Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors Duel in a Practice Battle

FROSTY- The legendary Ice Warriors fought the rising Dark Warriors in a practice battle on Thursday, June 20th.

With the recent arrival of summer, armies have been arguably rising.  Both IW and DW have been preparing for the semi-finals of CPAC’s Army Warfare League tournament.  IW will be up against a rising army, the Water Vikings, while DW will be facing a long reining holder of the number one spot in CPAC’s Top Ten Armies, the Nachos

The practice battle between IW and DW was aimed at UK troops, though it was also accessible for USA troops currently on summer vacation.  DW averaged around 24 and maxed 27 while IW averaged 20 and maxed 25.  Both armies had a well display of tactics.

Below, DW does the E+U tactic while IW does the E+I tactic in the Snow Forts.

Below, IW does the E+9 tactic while DW begins to do the E+8 tactic on the Ice Berg.

Below, DW does the E+C tactic while IW begins to do the E+K tactic on the Ice Berg.

In the end, DW was declared the winners of the practice battle.  DW leader Dx was pleased with the results of the event, as stated in a post made on the Dark Warriors official website:

We had a PB today, UK Timed with the Ice Warriors and it went pretty well! tactics were spectacular as always and we maxed 27 which is an improvement from our last UK timed event. However, we gotta focus on getting onf or these events, ‘cus we had 44 on chat. Overall, great job Dark Warriors!

Despite losing the battle, IW 2ic Aquabluejet was still satisfied with the results, as stated in a post on the Ice Warriors official website:

It was a great event again, in which we maxed 25 and averaged 20 throughout the whole entire battle. Sadly, we lost, but only by afew, and we still pulled out a great fight! We nearly circled Plaza, and for an event at 3:30 P.M. est, it was great.

In other news, both armies have been preparing for the semi-finals of the CPAC AWL with numerous training sessions and recruiting events were both armies reached excellent sizes.  DW recently revived their medals system.  IW recently posted 4ic elections in spite of recent events with soldiers of the two highest moderator ranks eligible to run.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the practice battle.  How well did DW and IW perform?  What are their chances of coming out victorious in the semi-finals of the AWL tournament?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

3 Responses

  1. Thank you.


  2. Nice post ;D
    It looked like a DW win at the first picture, but then IW got better and therefore in the end it was a very close battle, like Aqua said, IW only missing by a few.


  3. It was a nice PB.


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