A Fancy Fiesta

TUXEDO & ARCTIC – Not only does the Rebel Penguin Federation face charges for the so-called bots felony, but in retaliation from the other conviction, the Nachos raided the RPF’s beloved capital, Tuxedo.

On June 17th 2013, the Nachos leader, Puckley, announced early morning about an unscheduled event targeting either the RPF’s Tuxedo, Water Vikings’ Sparkle or the Army of Club Penguin’s Breeze. After a total count of 167 votes, with 67 votes going to the RPF, 62 votes going to the WV and 47 votes going to the ACP, the fiesta-themed army raided the RPF. Rounding up about 30-35 troops onto the server while the RPF managed to bring only 10-12 soldiers to battle, the Nachos claimed victory and an atmosphere of insecurity shrouded the RPF.

Before the raid of Tuxedo, the RPF state that the Nachos also raided Arctic. While Elmikey, RPF leader, went about his daily recruiting on Arctic, high ranked Nacho soldiers arrived at the scene, which soon brewed into a battle. Ads, Nacho leader, while asking for backup, lead the RPF to seek assistance from the ACP, only to be turned down due to the threat set by the Nachos if the ACP assisted RPF in the raid. This was sidetracked with yet another attack by a group of bots, or may we say, the Bots Army. The Bots Army chanted, “Join RPF.” which lead to suspicion of the RPF using bots, which is not their first conviction of using bots.

After approaching the end of the battle, Nachos’ leader, Puckley, stated the following:

Earlier this morning, I announced that we would have an event at short notice today.  I usually don’t like scheduling events at such late notice for everyone, but I had a feeling it would turn out just fine! :wink:  It was announced that we would be raiding either ACP, RPF, or WV later in the day and that you guys would get to pick which lucky army got to be raided!  With an astounding 176 votes in total, you guys decided that we should raid the RPF!  With some heated tensions already with RPF heading into the raid, we stormed onto Tuxedo immediately outnumbering the RPF. We ended up maxing somewhere between 30-35 during the raid, but we could have had even more if the entire chat logged on!  Just for future reference, you can’t go AFK during the battle or not get on!  We need you on, and it’s only for 30 minutes!  In the end, we still did very well, so great job, Nachos! :D

Elmikey, RPF’s leader explained the situation on RPF’s side with the following:

RPF was asking the ACP for assistance and they rudely denied due to the Nachos threatening war against ACP if they helped, which caused the Rebel Penguin Federation to take on the Nacho Empire alone. Shortly into the battle of Arctic, the Nachos started to withdraw forces since RPF was winning. But some stayed on & moved around Club Penguin causing a server-wide manhunt. They were easily tracked down by RPF intelligence and executed. I sent a force of RPF to wash down the Nachos wherever they went causing chaos and confusion until they were ordered to take refuge in personal igloos.

After an unfortunate skirmish of battling, the RPF will be witnessing a time of massive recruiting – a reformation period. The Nachos, on the other hand, seem to be doing fairly well, scheduling a normal recruiting session suitable for both the USA and United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, comment with your opinion.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтepнaɴιe мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

34 Responses

    • I really think nachos had a amazing raid. Though Im in nachos, I did not make the raid, and there was a rumor that ACP got raided also. It is not true.


  1. Stop trying to make yourself feel beautiful with that picture in the end. Stupid female.


  2. ooooh water just got BURRRNED. great post by the way. keep it up.


  3. Is the picture at the end really necassary?


  4. lol @ Water. If B1 approves, that’s it, ok? B1 is ze ruler.


  5. most of the congress is men lol XD(in the usa)


  6. Mwahahaha >=D


  7. Lol you can’t claim in a raid. Good try Nachos


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