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Last night CPAC was being berated on ACP chat by members of the army community about the lack of news we post. Before you continue complaining I will tell you this. There is very little exciting news out there. No wars, all reports of deaths and merges have been reported. For this I will just give a brief segment of each army on the top ten of what they are doing.

1. Nachos

The Nachos have been preparing for their battle against WW this weekend. They have had many UK and US events with Puck asking troops to comment more.


2. ACP

ACP this week has had a short lived war with the Federation along with many practice sessions to keep sharp. Beating IW in a practice battle they have since moved on to mobilize their French and Aussie/Asia troops. Capnook had a rant mainly to the higher ranks about how most owners are incompetent, Members have no say and tactics are too basic. Flipmoo also sent a threat to Botters saying he will ruin them if they raid ACP again.

3T. Army Republic

The Army Republic has had some events, a return of a 3ic from a short break and an upcoming rematch PB with WV. They are also debating on who to war with. They have updated their army Rules so owners can only be in one army, mods in 2 and members in infinite.

3T. Water Vikings

Water Vikings have finished a very 1 sided war against EPT with a victory due to EPT surrendering and dying. They have been preparing for the AWL this weekend and an invasion of Parka. Currently they are having a 3ic election.


5. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebellion of UMA have been going strong with invasions of their former territory through the week doubling as training and preparing for the AWL against the Water Vikings. They also for some reason have been operating as a Cheats Blog and plan on bringing back their old Rebel News Network.


6. The Federation

This short lived army lost their war against ACP and merged into WV.

7. Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors haven’t done so hot recently. Going up against the Shadow Troops this weekend in the AWL, The Ice Warriors have had small U-lead events for UK and US during the week.

8. Doritos of Club Penguin

The Doritos have had a couple events this week with mostly recruiting. Out of anger that CPAC has removed them from their header they plan on attacking the AWL this weekend going after Chaos and the Judges.

9. Elite Penguin Troops

After the Raids of bots and loses of battles to WV, Pain decided to retire and shut down EPT with him. As of now it seems many EPT have moved to WV and DW.

10. Shadow Troops

Shadow Troops have been trying to coordinate themselves after a week of failed events and the defacing of their chat. They are fighting IW in the AWL and honoring Jason Leffler, a Racecar Driver.


That is the news of the week from the Top Ten, Are you happy now?

19 Responses

  1. Thanks Tap for posting this. I agree 100% with the post. The only reason I don’t post much is because there is nothing to actually post about, and when there is, some other person posts it before you do (wary).
    Anyways, yeah I was also thinking about doing a blow by blow of the week for all the Top Ten armies too. Guess now I still have nothing to post about. But, yeah, good post.


    • Lie. There were zero posts directly on the EPT vs WV war. It’s more because you probably don’t take the time to research.


      • Jesus christ I’m so sorry we don’t waste our lives to give you 100% news updates. And for us not taking the time to research, I did take time to research this:

        The two and only battles of the war occurred from June 10th to June 11th, in the time that 5, yes 5 posts were made. The fact that this week was exam week from the Caribbean to the States, and many more UK were focusing on their GCSE’s….. we are so sorry that we didn’t take our time to make you happy, and in return fail our exams, maybe even failing the grade.

        As much as CPAC is here to please the viewers, we are all kids/teens that have more or less the same things going on as you do. We aren’t employed to write for cash, nor are we CNN. We do this for fun and to practice writing in a different way. Unless you are a top notch reporter that is willing to update news 24/7, I’d advise to shut your pie hole.



      • I was planning to do one on it, but EPT died.


  2. Very happy.


  3. no pics of nacho circling forts with our UK division? What is this


  4. That was WV’s worst pic of the week. xD


  5. AR’s Picture was a UK event, Lol.


  6. Nice


  7. Hey you forgot to add that RPF’s Commando717 has made a minecraft server with factions for the RPF, ACP, and the UMA. Check their site if you don’t beleive me-


  8. I actually enjoyed this post. I honestly think CPAC should make a post like this one every week. I always liked reading an update on an army. Nice post.


  9. i have seen many battles right in front of me the nachos always wore orange


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