A Fancy Fiesta: Part II & Doritos Declare War on Pirates

BREEZE – After raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation, what better way to top the day off for the Nachos with a raid on the Army of Club Penguin’s coveted capital, Breeze?

On June 17th 2013, the Nachos’ leader, Puckley, announced early morning about an unscheduled event targeting either the RPF’s Tuxedo, Water Vikings’ Sparkle or the Army of Club Penguin’s Breeze. After a total count of 167 votes, with 67 votes going to the RPF, 62 votes going to the WV and 47 votes going to the ACP, the fiesta-themed army first raided the RPF. The next day (June 18th), the Nachos decided to raid the ACP. The Nachos rounded up about 30-35 troops, while the ACP seemed to have only brought a very feeble amount of troops online, at about 3-5.

At the end of the battle, leader Puckley cheerfully stated the following:

Today, we decided that we would raid ACP’s capital Breeze!  We marched onto the server where we were happily greeted by the citizens of Breeze.  Soon enough, an angry mod of anti-ACP citizens gladly joined in with us as we set Breeze ablaze.  We gathered in our ships with a force of about 35 Nachos and sailed over to the Ice Berg for an excellent training session as Breeze burned in the distance. A small force of ACP arrived to meet us, but they were soon catapulted across the water into the burning city of Breeze. We continued with our frenzy of tactics at the Ice Berg, then we soon set sail for Fjord where we arrived at the Cove to unload everything that we looted from Breeze.  After a day of hard work, we settled in the Night Club to celebrate our success! :D

SUMMIT – The Doritos’ leader, Mustapha, has declared war on the newly recreated Pirates.

About a month ago, a war between the Doritos and Pirates had already been in play, with the DCP likely winning most of the battles, but on June 18th, it seemed as if Mustapha had enough of Waterkid’s schemes and decided to declare war on the eight position Pirates. He stated:

Yeah that’s right! We aren’t finished beating the evil Pirates yet!

DCP will attack evil armies no matter how big they are!

Reasons for war:

  • Doxing people who quit Pirates
  • Extremely racist
  • Trying to take over small armies / Destroy small armies
  • Forces small armies to be colony or threatens war
  • Bullies
  • Died on us / didn’t let us kick their asses fully last war
  • Pirates have been the evil army that no one has done anything about for a while

Waterkid, it’s time for you to walk your own plank. All your evil actions have added up and will end now. The entire community knows you are racist and evil and your time ends now. Many armies have invaded Pirates successfully and they still did not remove the servers from their nations page. You could even scroll down their site and see us invade them and win and they still don’t remove anything. DCP will prevail, we will defeat you because we are more than any other army, we are a family.

Nothing much has been said by the ACP’s owners about the invasion of Breeze, but they have lost, but  for the Nachos’ final target (as it seems), the Water Vikings will be the next target for a raid. As for the Pirates, nothing much has been said by leader Waterkid100. Now, as the summer nears for nearly everyone around the world, the beginning of a new World War is near, and it has just commenced.

Nonetheless, comment with your opinion.

 ●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтepнaɴιe мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

Amor vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

11 Responses

  1. Nice post.No bias.Phew.


  2. Nachos got drunk and went on a drunken rampage.


  3. Raiding is fun 😛


  4. new world war? DUN DUN DUUUUN


  5. Eddy’s march through breeze


  6. The pirates just came back, they shouldn’t have any servers on their page.


  7. too long didnt read, btw that girl at the end needs some cleavage


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