nacho Army, with the goal being to use these servers as recruiting centers.

ACP was recently ranked 7th in the top 10, but they’ve kept consistent sizes of 20-25.  They’ve recently gone through another leadership change, this time making Capncook and Tori the leaders, replacing Mchappy.  But, an interesting part of ACP that hasn’t really been covered is their Asian and Australian division, which has been getting sizes ranging from 7-12.  While this seems rather small, it could be a force compared to other armies and could be used to their advantage during the war.

The practice battle was held on Breeze, and was fought in five different rooms:  the Boiler Room, the Mine, the Pool, the Ice Berg, and the Cove.   Elmikey said in his post, “We decided to switch rooms multiple times so everyone could have a piece of the action, unfortunately cp servers don’t hold as many people as they used to but we will make do for now.”  In the Pool, RPF had sizes of around 25, with 15 of their troops being locked out.  At the same time, ACP’s sizes were around 20, so the RPF had a decent size advantage over the ACP.


They would then move on to the Mine, where the sizes stayed the same and the tactics improved a bit, though judging from RPF’s pictures their tactics were still below average.


ACP and RPF moved to the Berg, where RPF maxed out and circled the whole Ice Berg.  The ACP were pretty unorganized there, mostly staying in a blob towards the top of the room.


The armies then moved to the Cove and mostly screwed around, singing the Campfire Song Song and such.  In the end, Capn PC’d the RPF leaders to talk about the battle, and said that ACP had been defeated and commended RPF’s efforts.


After the battle, Elmikey praised his army on how well they followed orders.  He finished his post with this,

Stay tuned we have unimaginable plans for the future this is going to be AMAZING.

Will their success lead to a new war in the future?  Only time will tell.

Capncook, ACP’s leader, took a lot out of the battle, saying ACP needed to look at this and try to improve on it.  His post had a clear message to his troops.

 I come to you today with the news of unfortunately, defeat on a practice battle with the RPF on Breeze. We’re not going to mope around on this. We’re going to use this as a lesson for the future. We need to be recruiting more and more if we want to compete with armies like the Nachos, RPF, and Ice Warriors. We are the ACP, we have the advantage because our name is so simple. We have the potential to be great ACP, only you can make us that way. No more sitting around chat all day. We’re going to have full recruiting sessions at least once a day and owners will always be recruiting as well. There is no excuse for sizes of 25 on CP. We need to pick up the slack and do it fast or we’ll fail. Do you want to be humiliated on CPAC again with number 7T? We’re way better than that. Let’s prove it.

He also thanked RPF for a great battle, and said that “the ACP should learn from you.”
What do you think will come of this practice battle?  Comment your opinions below.

13 Responses

  1. 20 locked out in the other room & also this was an old school battle we agreed on no line tactics and whatnot although when the ACP started doing emotes and chants we did too. Lot’s of fun & a lot of snowball throwing 😀


  2. This is a great post. Hopefully the ACP can learn from this and become to best army alongside their friends the RPF. 🙂


  3. I wonder if RPF did 11 jbombs like they did on their raid against the nachos.


  4. Seems like a pretty fun practice battle ;D
    I want to have an old styled battle like that!
    Nice post Pie 😛


  5. I’ll say this.
    RPF did NOT get 50+. And I really don’t care what you say.




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