DW vs WV – Clash for Parka

PARKA, WV Empire – After a day of hatred, trolling, framing and insults, the Dark Warriors finally decided to make the move, by invading no server other than the pearl of WV’s Empire – Parka itself.

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Ignoring Invasions: Is it Legitimate?

With the recent Pirates vs. RPF /Pirates vs. DCP war, and DW ignoring the WA a very important issue rises for the community. Just because you ignore an armies invasions, does that make them invalid? Let us dive into this controversial topic…

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Army Republic Chat Hacked as War Begins

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – The war between the Alliance and the Dark Warriors has broken out in full force, with the hacking of AR chat during a DW raid signifying the escalating tensions between the armies.

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Dark Warriors Threatened By Massive Force || Black Alliance Reforms and Declares War

UPDATE 6:50 PM EST: DW has stated they will not be attending any invasions other than those scheduled by the Water Vikings. RPF has also backed out of the Alliance and is now neutral.

UPDATE 4:24 PM EST: ACP, the Doritos, WW, and RPF have joined the Alliance against DW.

UPDATE 3:59 PM EST: The Black Alliance, made up of SWAT, Pirates, ST, and now DW, has declared war on the Alliance (WV, Nachos, AR) following today’s events.

UPDATE 3:15 PM EST: The chat of the Army Republic, one of the major players in the Alliance, has been hacked, though it has now been recovered by Buritodaily. DW’s leadership has denied involvement in the hack, calling AR “pathetic” for trying to frame them.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire — In a two week pre-formulated plan, three armies have declared war on the Dark Warriors, who have only recently risen once again in the Top Five. Does DW stand a chance against this massive force? I’ll take a look at what the chances look like for both sides, and whether or not this could become something bigger with summer already among us.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 06/23/13

This has been a great week for armies, with some of the best sizes we’ve seen in a very long time. With July nearing and the Army Warfare League coming to an end, let’s take a look at how the armies stack up.  Continue reading

AWL Final & Third Place Battle Times

Hello one and all, as the AWL is close to drawing to a close CPAC are happy to release the times for the final battle and of course, the third place battle.

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Army Warfare League: Semi-Final Results

As the Semi-Final round comes to an end, only two armies will be fighting for the prestigious Army Warfare League Championship.

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ACP In Trouble?

Blue1: mfw if you’re gonna fake my edit at least use the correct color

Blue1: Firstly, reporters this is an excellent example of what I spoke about at yesterday’s staff meeting. If there’s not a lot of information on the topic, stretch it out with interviews, etcetera.

In a shocking turn of events, Capncook and Flipmoo have been given temporary leader status by old farts Shaboomboom & Flipper. From what sources have told us, Mchappy has been AWOL for 5 days or so after saying he was just taking a 2-3 day break. What do you think will happen? I’m not sure, but I asked some ACP troops what they thought.

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Army Review 6/21/13

Because I got nothing better to do with my sorry life I am gonna do some more work around CPAC so I don’t get laid off. Each Friday I will review what armies have done recently. I will not get the best pictures but I will get what I think looks good from looking at the first few posts. I’m sorry but recruiting session results are not something I want to dig through, kinda like digging through trash. Anyways these will be similar to last week’s post. If an army dies then there will be no pictures for it and just a simple statement on how or why they bit the dust.

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Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors Duel in a Practice Battle

FROSTY- The legendary Ice Warriors fought the rising Dark Warriors in a practice battle on Thursday, June 20th.

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RPF Declare War On Pirates

FOG- Recently, the army known as the Rebel Penguin Federation have declared war on the returning army, Pirates.

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Why Loyalty Has Fallen

This post was written by Veolata through CPAC’s YouWrite feature.


Over the few months loyalty has fallen, and in some armies barely exists. Why? Because more people are choosing to be loyal to their good ranks rather than their army. But who’s to blame?

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Reader Evaluation| What Do YOU Want?

Summer is upon us and CPAC is certainly looking for ways that we can use this time to improve. Of course, there’s no better source of feedback than you, the reader. Continue reading

Would Education and Club Penguin Armies go together?

Good evening CPAC!

I’d like to pose a question to you all today and perhaps a potential idea and scheme in the making if followed through correctly. Strangely enough, this idea involves the prospects of….. education, and homework!

Read on if you’re intrigued. Read on anyway even if you couldn’t care less 🙂

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