Pirates Raid ACP – War Brewing – Threats to Small/Medium Armies?

Migrator – The Pirates have returned, but is a war brewing between them and ACP? Are Small and Medium armies also at stake?

Recently, on June 9th, the pirates have made their return, alongside SWAT, and soon to be Light Troops. After a week of reconstruction, they set out to raid ACP’s Capital, Breeze, and reached promising sizes of 20+, which had extremely pleased their leader, Waterkid100. Though, with the raid of Breeze in hand, the ACP have so far decided not to take charge yet, though, CPPA plans to continue attacking their nation’s capital. Most ACP Troops aren’t the least bit upset about this, though, it could still be a very large issue at hand. Black Alliance have already begun planning, though, at this current moment, Pirates are the only army, and even so, they aren’t “active” Until July – August, according to Waterkid.

Also, adding onto the trouble CPPA has been causing with ACP, they’ve also gotten into a bit of trouble with Small and Medium armies as well. With recent threats from Waterkid100 himself, Small and Medium armies are preparing themselves for the worst possible outcome, and have already shared tips with eachother on how to get through this situation. Although, currently, the only evidence showing that SMAA is going to return and that BA is going to declare war on all Small and Medium armies are Waterkid100’s threats, and speculations from Sorax.

Adding onto the CPPA and ACP troubles, I caught up to interview Purple Slime, ACP 3ic, to get his opinion on this.

Me: Blue

Slime: Purple

Do you feel that a war is brewing between ACP and CPPA?

Possibly, I definitely feel It…

What does ACP plan to do if CPPA continues raiding and/or declares war?

I’m not sure, but I suppose we will fight back really hard and show them who’s boss.

Do you believe that BA is going to return, and if so, will WA be there to fight back?

BA Returning? Duh. They’ve scheduled a meeting recently. And WA? Definitely. 

To get more information regarding the BA vs SMAA issue, I caught up with Waterkid100 to get an interview on this brewing war.

Me: Blue

Waterkid: Brown

Does BA plan to, once they’re fully reconstructed, attack WA and/or SMAA?

It depends on what the others want to do.

What is your opinion on the recent SMAC post “Are Small/Medium Armies At Threat?”


Any words to WA or SMAA?

Pirates will take you all on.

Both of the issues are currently being sorted out, though, it seems the threat is still large as for ACP and SMAA. Who knows what will happen once BA is reunited, its up to those who plan it out themselves, the masterminds of BA. But, what do you think will happen?

What do YOU Think? Comment with your opinion!

35 Responses

  1. Let me just say, it was very pleasant to interview Waterkid. What a fine gentleman.

    Im on drugs.


  2. death to small armies!!!!!!


  3. Although, currently, the only evidence showing that SMAA is going to return and that BA is going to declare war on all Small and Medium armies are Waterkid100′s threats, and speculations from Sorax.

    ^Unless proof is shown that the ENTIRE black alliance and not just pirates are going to declare war on small armies that statement is invalid


  4. Although, currently, the only evidence showing that SMAA is going to return and that BA is going to declare war on all Small and Medium armies are Waterkid100′s threats, and speculations from Sorax.

    My reply to that is pirates might be declaring war on small armies but until proof is shown that the entire alliance is with this plan is shown invalid statement


    • After all these comments, I realize I should of looked into this a bit further, so for that, I apologize. However, those were the 3 armies SUSPECTED. I’m sorry to any inconvenience this caused.


  5. if BA kills SMAA then how will new armies come and rise? i swear BA wants to destroy cp armies…


  6. If Water does seriously attack small armies, there could be another CPUN like alliance again.


  7. So the leaders of some armies lost their brain cells again and are reforming BA?


    • Probably just the usual crazies (Waterkid and Ioioluk, I’m looking at you).


      • 1. I am not in CP Armies.
        2. I don’t agree with any of the recent BA’s and LT has never been in any of them(but CPAC always claims we are in).
        3. I’m not crazy, you’re just an idiot, and I don’t see why you’re talking shit about me if I’ve retired since two months.


  8. Looks like a new war is gonna break out.


  9. Here we go again, just like last year.


  10. It will be depressing if the armies in BA still want to kill ACP after all this time


  11. Well,
    I hate the ACP.
    I am a ex-Pirate.
    I like medium and large armies.
    So I don’t know.


  12. if the small armies cooperated this wouldnt happen!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Light Troops aren’t planning to kill all Small/Medium armies. Waterkid, you’re out of your mind, entirely.


  14. oh noooZ da pirats r guin2 destroyy allda smlla armys!!!!!!!!11111SHIFT11111


  15. Water deserves to get hung


  16. As a Pirates leader, I am 100% against attacking ACP and killing small armies. Water is off with the faries again.


  17. Waterkid, seriously. Can you be back in CP armies for like, even 5 SECONDS and not be a faggot? Nobody cares that you have problems and want to inflict them on other people by *suddenly* bringing back your “army” so that you can attack other armies. It’s fucking retarded and it gets on everyone’s nerves to read it in the news, so stop.


    • So, when I am in Club Penguin Armies my army cannot invade other armies but just do practice battles and training? BORING.

      You’re just mad that I’m a better UK leader then you’ll ever be, stupid idiot.


  18. 32nd (wary)


  19. world wars r so fun, lets have another one


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