Army Warfare League: Results of the Finals

In the finals of the Army Warfare League, the Ice Warriors faced off against the Dark Warriors for the title of AWL Champion.

Both armies entered the Berg at 2:45 EST, where they battle out until 3:00, when the battle began officially. At this point, the Dark Warriors had sizes of 15-20, with about 5-10 troops locked out. The Ice Warriors had sizes of 25-30, with an equal amount of troops locked out. In a tactical move, the Dark Warriors leaders ordered their locked out troops to enter the Stadium, where both armies would move to at 3:15 EST. All 3 judges agreed the Ice Warriors took the victory in the Berg, however they made many subliminal references to both the Illuminati and Nazism during this time. 

Next came the final 15 minutes of the AWL finals, which took place in the Stadium. As the judges entered the room, there were about 10 DW troops already in the Stadium, which gave DW an early advantage. However, as the rest of both armies entered from the Berg, the Ice Warriors once again proved to overpower DW in size, with about 25-30, where DW’s sizes had grown to 20-25, but still were not as large as the Ice Warriors. Below is one of the final tactics of the battle, as Paco tries to find a customer to sell tacos to.

In Summary

The Ice Warriors had sizes of 25-30 at both the Berg and the Stadium, while DW’s size grew during their move to the Stadium, but not large enough to allow them to overpower IW. In a 3-0 vote, the Ice Warriors are the first ever winners of the Army Warfare League. 

Congratulations to the Ice Warriors and thank you to all of the armies who participated in this tournament. Thanks to Zakster, Bepboy, and Lucario for this assistance in overseeing this tournament. Now, we all look forward to the Legends Cup IV, which will be the largest tournament of the year. The post announcing Legends Cup seeding will be released soon. 



AWL Gamesmaster and CPAC CEO


10 Responses

  1. No please no Blue, dont turn it around, I wanna go to Disneyland ;c


  2. That is one fat trophy :/ 1st..


  3. First (wary)


  4. as always cpac provides us with top class trophies


  5. On the first picture, that wasn’t the Nazi Swastika.

    Trust me, I would know.


  6. Congrats IW, you get the trophy and the 5000 xats ;0 (lucky lol)
    Can’t wait for the Legends Cup though!


  7. […] sizes on the Pink Side of the draw, but the Army Republic have hit good sizes and the Ice Warriors won the AWL tournament. The RPF will face either the Pretzels or Freeze […]


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