The Restructuring of the CPA Central Network

Hello CPAC. 

The term “The Network” has served many, many purposes on CPAC since it was originally created a few years back. Previously, it served as a network where armies can apply to receive an “Army of the Week” post on CPAC. However, after much consideration we have accessed the T.A.R.D.I.S. and have gone back to Sklooperis’s Network. It was formed under the idea of partnering with news sites around armies, SMAC, at the time.

Following the re-partnering with SMAC and the reforming of an old CPAC branch, Club Penguin Army Story Central, we have once again re-branded the Network as a group of sites who have linked together for the betterment of all of them. The Network is currently comprised of four sites and the page can be found here. If you own a site and wish to apply for CPAC’s Network, you may do so on the page or by commenting here.

The New CPAC Network

  • Club Penguin Army Central — CPAC is the leading army news site in this community. With some 1.6 million views, over four years CPAC has become a vital part of armies that has lived far past the original ideas of its founders.
  • Small and Medium Army Central — SMAC is the leading small and medium army news site. Founded in 2010, SMAC has structured itself as a gateway into the army world. The site can be found here.
  • Club Penguin Army Story Central — CPASC is the leading site in this community for all kinds of stories, both army related and not army related. While CPASC did shut down a few months back, it is now undergoing a reformation period. The site can be found here.
  • The Stale Nacho News — TSN is a recently founded site that is a satirical corporation connected to the Nacho Army. Always an interesting read, TSN is surely about to boom as the first great satire corporation. The site can be found here.
  • Positively ACP! — Founded by Snaily5, Positively ACP was the first major army affiliated site that got far off the ground. Now overseen by Japan, it’s a great site for keeping up with the happenings of the Army of CP. The site can be found here

If you are interested in joining the network, please do file a comment as we are very open to all sites. As you can see, TSN, a site that is strictly Nachos, is a part of the network. This means that if any army out there has a site affiliated with their army, they may also become a part of CPAC’s Network. All the Network serves as is an agreement for you to advertise us, and for us to advertise you. All other terms, if any, are per site. Visit the page here or make a comment on this post to apply.


That’s all for now. Leave a comment telling us what you think of the new CPAC Network. 


CPA Central CEO

9 Responses

  1. Nice post. You should add sites like ‘CP Army Feed Site’ and ‘Positively ACP’.


  2. This post is so bias


  3. Thanks so much for adding my blog Positively ACP to your network. Although it’s intention and mission is “Everything For the Glorious Benefit of ACP,” many of the posts, especially the older ones, have great messages and suggestions that can be applied to all CP armies, for their improvement and benefit. In just over a year since I began posting, mostly solo, we have nearly 21,000 views.

    This is an honor, thank you CPAC.


  4. I have a new CP News Paper called “The Snowball Reader” will be catching up on current events in the CP Community, not just CP Armies, but all of CP 😀


  5. […] leader of this community’s CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central) media website, stated today, HERE, the official re-creation of the CPAC network, which will consist of  the baseline CPAC website, […]


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