Ignoring Invasions: Is it Legitimate?

With the recent Pirates vs. RPF /Pirates vs. DCP war, and DW ignoring the WA a very important issue rises for the community. Just because you ignore an armies invasions, does that make them invalid? Let us dive into this controversial topic…


This of course isn’t the first time an army has chosen to ignore another. It’s been done for as long as I can remember. Lets take a trip down memory lane to early 2012, The Giants had just won the superbowl (again), everyone was dancing to “Sexy & I know it” in front of the bathroom mirror, and Ken was sadly still ACP leader….. but aside from all those irrelevant things there was a major war going on at the time. The Nachos vs. SWAT. During that war SWAT and LT were at war with the Nachos and after a turn of events they decided it would be the smart thing to ignore nachos, but just because you ignore an army, does that make their invasions invalid?

For more on this topic I caught up with Nacho Legend Shivertoe.

Luc: So what exactly happened during the SWAT vs. Nachos war in 2012? Can you summarize it for our viewers.

Shiv: Well. In one of Ioio and Waterkid’s bitchfits the BA was recreated, and I believe the WA was created to counter it. The SWAT and LT teamed up against nachos. Both of them were thrashed, and after my secret invasion post they began to ignore invasions because they were now being attacked by AR and ACP.

Luc: What was your reaction when SWAT ignored Nacho invasions?

Shiv: I really didn’t care. Easy enough for me, just go in and invade.

Luc: Do you believe that just because you ignore an armies invasion, that makes it invalid?

Shiv: Its completely valid regardless.

Luc:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Shiv: I’d like to say I understand Pirates’ decision to ignore DCP and RPF invasions because it was cheap as hell for them to gang up on a top 15 army

Luc: Thank you for your time.

As you can see, ignoring armies hasn’t just happened recently but it’s been going on for a while now. The question remains though, if you ignore an armies invasions does that make them invalid?

Now tying this topic back to the current situation, lets take a look at what’s going on with the Pirates vs. RPF/DCP war.

Migrator, Pirates Nation– Recently the Pirates decided to ignore both wars from, Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos.

The Pirates have decided to ignore both wars from RPF and Doritos. The Pirates are ignoring because their leader, Waterkid wants to build up Pirates and to make them remain strong and they may go into the war once they do this. The RPF and the Doritos continue the war and claim the Pirates servers.

RPF vs. Pirates5
RPF at the invasion of Fog.
Doritos at invasion of Ice Cream.

As you can see both armies continue to conquer the Pirates nation. The Pirates say these two armies are a waste of time to battle with, so they will continue to ignore. The Pirates currently have a training/recruiting sessions scheduled for this week. People say Pirates will die with no servers, but Pirates leader, Waterkid still does not care.

This topic continues to escalate as the Dark Warriors have decided to ignore all invasions from the WA except the Water Vikings. Does this mean that those invasions won’t count? Let me give you this example. If Germany invades France and France decides to ignore them, does this mean Germany will go away, or does this mean Paris gets blown to pieces? I’ll let you decide on that. Without further delay, let the debate begin! Comment with YOUR opinion.

-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Snack Manager/Associate Producer★]

14 Responses

  1. The funny part is that The Dark Warriors are invading the Nachos, and they’re ignoring Nachos Invasions.


  2. the real question is why is joey’s signature on Luc’s post


  3. In my opinion, it totally depends on the situation. In some ways ignoring invasions is good while at certain times it’s bad.
    Say if you’re just a new army and a world power army, eg, ACP declare war on you (very unlikely but could happen due to the previous ACP vs Federation war) obviously it’s best to ignore the invasions as the larger army would just rip up your army into a gazillion pieces.
    But, say you’re a massive army/capable army, ignoring smaller armies invasions for the heck of it and for the fear that one precious battle may be lost by your army, this is where you SHOULDN’T ignore invasions. It just makes you appear extremely arrogant and cowardly.
    That was my thoughts on this, exactly :mrgreen:
    Btw, nice post!


  4. If its a big army ganging on a small army, yeap the small army can, but if it was a Large Army that have a chance of beating them, no.


  5. Why was my signature on here?


  6. That’s ridiculous – imagine if we did that in real life. *City is getting blown up* “Coffee? There’s no war or anything!” Imagine if we did this in CP warfare. Everybody would ignore wars that they didn’t think they can win.


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