Dark Warriors Threatened By Massive Force || Black Alliance Reforms and Declares War

UPDATE 6:50 PM EST: DW has stated they will not be attending any invasions other than those scheduled by the Water Vikings. RPF has also backed out of the Alliance and is now neutral.

UPDATE 4:24 PM EST: ACP, the Doritos, WW, and RPF have joined the Alliance against DW.

UPDATE 3:59 PM EST: The Black Alliance, made up of SWAT, Pirates, ST, and now DW, has declared war on the Alliance (WV, Nachos, AR) following today’s events.

UPDATE 3:15 PM EST: The chat of the Army Republic, one of the major players in the Alliance, has been hacked, though it has now been recovered by Buritodaily. DW’s leadership has denied involvement in the hack, calling AR “pathetic” for trying to frame them.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire — In a two week pre-formulated plan, three armies have declared war on the Dark Warriors, who have only recently risen once again in the Top Five. Does DW stand a chance against this massive force? I’ll take a look at what the chances look like for both sides, and whether or not this could become something bigger with summer already among us. 

“Dark Warriors, you have reached the end of your tether. Prepare for annihilation. Prepare for destruction. Prepare for your end.”

That was Change, Leader of the Water Vikings, in the Declaration of War post made today. The Dark Warriors have only recently reclaimed a top position in the Top Ten, coming in at 2nd this week. Just yesterday, the Dark Warriors defeated the Nachos in a heated battle in the semi-finals of the Army Warfare League. While the armies claim it is not related, this seems to be a sort of tipping point for the war that is among us.

In a joint decision, the leaders of the Army Republic, the Water Vikings, and the Nachos have scheduled three invasions to start off the war — the servers of Half Pipe, Wool Socks, and Frosty — all crucial to the Dark Warriors Empire — will be up for grabs over the coming week. In the Declaration of War on the Nachos site, the leadership had this to say:

Now, due to the Dark Warriors thinking nothing will happen to them if they talk trash about another army, and take their troops, we have formed an Alliance to stop them. The Alliance is made up of the Water Vikings, The Nachos and The Army Republic. Now, Ads, Beeky Puckley, Vinny, Zak, Buritodaily, and I have all agree’d to team up and stop the Dark Warriors and to spot, and kill them in their Path to kill the Water Vikings and The Army of Club Penguin.

The Alliance will not accept a formal surrender.We will not stop until The Dark Warriors are gone, or on their knees begging for mercy. But, until that happens, we will show no Mercy to the Dark Warriors as they are evil and stab their allies in the back. If any other armies want to join the alliance, we will accept you.

This war already contains four of the most prominent armies in warfare, and is only going to get bigger. I think we will find this to be a very ugly war, with a lot of flame posts, memes, and other attempts at degrading the opponent. This is going to be as largely a political war as it is a war fought on Club Penguin.

The Nachos have also made a very smart move regarding the Invasion of Frosty, in which they plan to invade the server at the same time as the finals of the Army Warfare League, where DW will be facing off against the Ice Warriors. Some in the community are denouncing the actions of the Nachos/AR/WV alliance, however, saying that the amount of force they will be fighting DW with is extremely unnecessary, and, to an extent, they are correct. Recently, the Nachos have been claiming to get 60 at certain events, and if those sizes are attainable commonly, this shouldn’t be necessary. However, it can also be looked at from a tactical standpoint — if you do that, the teaming-up makes perfect sense.

UPDATED 6:54 PM EST: Pink Ice has backed out of the war.

It is also necessary to note that Unknown has noted on Dark Warriors chat that “Pink Ice is on our side”, as seen in the picture below. While Pink Ice is currently ranked 14th, they are a former Top Ten army and could add a twist to this war.

For more on this growing conflict, I caught up with xiUnknwon, Dark Warriors Legend. 

Blue1: What are your general thoughts on this growing conflict? 

Unk: Dissapointed. Is this how armies have become, teaming up on an army who were on the verge of death two weeks ago? It’s safe to say a lot has changed since I retired. 

Blue1: Do you think that this will be a very “messy” war, fought with flame posts, etcetera, as well as on CP? 

Unk: No doubt this will erupt, and I’d give it another 5 hours before the first flame post comes out. 

Blue1: Does DW plan to enlist the help of allies as well, seeing as the force they are fighting against is already comprised of three major armies? 

Unk: Yes, as far as I’m aware I believe Pretzels are on our side. Though I’m not sure who else. You’d have to ask one of their leaders. 

Blue1: Do the Dark Warriors have any plans formulated yet to give them the upper hand in this war? 

Unk: No, not at present. But I believe Dx wants an owner meeting to see how we could combat the issues at hand. 

Blue1: Any messages you would like the army community or your opponents to know, or any final comments? 

Unk: DW have been one of the most consistent armies since their recreation in November. They’re currently in a second golden age, and have survived without me and SaW. Why ruin it? 

Blue1: Thank you for your time Unk, always a pleasure. 

Unk: No problem. 

Following this interview, I asked TacoDaily, Pretzels Leader if the Pretzels Army would be assisting the Dark Warriors in the war as Unknown had stated, who confirmed that yes, PCP would be assisting the Dark Warriors in the war. At this moment, none of the Pink Ice owners could be reached for comment regarding PI’s involvement in the war. 

I also spoke to Bepboy9, WV Leader and Former DW 2ic for his thoughts on the war. 

Blue1: So what are your general thoughts on the growing conflict? 

Bepboy: Well I’m pretty excited actually. DW have already started raging, making xat icons including customs of WV, AR, and Nachos and there’s rumors of certain armies coming into the war so I’m pretty excited to see what happens. 

Blue1: Do you think that this will be a very “messy” war, fought with flame posts, etcetera, as well as on CP? 

Bepboy: Yes, I think there will be tons of accusations of bot usage and multi-logging. I think it’s going to be messy in the fact that DW may not admit defeat easily — which is the most annoying thing ever — I also think those typical flame posts will start coming very soon. 

Blue1: I’m just now getting information that PCP will be assisting DW in the conflict, and that Pink Ice are rumored to be helping as well. What’s your reaction to this information? 

Bepboy: Well, Pretzels currently are and always have been pretty close WV allies, so I’m pretty shocked to hear the news, but apparently they are only invading the Army Republic, which is fine. I don’t really care about Pink Ice entering the war, I mean both armies are hardly going to take out WV, AR or Nachos by themselves — they’ll be logging on with DW and even then they will only add about 10 troops max if they’re lucky, so I don’t think it will make a big impact. 

Blue1: Does the alliance of AR/Nachos/WV have any strategies formulated yet to win this war? 

Bepboy: Other than each army will be invading one server each, which will really mess things up for DW and make it hard for them [because they are] trying to take on three big armies, no. 😛

Blue1: Any words to the army community or your opponents, or any final comments? 

Bepboy: Well, DW have always been one of my favorite armies, but they had it coming. The amount of times they have been b**ching about us and how they could beat us, etcetera. The last thing I’d say is that anyone who’s undecided on an army to join, join WV. 

Blue1: Thanks for your time Bep, always a pleasure. 

Bepboy: Thank you. 

So, how bleak is it looking for the Dark Warriors? Well, the war is not won yet. While the Dark Warriors are undoubtedly overpowered by a combined forced of Nachos/AR/WV, they are already enlisting the help of the Pretzels are rumors are surfacing about Pink Ice assisting them in the war. Also, it is necessary to note that the Black Alliance is already rumored to return this summer. We cannot, at this point, rule out the possibility that the Black Alliance will get involved on the side of the Dark Warriors — or WV/Nachos/AR, but the first option seems more likely. If that does happen, this may grow into the World War VII that many have been trying to start.

The Dark Warriors are going to have to think out of the box for this one — unless they simply choose to pull a Waterkid and ignore all invasions, which is also an option — but I think this war is far from settled, and will be one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting we see this summer. As we speak, the Water Vikings have begun a raid of the Dark Warriors capital of Frosty. To steal a phrase from SWAT, it seems hell has been unleashed. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1, signing off.


CPA Central CEO

112 Responses

  1. Now that Mchs AWOL I can claim first ;D


  2. I don’t care




  4. I have 4 things to say:

    1. This is exciting :mrgreen:
    2. BRING IT DW! =P
    3. Look’s like the bot accusations, hacking, DDosing, flame posts, backstabbing and hatred have arrived. Oh great (wary)
    4. WORLD WAR.




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  7. It’s pretty pathetic Nachos need allies to defeat us because they’re scared to go 1 v 1.




  9. dw going down


  10. The Doritos and RPF have joined the alliance against DW.


  11. 1. dw, come at us bro
    2. BA,shaddap
    3. DUN DUN DUN!


  12. LT aren’t even part of the BA…


  13. DW isn’t in the BA we are just defending ourselves from the butthurtness


  14. I was told swat isnt in the black alliance also


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  16. Lol, CP armies have hit an all low

    It’s a joke what’s being going on now Let me just announce that it’s okay if 3 armies declare war on DW, but if you’re going to lie and say stuff like we hacked chats, at least make it convincing.

    Every army has trash talks, it’s all apart of the fun. Army Republic are just an army who likes to copy others. They copy NW’s law and policies, and they copied how Nachos framed ACP in the chat hack. Regardless who wins this war.

    Morale of the story = AR are pathetic.


    • Basically Unk, fuck off.

      You’ve been hanging around chats recently and obviously you’ve gained influence in DW once again, turning them into the low, manipulated and evil army they were in January of this year. Both you and SaW caused that in the past, and since your return, hey presto, DW are in trouble again.

      You two wankers aside, Dx joining the Dark Warriors leadership was always going to have negative impacts because we all know how he can start talking shit and cause a war, and he obviously is maybe just a little angry at the nachos from what went down april/may.

      So if you’re gonna go around pointing the finger at other armies you may need to take a good look at what has changed in Dark Warriors recently, as you might find the issues are a lot closer to home that you would’ve liked to have thought. Dark warriors were a perfectly nice army to deal with but now? Not so much.


      • DW is not a evil army. Please get your fact straight. By the way, we a know that will happen before. It was a accident, and the DW is back up to a raising army again. Do you see that DW that are not in trouble? DW was not I’m trouble before too, and please do not talk to Unk like that. So stop messing with us, the DW and Unk.
        Who cares if DW has changed, every armies has changed too. It’s not that hard to say that and when the years come, the armies has always changed. So why not? Dx was shitting shit to armies? You and your army or other army is talking shit about the army so stfu before l do something at you. I dont see that Dx was having anger about the Nachos, l don’t. But when you continued to do this, this will be coming to worst thing like you are acting like a Waterkid100.
        Everyone points finger but you, look at you. You don’t have no rights at Dx too, also you and your army needs to calm down because it is just a battle and it is just the Internet.
        My god, no needs to fight.
        DW were always a home army too.
        Oh my gosh, DW has never have issues, but sometimes it happens before and accident too, but it is not really a big trouble or messing around with DW, no…
        Man l am so disappointed you, DW were always nice, stop trying to act like a childish. I don’t like your attitude to Unk and DW. Check the DW site for proof of that we are not ‘evil’ and ‘not nice’. DW were also still a home army too, even the legends are back and some old DW troops. It still count and even if they are not here, it still counts too. Oh my gosh, DW never have issues but sometimes it happens before and accident too, but it is not really a big trouble or messing around with DW, no. .


        • I don’t think DW are meant to be evil and I don’t believe they are. But I believe they’ve turned bad under bad guidance and leadership.

          also, in the least offensive way possible, please sort your english out, cause that really didn’t make a lot of sense.


  17. Pink Ice is not apart of any of these alliances.


  18. Bitch got what Bitch had coming.


  19. ST isn’t on either side. I think CPAC assumed far too much.


  20. I hate the fact that these huge alliances are back. Armies are doomed to fall again just like last time 😦


  21. Hello CPAC. The alliance including ACP, AR, WV, Nachos etc. has established the name, the White Alliance. It is now the WA vs. the BA.


  22. This might as well lead to ANOTHER World War.


  23. while u guys r fighting LT is gonna be getting all da women


  24. I’m a Water Vikings 2ic, and I hate that lots of drama in CP armies is happening again.


  25. Clearly dw is going to die saw and unk eyes w.e are associated with DW its not hard to figure out they were probally behind chat issues DW is too cocky because they have a few top 20 armys perhaps they pose no threat to the WA i have also discovered hackers in the shadows of DW who came to WV posing threats poor DW trying to sound their poor souls when they have ben planning for weeks recruiting off of our armies and planning on wiping us out these faggots will burn and if their lucky in the end they can join the WA 🙂


    • Well, I did not understand one bit of that, so I’ll just reply by saying you’re a complete retard.


    • Ghost, can you please reply with that grammar, because you are a completed moron that doesn’t know how to speak English over sentence when you think you’re trying hates DW and have issues, but DW doesn’t have anything wrong and you think you have problems with us.
      First off, DW doesn’t hack.
      Second, DW doesn’t have poor souls but I doubt that we can kill you army off because DW hasn’t died yet and we are not scared from you. Third, you are the only one that is a completed a faggot that will burn and can join the WA.


  26. water how many times have i told you hitler is dead


  27. Pretzels have joined the “ba”


  28. “The Nachos have also made a very smart move regarding the Invasion of Frosty, in which they plan to invade the server at the same time as the finals of the Army Warfare League, where DW will be facing off against the Ice Warriors.”

    That’s actually illegal. It goes against clause 4 of the invasion planning rule:

    “Clause 4: Tournament Interference Rule

    Invasions may not be scheduled against an army who has a CPAC-sponsored tournament event at the same time. Tournament events take precedence over everyday army activities, and attempts to interfere with or take advantage of them will result in an invalid invasion.”

    The Nachos invasion will not count.

    Source: http://cparmycouncil.wordpress.com/rules/


  29. Pink ice was never in this war. Some noob came on Pink Ice’s chat named Ghost of Water Vikings, and asked me if Pink Ice was with DW. I told him no, and then he went around telling all armies that Pink Ice was in this war and on BA’s side. Pink Ice is not in this war, never was in this war. Please take everything about Pink Ice out of this post.


  30. 69 comments filled with hatred and greed. Well at least most of the comments.


  31. RPF is in it.


  32. I have a few things to say:

    First of all: DW doesn’t hack u idiots


    Why come together to stop us? U guys r just to scurred to 1v1 us

    U guys are SOOOOO jealous.

    We don’t have bad leadership. Our leadership is part of the reason on why we are so good.


  33. All I see are flames…


  34. It’s funny. The WA is doing the exact same thing that they tried to stop the BA from doing in the first place. The BA made an alliance to kill ACP, and now the WA made an alliance to kill DW. But it doesn’t matter, ACP is in it, so it so that automatically makes it ok for them to do it. This community is full of hypocrites, lol.


  35. So true ^


  36. DW have been nothing but trouble for this army since the year 2011, when we were in a WW against the ACP. We had the war in our hands, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, then DW betrayed us. Stabbed us in the back and joined our enemies(at the time I might add). They lost us a war. They lost us many battles. They lost us many soldiers. They lost us a lot of hope. I had the privilege to have led this glorious army at that time, and to this day still have pure hatred toward the DW. This army as a whole should have hatred toward the dark menaces, because that is what they really are. They are backstabbers, they are hackers, they are cheaters, they are assholes, they are sore losers, they do not know how to properly run an army. Well I shouldn’t be calling out the whole DW army as a whole, but the leadership. The DW leadership are not fit to be at the head of that army. They are not fit to lead any army at all. They are tyrants. They force you to come to events, and if you don’t you get cussed out and demoted, or even fired! That is ridiculous.


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