Army of the Week: Club Penguin Night Divers

Note to CPAC: Read the last paragraph at the bottom.

Ice Shelf, Club Penguin Night Divers’ Nation – After slipping in the shadows for quit some time, the CPND are back on track, marking their second week as first in SMAC’s top ten. Following their feat in reaching 11th in CPAC, we can only hope that Totidile’s greatest creation will succeed in penetrating the wall to CPAC’s Top Ten.

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The CPND were created on April 2nd 2012 by Totidile, current Night Divers’ leader and legend. During April they started out by recruiting, eventually getting their name first published in SMAC’s small army Top Ten a month later. They were the basic small army, scheduling skirmishes, PB’s and training, rising to 7+ soldiers. With a few set-backs, CPND managed to take 3rd place in Spooky SMACdown tourney.

Unfortunately, their glory began to go down the drain. CPND’s sizes of 10 fell to 5, ending in the death of the generation (CPND ended up merging into the Maryans).

After a quiet return somewhere in February 2013, the Night Divers took a big jump during March, averaging 8 and maxing over 10 in many events. During spring the Greens had a few ups and downs, however they never truly made it to a a true-medium army other than a few sharp rises.

Current Leadership:

CPND is currently led by legend and creator Totidile along his trusty side-kick B L A Z E. The leadership has managed to get CPND to sizes of 15 in the past 2 weeks, alongside a victory over the Dark Champions.

Recent Events:

The CPND have finished off the Dark Champions after a 6-1 blazing victory, proving their dominance after some truly amazing battles, averaging 8-10.


Defense of Half Pipe


Defense of Ice Shelf

The Dark Champions promptly died out, resulting in the Night Divers transforming the defenses into training sessions. In all 3 of them they showed powerful sizes of 15, maxing off a neat 18. The tactics on the other hand could have had a little improvement:



Opinion: Currently dominating the SMAC top ten for 2 weeks straight, this army has a promising future. On the other hand, I do not believe CPND will be able to step up a notch and break through the Top Ten barrier. Judging on their generation, their stability is extremely low. In fact, before their war versus the Dark Champions 2 weeks ago the CPND were thought to be dead. Hopefully the leaders will concentrating on stabilizing the army instead of prospering it.

Are you interested in joining CP Night Divers?  Click HERE to join them!

How do you think CPND have been doing?  Can they manage to keep up these numbers?  Will they rise into the top ten?  Or is falling a possibility around the corner?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Note: After a bit of thinking I’ve decided to restart the “Army of the Week”. Half a year ago it was a neat hit, however I believe it was stopped due to the fact that not many armies had joined the network. Since the network was abolished, I’ve decided to use instead the armies with the highest chance of joining the CPAC top ten, which basically means using the Top 15 as my guidance. If you believe that this is a bad idea, please state so in the comments. Thank you.

~Credits to Bluesockwa1 for post formatting

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  1. & Happy B-Day to me


  2. What da fuck? I got in trouble for making army of the week posts here. And I did the same army of the week as you on SMAC *wary*


  3. This is a bad topic for army of the week. CPND hasn’t even made it to the actual top 10 yet. Therefore, they shouldn’t be included in an Army of the week post, unless they make it to Top 10.


  4. Army of the Week was stopped for a reason and we do not wish to restart it. The feature has been viewed as essentially a giant advertisement, and for the time being Army of the Week will remain cancelled.


  5. I like penetrating :3


  6. you didn’t include the site. i think that is an important part.


  7. I honestly believe this was an advertisement, you mention twice about joining Night Divers…….


  8. Totidile also spams my twitter feed whenever there is a CPND event.


  9. I’m bionic buddy, the new night divers leader after totdile’s retirement. Check site for more info. 🙂 please add me to leaders.


  10. help me to get in


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