Top Ten Armies: 06/16/13

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Another week rolls by, and as the finals of the AWL are fast approaching, let’s see how the armies stack up. Order and descriptions by Bluesockwa2 with help from Kingfunks4.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [94.88]

2. Water Vikings [+2] [93.75]

3. Army of CP [-1] [88.88]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [85.88]

5. Dark Warriors [NEW!] [84.75]

6T. Army Republic [-3] [82.16]

6T. Ice Warriors [-2] [78.88] 

8. Pirates [NEW!] [74.16] 

9. Pink Ice [NEW!] [70.75] 

10. Doritos [-2] [65.75]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!]

12. Storm Fighters [NEW!]

13. Watex Warriors [-1] 

14. Chaos Army [NEW!]

15. Shadow Troops [-5] 


Notable Drops


CP Federation [Former 6T] [Merged]

Elite Penguin Troops [Former 9] [Dead]


1. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos scrape by with first place this week, after a very successful comeback from a slight size drop. At the beginning of the week, longtime leader Puckley returned from his vacation, and the Nachos maxed 26 at a raid of the “pookies” on CP. A UK training session saw a max of nearly 40, and another training after this maxed 33 troops. A USA patrol of the capital saw sizes of 25, and a UK event to prepare for the AWL semifinals sizes of 20. At the AWL, the Nachos defeated WW with a max size of 47, and are moving on to the finals of the AWL. Nachos come in at first this week.

2. Water Vikings [+2]: The WV rise ever closer to the top, coming in at second this week. WV began the week with the merge of the CP Federation into their army, and continued a war with EPT. After soundly defeating EPT in 3 battles, maxing 30, 25, and 32 respectively, EPT surrendered and WV won the war. They had another training session after this, maxing 30, and then 25 at a UK event. Finally, WV defeated RPF in the AWL semifinals with max sizes of 35. They move on to face IW in the finals next week. WV comes in at second this week.


3. Army of CP [-1]ACP take a slight fall thanks to the rising WV, but remain in the Top 3 this week. ACP’s first event was an Austra-Asian training event, where they maxed 22. They maxed 22 again at the invasion of Sherbet.  ACP then maxed 30 at the UK invasion of Caribou, and are celebrating 5 million views on their site. ACP comes in at third this week.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1]RPF rises one spot to fourth this week, after a successful showing. They first updated their uniform and had their first training session, maxing 25. They also invaded and captured Arctic with sizes of 25, and thought they were defeated in the AWL semifinals by WV, still had a fantastic showing with sizes of 25. RPF comes in at fourth this week.

5. Dark Warriors [NEW!]: After a poor week with no events last week, DW has made a stunning return to the Top 5. They hired several former HSA leaders early on, then had their first event, maxing 16. They maxed 16 at another training, then a whopping 25 at the semifinals of the AWL. DW defeated the Chaos Army and is moving on to the finals. DW comes in at fifth this week.

6T. Army Republic [-3]AR takes a fall this week, tying with IW for sixth. Their first training session, maxing about 19, was raided by bots. The second event turned out similarly, with AR maxing 20. A UK event went slightly better, with AR maxing 18, then 15 at a US event. AR also had a division battle, where the army as a whole maxed around 25-30. They also helped their colonies in a battle, though a max size is difficult to obtain because some AR troops are not in uniform. AR had 13 and 14 at two more UK events, and finally 17 at a uLead session. AR come in tied for sixth this week.

Last ne

6T. Ice Warriors [+0] It’s been a poor week for the Ice Warriors as they remain tied for sixth. They started a week with a win against the No-Show Federation, as they maxed sizes just above 20. They had three events during the midweek, most notably a good USA Recruiting session in which they hit sizes of around 25. The other events were not so as they only managed sizes of 10+ at two European events. Due to their win against the Federation, they had to face the Shadow Troops in the AWL. They won this was sizes of 20+ and they were affected massively by bots. This was a disappointing week for the Ice Warriors.


8. Pirates [NEW!]The Pirates have made a come-back, just a week after their announcement of their ultimate shut down. A single good event put them in this position, as they had sizes of 20+ at the raid of ACP capital, Breeze. The new leadership of the Pirates are former “Golden Generation” leaders Max and Waterkid with other respected leaders: Blake, Badboy and Gangsta. The Pirates are raiding Breeze again later today and Waterkid has hinted at the return of the Black Alliance; including former members the Light Troops and SWAT.

9. Pink Ice [NEW!] The PI have made a good showing this week to narrowly beat DCP. The good week for the Pink Ice included two battles, assisted by allies RPF, against the LGA and Army Republic. The result was agreed that the PI and RPF won and the PI provided good sizes of 15+. They drew in a PB with the Chaos army, with sizes of 10+ and they also had an unscheduled recruiting session with similar sizes. This week also saw leader Slowking being overthrown with a unanimous decision from the Pink Ice leaders.

10. Doritos [-2]: The Doritos take a fall, with only one event to speak of this week. They maxed 25 at an unscheduled training, and had planned to raid the AWL, though this was not carried out.


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89 Responses

  1. FIRST yayaya


  2. FIRST yayaya




  4. Good top ten, I thought WV and the Nachos could have been tied though. I don’t think the Ice Warriors had a poor week it was that they couldn’t keep up with the other rising armies, anyways good top ten.


  5. How is it that Team Gold isn’t even in the Top 15.


  6. Go Water Vikings! 🙂


  7. How did PI get above DCP?


  8. It’s not the IW’s fault for the “poor” events, those bots are obviously controlled by someone outside of the ice warriors just to stop us from rising, apparently they want their army to be the best, not us. We will find the person who’s makin’ all these bots. It’s happened on more than one occaision, such as yesterday and earlier this week or maybe even the week before. When, or should I say, “If” we find the person who’s making the bots and controlling them and ruining our events, the ice warriors shall put a stop to them in some way! All I can say is that I do not know who the person is making bots, I have 0 experience.



  9. AR got like 13 in that pic and you said they got 25-30?


  10. AR and PI are too high

    Lol @ SWAT, can’t even get into top 10 on their comeback week. That army along with their 1,000 generations = done.


  11. Shouldn’t it be +1 for IW instead of -2? And howcome the description is so negative, we’ve done really great this week. I’m extremely confused.


    • IW’s ranking was moved up to what it was originally when it was written. Albert wanted sizes of 25-30 and the IW consistently only managed 20.


    • Yeah, again, I apologize, the ranking was different when Funks wrote the description and I didn’t have time to fully edit it.


  12. Only myself and water are leading Pirates. This needs changing. Ta.


  13. Wheres swat they maxed 20


  14. LOOOL cpac loves ar. You guys always get there best pictures and I always see ar had an amazing event maxing 25 – 30 :O They’re surely the best army in the whole wide world. Like I give a ghost. and u hate dcp obviously as you guys consistantly take our worst pictures.


  15. Eh, if that was WV’s best picture of the week than ACP should be tied with them. We circled the forts with 35.


  16. Woot love Pink Ice! Best army!


  17. To all the people complaining about AR’s rank, just remember we had twice as many events as probably all of you.


  18. Good Top Ten. I would’ve tied Nachos & WV, but still, great.


  19. dark champions: Former 14, should be in the drops.


  20. Nice Top Ten! Go WV!


  21. what kind of name is pinkice


  22. Wow, ST is falling badly


  23. Ok, time to crush the Nazis.


  24. pink ice seems like an army full of band wagoners


  25. […] weekly Top Ten army ranking was also released at CPAC today, found HERE. Indeed, as you can see from there, we jumped back to the Fourth Rank! Only three armies, ACP, […]




  27. Great job Nachos 🙂 NACHOS RULE!!!! WOOT! Yes i’m a Nacho 🙂


  28. go nachos!!!!!!


  29. Who the hell names there army “pink ice”. That is so gay.


  30. 70th comment TROLOLOLOLOL


  31. Got 16 on CP 🙂 and average around 10+ This Week: 🙂


  32. i vote WN


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