Updates on the Second WA/BA War


Update 6 – June 29th 5:00pm EST: WV’s invasion of DW’s capital, Frosty, has been added to the post. The ending of the war has also been added onto the post. Conclusion editted.

Update 6 – June 29th 10:00am EST: WV’s invasion/DW’s defense of Sled has been added to the post.

Update 5 – June 29th 5:15am EST: The Nachos and Army Republic end the war with the Dark Warriors, making it a 1 v. 1 war between DW and WV.

Update 4 – June 28th 5:15pm EST: WV’s defenses/invasion/DW’s invasions/defense of Snowboard, Snowbound, Arctic, and Polar Bear has been added to the post.

Update 3 – June 28th 7:30am EST: WV’s defense/DW’s invasion of WV capital, Sparkle, has been added to the post.

Update 2 – June 28th 3:30am EST: WV’s defense/DW’s invasion of Oyster has been added to the post.

Update 1 – June 27th 8:00pm EST: An interview with ACP’s new leader, Capncook, has been added to the post. The battle of Snow Globe and the battle of Marshmallow has also been added to the post.

Recently, almost the whole community has been having head to head war against each other. Though some look as this as a “World War”,  most of the battles have been 1 v. 1 battles, but some have been 2 v. 1, 2 v. 2, etc. I’m sure most of you are currently puzzled on the current situation in terms of war in armies, so this post will go through it bit by bit, making sure you, the readers, know everything you need to know about this havoc. Think of it as a somewhat chronicle. There will also be interviews and a conclusion at the end of the post. Enjoy!

June 23rd, 2013

The Army Republic, Nachos, and the Water Vikings declare war on the Dark Warriors simultaneously. Each army schedules 2 independent invasions and a joint invasion of the Dark Warriors capital, Frosty. In retaliation, the Dark Warriors refuse to attend any defenses or schedule any invasions against any army other than the Water Vikings, though they scheduled an invasion of the Nachos capital, Fjord. Here is the opening of the invasion post taken from DW’s site:

Hey DW!

As you now know, 3-7 armies declared war on us because one of the few reasons:1. They’re butt-hurt that they loss 2. They’re sensitive over internet insults 3. They have personal feelings over somebody in DW.

Regardless, as good and great we are, nobody can take on 7 armies in the top 10 on their own. Therefore, we’re ignoring all invasions but for one army, the Water Vikings. If they bring allies, their invasions/defense will be invalid, resulting in a win for DW, don’t like it? Don’t care.

If Nachos/AR come to WV’s invasions, we’ll ignore them on CP. We’re fighting WV only, and we will only take WV into the opposition’s troop count

On the same day, the ACP, declare war on the Black Alliance, an alliance consisting of Pirates, and SWAT, for two reasons: To attack the BA before the BA attacks them, and to assist their allies, the Doritos, in a war against the BA. Here is a couple of paragraphs taken from the ACP’s declaration of war post:

With our allied forces, we will do everything in our power to delay the return of a powerful enemy.  It’s gone to the point where nobody even cares about the BA anymore.  They’re too predictable and too boring.  Every year they say the same thing, how they are going to “save” armies: whether it’s attacking the small armies, attacking ACP, or attacking our allies.

The war is already justified, due to the fact it’s BA.  However, might as well just give it a bit of a bigger push.  I’ve never had to deal with the BA before in a leadership, so this should be quiet interesting.

June 24th, 2013

The Nachos invade Half Pipe from the Dark Warriors. As promised, the Nachos fought alone as the Dark Warriors lived up to their words, and did not show up. The Nachos averaged 35 and maxed 41.

As well as this invasion, the Army Republic raided DW’s capital, Frosty, alongside the rising army, and former world power, the Watex Warriors. The two armies maxed 31 and averaged 27 combined.

Other than this, nothing really happened that day. Though there was a post from the DW site with Dxdzn, current DW leader, answering a few questions coming from DW’s opponents:

Let’s address a few things that are being said about us; Your statements are in blue, mine are in red. Comment on anymore questions and I’ll happily respond

1. I liked DW before they were in the BA

DW isn’t in the BA, hence why we’re focusing on WV only, christ.

2. You guys are cowards for ignoring invasions

I don’t see your LOGIC in calling us cowards for ignoring invasions, yet 3 armies making an alliance over a tournament to kill DW isn’t cowardly. Yeah, right.

3. The BA is evil

Now, we’re not in the BA, but you guys are being terrible hypocrites here. The WA is just as bad as the BA in this situation. The Nachos, WV and the AR created an alliance to purposely KILL the DW because of a tournament and some trash talking. Isn’t that the same thing as the BA forming their alliance to kill the ACP a few months ago? Yeah, it is the same thing. The WA’s motives are just as ‘evil’ as the BA’s a few months ago, this community is just filled with hypocrisy.

June 25th, 2013

The Water Vikings site is defaced by Tacodaily, a Pretzels leader. (Member of the BA.) All posts from June 11th – June 24th are permanently deleted, and unrecoverable. A Water Viking leader, Change, (myself) posted this shortly after the defacement:

Well, what can I say? We have been “defaced” by Tacodaily. I’m sure you are all as frustrated as I am towards this fool, so this is why I have decided to vow that whatever army Taco leads, big, or small, we shall crush until they are no more. Taco, you have brought this upon yourself, don’t expect mercy. Don’t try to shake the blame onto anyone else, because I am more than aware that you are the culprit. You think the Water Vikings are over? Guess what, we aren’t. Everything shall be restored later on today. (Possibly.) Until then, everyone sit tight and wait for everything to be back to normal.

Shortly after fixing the difficulties with the site, the Water Vikings logged on for an unscheduled raid of DW’s capital, Frosty. The army maxed 31 and averaged around 25.

Shortly after, the Dark Warriors invaded the Water Vikings co-capital, Parka. It is unconfirmed which army won the server as both claim victory. Here is what the Dark Warriors had to say about their watery opponents declaring themselves as the victors:

Since WV has no pictures, they cannot prove that they successfully defended Parka from the Dark Warriors. Therefore, the win goes to us. (See bottom for them planning to cheat)

Here is a pic of the battle: (Taken from DW’s site.)

Meanwhile, the Army Republic invade Snow Fort from the Dark Warriors empire. As expected, they battle alone and obviously win. The AR maxed around 25+ troops on CP. Regarding Dark Warriors invasion of Fjord, the Nachos got a staggering 35-40 soldiers, yet DW max around 9, after aiming for 15+. The Nachos snatch the win, keeping their capital.

As the Dark Warriors and Water Vikings continue to battle it out, with the Nachos and Army Republic invading the DW, the ACP and DCP vs. the BA war starts of with the Pirates surrendering to the ACP, leaving SWAT in quite a pickle.  The SWAT attempt to break ACP’s and DCP’s defense force with an invasion of Mammoth, but the battle ends in a tie, leaving ACP and DCP with Mammoth. Shortly after the defense, Bam117, Doritos leader and legend, grants ACP full possession of Mammoth. Here is a picture of the battle taken from SWAT’s site:

June 26th, 2013

The Water Vikings invade Snow Globe from the Dark Warriors. Because of friction between the two armies, both of them claim victory, leaving the real winner unidentified. DW’s reasons for victory are WV’s invasion not being 24 hours notice, though both armies have sufficient proof of it being/not being 24 hours notice. DW did not have pics on the site, but former DW leader/legend, SaW, had this to say:

Today we were scheduled to face WV on Wool Socks, but they made a really low move and decided to try and trick us. They changed the Wool Socks invasion to Snow Globe approximately an hour before, so that’s invalid.

The Nachos showed up on Wool Socks, but logged off 5 minutes later, after realizing that we caught their pathetic antics. I’m actually laughing at how low this White Alliance is, first they need 3 armies, and then they resolve to cheating?

DW had posted no pictures, so here is a picture of the battle: (Though it was not a battle.)

As I have previously said, both armies have had “proof” that there was/was not 24 hour notice. We will be looking at both sides of the story. DW’s proof:


WV’s proof:

The Army Republic shock the whole community in an invasion of Icicle, (A DW server) with sizes of 35+. This as been AR’s largest sizes since December 2012, and could be the event that will get them into the next top 10. The Army Republic automatically won anyways, as the Dark Warriors did not show up to the invasion.

ACP and DCP continue the war against SWAT, with an astonishing 7 battles in one day. The ACP successfully invade Big Surf and Half Pipe from SWAT, after the Doritos losing a vital recruiting server, Ascent. Though the Doritos re-invade Ascent, as well as bringing Sleet and Thermal home from the SWAT empire. Things continue to look dim for SWAT, as they start to run out of servers.

The Water Vikings also defended Frostbite on this certain day. As usual, both armies claim victory, leaving the real champion unnamed. Here is a picture from the battle:

June 27th, 2013

The Dark Warriors attempted to snatch Snow Globe from WVs nation. Though the battle was close, it is confirmed that the Water Vikings won due to DW leader, Dxdzn, admitting defeat. The battle lasted for 30 minutes, and stayed in the town. Here is a picture taken from the WV site:

Later that day, the Dark Warriors invaded another server from the Water Vikings, this time they wanted to bring Snow Globe home. The only problem was that the Nachos were assisting the Water Vikings in defending this server, even though DW previously said several times  that they will be ignoring the Nachos, or any allies. After a while of battling the Dark Warriors logged off, shortly followed by the Water Vikings and the Nachos. Here is a picture taken from the Nachos site:

June 28th, 2013

The DW attempted to invade Oyster from the Water Vikings empire. DW were no where to be found, so WV won automatically after 10 minutes. They had around 10-15 on CP.

4 hours after this unsuccessful invasion,DW logged on to invade the Water Vikings’ most precious server, and capital, Sparkle. The DW won, due to the Water Vikings not having a sufficient chat size to log on. The Dark Warriors got sizes of 11.

Shortly afterwards, the Dark Warriors won yet another AUS/Asian division invasion of Snowbound. This time, the Water Vikings logged on, but with a minuscule size of 6. The Dark Warriors  emerged victorious after 30 minutes, maxing 12.

Expecting another victory in the bag with the advantages of their AUS/Asian division, the Dark Warriors attempted invaded a vital recruiting server, Arctic, from the Water Vikings at AUS/Asian friendly times. Much to the Dark Warriors disappointment, the Water Vikings pulled off a win maxing 15, when the Dark Warriors maxed 10, much to their dismay.

 4 hours later, the Water Vikings invaded the Dark Warriors for the 2nd time into the war. The invasion was held at Polar Bear, one of the smaller servers. The battle was disputed as both armies claimed victory. There was trouble in matters of rooms, as DW failed to confront WV at the cove for 15 minutes. The Water Vikings maxed 28 and the Dark Warriors maxed 25.

Shortly afterwards, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Nachos, ultimately pulling them out of the war.There have been rumors that the Doritos and the ACP will be assisting the RPF, but it is not confirmed. The Army Republic backed out afterwards, but will are considering joining the war, either helping the Nachos or the RPF. Here is what Burr had to say about the war ending: (Taken from AR’s site.)

Greetings troops. On this Friday night, the leaders of both armies agreed to end the war. We decided to end it based on the fact that the Nachos have officially dropped out in light of their recent outbreak in war with RPF. No winner was decided upon, mainly because I really don’t care what the stats say. We know how we did this war and whether we won or not. ;) We got servers, and a high self esteem from this war, those are some of the greatest things you can achieve from war.

This leaves the Water Vikings to fight the Dark Warriors alone. The disputed battles continue, and both armies claim to be winning by quite a margin.

June 29th, 2013

The Water Vikings went on to invade Sled , a server they have lost in the war, from the Dark Warriors at AUS friendly times. They battled for 15 minutes, until ultimately surrendering to their dark opponents. The DW maxed around 12, when the WV maxed only 10.

Then, at the same time as the AWL finals, the Water Vikings pulled off a sneaky invasion of DW’s capital, Frosty. The Dark Warriors did not show for their defense, as they were busy battling with the Ice Warriors on Sleet for the Army Warfare League championship title. The Water Vikings maxed 30 and averaged 27.

Shortly after the invasion, the Water Vikings and the Dark Warriors decided to negotiate terms of peace. After an hour of firm discussion, the two armies agreed to these terms:

  • DW gets all servers back (- Great white) + Sparkles
  • WV gets all servers back (- Sparkles) + Great white
  • NO war for 2 months
  • Unbreakable
  • The war ends in a mutual draw – although both armies claim to have different winning scores.

-Present, war ends, no more updates to be published-

I interviewed an Army Republic leader, Buritodaily, on his opinions of the war:

Myself = Italic

Buritodaily = Bold

What are your opinions on the Dark Warriors ignoring AR’s and Nachos’ invasions?

I think it proves that they couldn’t walk the walk even after all the crap they’ve been talking about us before the war.

Do you believe that the Army Republic will become a stronger army after the war?

We already have become stronger during it, but I don’t know how much of it is because of the war.

What do you think the outcome of this particular war will be?

A victory for AR, Nachos and WV. (WA) DW’s site has notably dropped and they seem to be lacking morale while nearly all the armies in the WA are growing.

Any last words?


I then interviewed newly promoted ACP leader, Capncook, who was given the rank of leader due to Mchappy’s short notice departure.

Myself = Italic

Capncook = Bold

What were ACP’s reasons on declaring war on SWAT?

The DCP and the ACP were in the “WA” and all of the “WA” armies wanted to annihilate the BA once and for all because they’re pests quite frankly. The SWAT attacked the DCP and have had a history of being allied with the BA so we attacked them to help the DCP fight them off. It turned out a successful war.

What do you think the outcome of this war will be? 

Hopefully the BA will crumble which will lead to armies flourishing again. 🙂

What do you plan on doing with the ACP after the war?

Well since I already reinstalled divisions, I’m going to finish the General Training program and work on a restoration project with the RPF. Ultimately, I’d like to get the ACP to sizes of 60+ by the end of the summer.

Any last words?

Yes, to the BA army leaders: Please stop, no one likes fighting you guys and your goal is a bit whack. We’ve tried to understand you guys but now I must say, seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Many of you may think this is a World War, but in my opinion this is not. There is the ACP and the Doritos battling with SWAT, and there is the Water Vikings, Nachos, and the Army Republic at war with the Dark Warriors. (Though the Dark Warriors are not appearing at the AR/Nacho invasions, they are only battling the Water Vikings.)

As both wars progress onward, I will be adding more onto this post. If you ever want an update on the two wars, check this post to see what’s happening right now.  Now the war is over, the Nachos focus on their newly founded war with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos. (Former Orange Alliance allies with the Nachos.) The ACP were initially a member of this alliance against the Nachos but dropped out to focus on bringing themselves back to their former sizes. The Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings both ended the war in a treaty, returning all servers other than a few exchanges. As for the Army Republic, they are still pondering on whether they should assist the Nachos, DCP – RPF alliance or stay neutral through out the war.

Please, feel free to comment your opinions on both the war and the post. I am always open for constructive criticism! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this post!

– Change.

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  1. nice post congrats


  2. Lol DW what noobs.


  3. DW are correct about Snow Globe, the Google cache proves that was changed with AT BEST around 11 hours notice. As for WV’s picture, there is no proof as to what post that was on, and frankly I would put proof from Google over proof from the accused army.

    Now that I have that out of the way, a very nice post. I might actually (if you don’t mind) sticky this and continue updating it with info about the war.


  4. BA is a lie, it never came. There’s no alliance.


  5. Watch as all armies fall and end up sharing troops, with maybe the exception of the Nachos.


  6. yall should talk about how pirates are gonna try and kill a lot of armies in SMAC


  7. I think DW is in the right about calling WA evil. They are doing the same thing BA did.


  8. Good job AR


  9. oh btw once my army is up and ready (in other words im not on vacation) I will join forces with AR


  10. Nice post, how long did it take you? also go WV


  11. Impressive post Change.


  12. Amazing Post. No bias. No stupidity. Something, honestly, I cant do at all. I enjoyed reading this post, and I want you to keep up the great work!


  13. Wow, Change, awesome post! I think this cleared up any other doub anyone had about the war (:


  14. DW vs Nachos war is over. No winner. No treaty. DW vs AR war is over. No winner. No treaty. Just for the update.


    • Considering you didn’t defend or successfully invade any servers I think we all know who won. But thanks for your servers I guess… would have liked to beat you in a real war.


  15. and so the week-long war ends


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  18. This wasn’t the second BA-WA war…. BA didn’t even form….


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