Army Republic and Dark Warriors: The Fight for the Win

Update: The Army Republic and Dark Warriors war is over.

TOBOGGAN – The Army Republic declared war on the Dark Warriors, but are they ready to give the Dark Warriors their nightmares?

The Army Republic declared war on the Dark Warriors for three reasons:

  1. The Dark Warriors had grown arrogant towards other armies, including AR.
  2. The Dark Warriors made threats to kill armies such as the Water Vikings and the Army of CP.
  3. The community has seem to forgotten who AR is and what we are capable of.

So far, there has only been 1 battle between the Army Republic and the Dark Warriors, over the server of Snow Globe. A Leader on the Army Republic’s chat PC’ed me a picture before the battle. The Dark Warriors were going to try to hide, but they never showed up.

Snow Globe was won by the Army Republic, maxing 27 and averaging 24. The Dark Warriors did not show, as promised. For the future, there are 3 more battles scheduled. The servers included are Frosty, Slushy, and Toboggan, the Army Republic’s Capital server. But, are the Dark Warriors going to keep ignoring the Army Republic’s invasions? For the future, the Dark Warriors have not scheduled any invasions against the Army Republic.


The Army Republic
E+5 Tactic
Invasion of Snow Globe

I interviewed Crazy, Leader of the Dark Warriors to see more into this topic.

Me = Red || Crazy = Blue

So, why are the Dark Warriors ignoring invasions from the Army Republic?

Well, lets see. You have 3 armies that are solid CPAC armies against only us. How can you take that all at once? We know exactly what we are doing. The invasions the Army Republic have are valid just for the record.

Does the Dark Warriors Leadership plan to re-invade the servers taken from the Army Republic in the future?

We don’t have anything of that sort planned at the moment. We like to take things step by step.

Does the Dark Warriors feel that they can beat the Army Republic in this war if the Dark Warriors stop ignoring invasions?

I don’t see why we really can’t. We are placed 2nd in CPAC at this time, and we have an AUS force which very few armies carry. If we were to actually battle the Army Republic, I don’t see why we would not win.

I also interviewed Jay, Leader of the Army Republic, to see his side of this war.

Me = Red || Jay = Blue

Why do you think the Dark Warriors are not fighting the Army Republic in this war?

The Dark Warriors believe that the Nachos have started an alliance with the Water Vikings an the Army Republic because they have lost in the tournament. Because of that, they are ignoring our invasions, losing their nation. But we started the alliance because we have all planned before that. We wanted to declare war anyways.

Do you think the Army Republic can easily win against the Dark Warriors?

There is no reason we won’t. The Dark Warriors fail to make it to events, and try to make plans hiding but they never show up. We meaning the White Alliance will be taking their entire nation, including AR with a major part of it.

Is the Army Republic going to keep invading the Dark Warriors until they run out of servers?

Yes, the Army Republic will be invading Slushy, Frosty, and defending Toboggan tomorrow. I don’t see the point of the Dark Warriors even trying to invade Toboggan since they would be destroyed. I believe we will beat them in the 3 events tomorrow.

So in conclusion, the Dark Warriors are ignoring the Army Republic’s invasions because of a secret alliance they thought the Nachos, the Water Vikings, and the Army Republic were secretly making together. The alliance states that they were going to declare war anyways.

 What do you think about this Army Republic and Dark Warriors war? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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  1. My 1st Post! 😀


  2. Great job Dpd! Good luck with the rest of your posts! ;D


  3. Nice post.


  4. Your AUS force, DW, is Fex, Rix, and then all the other USA people who stay up all night. lolol


  5. Since both armies talk so much smack, It would be interesting to see who wins the Toboggan battle.


  6. Great first post Dpd! I can’t wait to read more posts from you 🙂
    And welcome to the CPAC family :mrgreen:,


  7. what’s up with the xat powers post


  8. Update: War over


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