DW vs WV – Clash for Parka

PARKA, WV Empire – After a day of hatred, trolling, framing and insults, the Dark Warriors finally decided to make the move, by invading no server other than the pearl of WV’s Empire – Parka itself.


Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

After an upset defeat in the Army Warfare League, Nacho leader Edd64 officially declared war on the Dark Warriors, stating that the Nacho leadership had planned this for over 2 weeks. His actions were followed by WV’s and AR’s declaration of war, on no one other than the Dark Warriors. Seeing as armies began ganging up on DW, former leader Unk decided to demand the re-creation of the Black Alliance, which caused ACP to jump to aid their fellow allies; to destroy the Black Alliance.

However current DW leader Dxdzn decided to ignore all but one army’s invasions, due to them not being able to take on “3-7 armies at once.” That one army appeared to be the top 3 army Water Vikings, and with no further adieu, Dxdzn had already planned a massive list of invasions. The first invasion was none other than Water Viking’s precious capital………..Parka.

The Battle:


Monday, June 24th, 2013

The Water Vikings were not too prepared for this invasion, especially due to the quick notice, and more importantly the importance, of the battle. Never the less, both armies decided to log on at 6:45PM EST. The Dark Warriors started out in the town, quickly reaching sizes of 30 with good tactics, eventually circling the whole town.

DW performing an E+I igloo tactic.

The Water Vikings on the other hand, began at the Forts, with estimated sizes of around 20 troops.

After a mere 15 minutes of getting ready, both armies decided to move to the mine, where the official battle began. DW quickly stormed the mine with a E+8 bomb, while WV counter-attacked with a mad face frenzy.

Both armies clashing to gain the advantage.

However DW’s consecutive bombing gave them the upper hand, and with a touch of their quick formations were able to cut the mine diagonally. WV followed with an “L” line, but lacked a few troops to solidify it.

DW performing an E+P emote while WV strike with a sick-face tactic.

WV was still unable to take down DW’s position, and slowly diminished to a force of 15 blue penguins, while DW averaged 25, still taking the lead.

Both armies countering each other with phrases.

WV performs an E+3 tactic. This is a mere speculation of sizes from DW’s site from their point of view.


DW performing the clover emote.

After 20 minutes of battling, the Water Vikings slowly began logging off the server, with both army soldiers claiming victory.


After the battle, the unexpected occurred. Former (now fired) WV 2ic Tacodaily decided to deface the site, deleting almost all of the pages alongside the posts. Current WV leader Change stated:

(…)We have been “defaced” by Tacodaily.(…)I have decided to vow that whatever army Taco leads, big, or small, we shall crush until they are no more.(…)Also, to the Dark Warriors, your future invasions are currently invalid as Tacodaily is associated with the Dark Warriors, meaning his goal was to give you an advantage.(…)To summarize this post, DW’s invasions are invalid until we get our site restored, and Taco is a shit stain.

~Change, WV Leader

However DW leader Dxdzn had other things to say about WV’s accusations:

1. There has to be a mutual agreement that the war will stop, you can ignore the invasions but they are still considered VALID.

2. IIRC, taco wasn’t at today’s invasion, correct me if I’m wrong

3. Pretzels died today, before the invasion of Parka started

4. DW is not associated with Taco or this deface, as Jed has previously stated.

TL;DR The invasions will continue until further notice.

~Dxdzn, DW leader

It appears to be yet another scandal in this war, and it is yet to be confirmed whether Tacodaily truly did work for DW, however seeing that WV’s rank page has “Dx” written all over it, this could be a small clue to who why Tacodaily defaced the Water Viking’s site.


DW has yet more invasions scheduled for the Water Vikings, however after the unfortunate deface this could also mean the “Waves” will not be attending any of the defenses. On the other hand, Nachos are still working hard on invading the no-show DW’s empire, and the “Chips” could become a possible target to DW if WV truly does drop out of the war.

Nachos invasion of Half Pipe 24/06/13

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle of Parka.  How well did DW and WV perform?  Is WV’s decision to ignore DW’s invasions valid? Which army will bring it out to the top?

Yeasy CPA Central Reporter & Philosopher

10 Responses

  1. Nice post!


  2. You can’t honestly claim victory with 2 pictures.


    • DW has done it many time in the past in the war against LT.


      • Well now you have no pictures at all. So according to your site, you never successfully defended. Not to mention the two pics didn’t prove crap in the first place.


        • We have no pictures due to a deface, if you guys are really that low that is sad.


          • Don’t even try to talk to us about being low. May I remind you WV joined a 4v1 alliance to kill DW? Don’t you remember WV was going to use old pictures because you lost them? Not to mention Freezie, who we all know multi-logs. And as far as everyone is concerned, you have no pictures, and you did not defend the server.
            Thanks 😉


  3. Taco Is a Pretzel Leader and a member of BA. I predict he did it to help the BA front, which is a different front altogether, and frame armies that refused to join BA.


  4. DW are just a bunch of cowards, who are liers. They say any invasion is valid, but the nacho and RPF invasions are not even real


    • How many times do I and the entire DW soldiers have to say this… We are ignoring the invasions not made by WV because we don’t give a rats ass about the server’s Nacho’s and AR are invading.


    • You sir are an idiot, and you clearly know nothing about the situation. Get this through your thick skull, we acknowledge that all invasions made by AR, WV, and Nachos are valid. We just choose not to show up to them because we don’t care about servers. Got it? Good.


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