Nachos Targeted: RPF and DCP Declare War


UPDATE 1: ACP calling off their side of the invasions! and AR to Ally with Nachos.

Hey guys, Paco here with some breaking news, recently posted on the RPF and DCP sites has been a briefing of what seems to be a war post on the Nachos. The ACP also appear to be involved but not yet confirmed as no post on their site has been posted at this time. The RPF and DCP have issued a war for resources and have listed it as “Alpha Priority.”

Today, June 28th, 2013, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos have declared war on the Nachos for their own needs and purposes, as well as for ACP’s needs. The ACP are expected to post invasions soon as well as RPF and DCP has, and the events are all in synchronized times. The servers of Alaska, Aurora and Alpine are the main servers being invaded as RPF states are crucial resources needed to be able to CP recruit which they have been able to bring back with new methods. Joint invasions are scheduled and each army will invade the same server at the same time but in different rooms. The question is, how will the Nachos react? Will they solely take all 3 armies by themselves or will this start a new alliance war along with the WA/BA war that is occurring at the same time? Time will tell, but this looks like a good war to keep an eye on as historic battles will occur.

Now, the RPF have already been in tense and tight terms with Nachos and this seemed like nothing but inevitable, kind of like the Cold War but to a lesser extent. The RPF claim this is not a war based on hatred but for resources and servers. Isn’t that how all wars of hatred start out as however? The Rebel Penguin Federation may be either surpassing Nachos in the time of their golden age or anchoring back down, a risky move done by leaders Elmikey and Commando717, however this isn’t the first time the duo has taken risks if we all remember the past in UMA. The Nachos are not UMA however and do not give up as easily, no offense to those in UMA.

The DCP claim they want some of the first page servers for their use as well. Again “no hatred” posted on the post as well as the same stuff RPF wrote. The Doritos look to be an underdog compared to the others but are still relentless and a major factor on who has the advantage.

On the war post reads:

If Our Alliance Wishes to be successful, we will have to neutralize the threat upon Invasion. We hereby declare war on the Nacho empire in order to take over Alaska, Aurora, and Alpine.

When successful, Alaska will be owned by the RPF, Aurora owned by DCP, and Alpine owned by ACP.

This is not war based on hatred, but on resources. We hope to see a good clean fight.”

In prediction, I see the RPF, ACP, DCP alliance to take all 3 servers successfully, however the Nachos will counter with invasions with allies of their own. The war will mount up to something of epic proportion and the Nachos and RPF are probably the most unpredictable armies and it is very hard to tell what the outcome will be. DCP and ACP’s performances may be the “X Factor” of this war as well as if Nachos decide to call for reinforcements or not. I ultimately see this war becoming tied and an agreement happening like all wars now a days. But what do you think? Comment!


๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

CPAC Associate Producer

28 Responses

  1. Didn’t expect this.


  2. karmas a b*tch


  3. “The Nachos are not UMA however and do not give up as easily, no offense to those in UMA.”

    You just offended two people. Nice going Paco.


  4. Er what?


  5. Manager.


  6. Capn’s hypocrisy is amusing.


  7. Way to turn on allies who saved your army Capn.


  8. With the discovery of CP recruiting still working, I suspect we will see a lot more of these wars as armies compete for populated servers.

    This is a good thing. An end to all the beaucracy, politics, and trash talking and getting back actual fighting would be good for armies.


  9. Update: The ACP changed their mind.


  10. Oh great.


  11. Well, now that all of WA is at eachother’s throats, what are BA going to do with themselves?


  12. Let’s just wait to see what happens…




  14. the grapists win
    no argument


  15. ACP will probably get sucked into this one way or enough even though Capn hasn’t declared war.




  17. Probilly RPF and the nachos will have a big fight


  18. Ehhh, yeah. Nachos will win 😐


  19. Like

  20. DCP and ACP were already helping the RPF anyway.. won’t really make a difference just that DCP and ACP will be in their own uniforms…..


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