Second Black Alliance vs. White Alliance War: Day 2 Results

FJORD, SNOW FORT, FROSTY- As things begin to heat up in the newly risen war, the second day was full of events, raids, and battles that have risen tensions between the two alliances. Following the disputed battle of Parka along with the defacing of the website of the Water Vikings yesterday, today started off with a response from the Dark Warriors regarding the defacing of WV’s website.  The following was posted on the DW site:

1. There has to be a mutual agreement that the war will stop, you can ignore the invasions but they are still considered VALID. 2. IIRC, taco wasn’t at today’s invasion, correct me if I’m wrong 3. Pretzels died today, before the invasion of Parka started 4. DW is not associated with Taco or this deface, as Jed has previously stated. TL;DR The invasions will continue until further notice.

DW claimed that their invasions of WV were still valid and that they were not associated with Tacodaily in terms of the defacing of WV’s site. The excitement of the war continued today with the invasion of Fjord.  While the Dark Warriors are ignoring all invasions except those from WV, today they invaded Fjord, the capital of the Nachos. The Nachos averaged sizes of 35-40 during the battle with a well display of tactics.  DW, on the other hand, only had sizes of about 10, and were claimed to have logged off early.  Below are some of the event’s highlights:

Later on, the Army Republic invaded Snow Fort from DW.  As previously stated by DW, they did not intend on defending from any army except WV.  This statement was proven true when DW did not show up to the battle.  AR averaged sizes of around 20 with a max of 25+.  Below are some pictures from the battle: v4 v5 This evening, WV decided to raid DW’s server Frosty, which will be invaded by the three main armies of the White Alliance (WV, Nachos, and AR) this Saturday.  WV, along with some assistance of the Nachos and AR, raided Frosty, with combined sizes of about 35 troops.WV Pic 19


Comment with YOUR opinion on the war events which took place today.  Which alliance will win the war?  How long will this war last?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

28 Responses

  1. I wouldnt call DW the “black alliance” since DW is pretty much by themselves


  2. BA has Pirates, Pretzels and I think SWAT. DW are solo on this as are LT and ST.


  3. To correct you, Nachos, WV, and AR will be invading Frosty Saturday, not Friday.


  4. In WV’s pictures, I counted 23 WV, not 35.


  5. coming from dw who got 5 on fjord


  6. What’s DW going on about how you can ignore an invasion but it’s “still valid”, when they themselves are ignoring several invasions from other armies


  7. Lets have a friendly war people.


  8. WA’s gonna kick ass,and already has


  9. Say Nespe 10 timse in a row. Hahaha


  10. I got to say that DW looks like they are screwed


  11. 3 armies to invade a server? Your reason was “We were all going to declare war on you so we just came together” Haha. I saw the pics. With all 3 of you invading a server you guys max like 35. Dark Warriors can max 50 alone.


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