Water Vikings and Dark Warriors War Ends

FROSTY- After declaring war on the Dark Warriors along with the Nachos and Army Republic, the Water Vikings have ceased fire with DW in their war.

The Nachos, AR, and WV all declared war on DW at the start of the week.  However, DW chose to ignore invasions by the alliance except for WV.  The Nachos and AR recently ended the war with DW, only for the Nachos to be declared war on by RPF and DCP, with ACP originally intending to also be in the war.  AR have also decided to assist the Nachos.

The rivalry between WV and DW continued to heat up until the 29th of June.  Both WV and DW decided to end the war.  WV leader Kingfunks4 posted the following on the WV website:

The war is over. We agreed to give Sparkle to the Dark Warriors, but it’s only a server and we can still live without it. The War is over and we cannot go to war with them for two months. This negotiating session lasted for an hour with Dx trolling us throughout. The War was getting boring with the amount of events and we are all glad it’s over. Here are the terms:

The following terms were agreed upon between the two armies:

  • DW gets all servers back (- Great white) + Sparkles
  • WV gets all servers back (- Sparkles) + Great white
  • NO war for 2 months
  • Unbreakable
  • The war ends in a mutual draw – although both armies claim to have different winning scores.

Interview with Flo, Dark Warriors Leader

How do you think DW did during the war?

Flo: We did well.  The war was unexpected and we manage to find a plan and stay alive.

Do you think the war was helpful to DW?

Flo: No.  The war just made it worse for us to manage.

What were the reasons for ending the war?

Flo: We wanted to rebuild from the war.  The war was pointless to us and to the other armies attacking us.

Now that the war is over, what plans do you have for DW?

Flo: Possibly a retirement.  But, we will be rebuilding a lot.  Our plan is to focus on the Legend’s Cup.

Any final comments?

Flo: Darkness will rise.

Interview with Change, Water Vikings Leader

After the Nachos and AR backed out of the war, what did you think of WV’s chances against DW?

I still thought we would grasp victory.  As DW were only focusing on us, it didn’t really effect our performance on the battlefield.

Do you think WV did well during the war against DW?

Yes.  I was surprised that we won some AUS events.  Our sizes were quite impressive actually.  We were also bigger in most of the battles, so I am pretty pleased with how we did.

Why did WV and DW end the war?

Well, a large majority of the battles were disputed, making it difficult to tell who owned what servers.  Also, it was getting rather boring, the battles were getting repetitive, and the flaming went a bit too far.  So basically we ended it because no one could agree on anything.

What will WV be doing now that the war is over?

We’re going to be focusing on growing up back to the top three by recruiting, training, and doing whatever we can to rise.  We don’t have plans for war, nor do we intend to… for now.

Any final comments?

Join the Water Vikings for Cookies!

So as another war has ended, we’re just beginning to dive into another.  Stay tuned for updates on the Nachos vs. RPF and DCP war.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war.  How do you think all of the armies did?  What do you think they’ll be doing next?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

4 Responses

  1. AR has NOT decided to assist the Nachos against RPF yet.


  2. The war is also over for AR and DW as well.


  3. What was “meant” to be a World War only lasted a week.


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