Army Warfare League: Playoff Round

Note: This is now an Elimination Bracket.

After three grueling weeks of dying armies and some really great battles, eight armies have advanced into the playoffs of the Army Warfare League. 

It’s been a long three weeks for all of us, that much is sure. We’ve avoided bots, tourney host changes, and all of it has brought us to this moment. Before we talk about the top eight and the times for the battles, let’s see the statistics. Due to many ties between the divisions, we have implemented a new rule. Any army that won a battle with around 3 troops or less takes secondary placement to an army who has the same score as them. For example, if in a division, two armies are tied with scores of “2-1” each, the army who showed the more substantial troop count at the battles will take prevalence in that specific conference. This also applies to the two spots open for the armies who had the best scores, but did not win divisions. A note that in the playoffs, this is now an elimination bracket. That means that every weekend we will narrow the competition further — from eight to four and then from four to the final two. 

DIVISIONS: (X-Clinched Playoff Berth, Y-Clinched Division, Z-Clinched First-Round Bye)

Red Conference North

  1. Army Republic 2-1 [QUIT]
  2. Dark Warriors 3-0
  3. Sky Republic 0-3
  4. Metal Warriors 0-2 [DIED]

Red Conference Central

  1. Fire Warriors 1-1
  2. Rangers of Yeti 1-2
  3. Chaos 2-1
  4. Hot Sauce Army 1-1 [DIED]

Red Conference South

  1. Pretzels 2-1 [DIED]
  2. Watex Warriors 2-1
  3. Global Defenders 1-2
  4. Special Weapons & Tactics 0-2 [ON HIATUS]

Blue Conference North

  1. Nachos 3-0
  2. Water Vikings 2-1
  3. Rebel Penguin Federation 2-1
  4. Dark Champions 0-3

Blue Conference Central

  1. The Federation 2-1 [MERGED]
  2. Dolphins 0-3
  3. Night Divers 2-1
  4. Ice Warriors 2-1

Blue Conference South

  1. Shadow Troops 3-0
  2. Frost Squad 0-2
  3. Underground Mafias Army 1-2
  4. Water Penguins 0-2

As all of these statistics are probably very confusing, I’m going to move onto some plain and simple results.

The Dark Warriors are the winner of the Red Conference North. The DW come out of their conference with a perfect three to nothing record, trailed by the Army Republic in second, who resigned from the tourney before the 3rd Series. 

The Chaos Army is the winner of the Red Conference Central. Chaos come out of their conference with a 2-1 record, trailed by the Fire Warriors with a 1-1 record due to their no-show at the 3rd Series battle. The Hot Sauce Army, who was predicted to win the Red Conference Central, was shut down by Dxdzn during the tourney. 

The Watex Warriors are the winner of the of the Red Conference South. The WW actually tied for first in their conference with the Pretzels, but PCP faced an untimely shutdown. 

The Nachos are the winner of the Blue Conference North. The Nachos come out of this division — which was probably the most difficult of them all, with juggernauts such as WV and RPF — with a perfect 3-0 record. They are trailed in second by WV and RPF in a tie. 

The Ice Warriors are the winner of the Blue Conference Central. The Ice Warriors come out on top of their division due to the new rule that was implemented. While IW did tie with the Club Penguin Night Divers for first in their conference, CPND showed with three troops to the 3rd Series Battle — and according to the new rule, that puts them in a secondary position to IW.

The Shadow Troops are the winner of the Blue Conference South. The Shadow Troops faced no real opposition in their conference, the largest of which was the Underground Mafias Army, who forfeited the 3rd Series battle. The ST holds a perfect 3-0 record in their division. 

There are two other spots reserved, as you know, for two armies who did not win a conference, but who showed the best scores of the AWL besides, of course, the victors. Three armies besides the Top 6 showed scores of 2-1, those armies being the Water Vikings, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Club Penguin Night Divers. I am sure you are already aware of the implemented rule and that I do not have to go through it again. Bearing this in mind, the two who will be filling these spots are the Water Vikings and the Rebel Penguin Federation. 


Now for the Playoff Round times. Keep in mind once again that this is now an elimination bracket, and all battles that take place this Saturday will result in the losing army being knocked out of the tournament.

❗ All battles will be 20 minutes long and will be held on Saturday, June 15. ❗

Dark Warriors vs. Chaos Army

-Server TBA the Day of the Battle-


Watex Warriors vs. Nachos

WW – Orange, Nachos – Red

-Server TBA the Day of the Battle-

11:30 PM PST 12:30PM MST 1:30PM CST 2:30PM EST 7:30PM UK

Shadow Troops vs. Ice Warriors

-Server TBA the Day of the Battle- 


Water Vikings vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

-Server TBA the Day of the Battle-

12:30 PM PST 1:30 PM MST 2:30 PM CST 3:30 PM EST 8:30 PM UK

Congratulations the Elite Eight, and thank you to all of the armies who have stuck with the AWL despite all of the issues. I hope you all enjoy the battles this Saturday.


CPA Central CEO

34 Responses

  1. Holy shit, Watex Warriors vs Nachos…well.


  2. DW vs. Chaos: DW
    WW vs. Nachos: Nachos
    ST vs. IW: IW
    WV vs. RPF: WV


  3. DW vs Chaos: DW
    WW vs Nachos: Nachos
    ST vs IW: IW
    WV vs RPF: WV

    DW vs Nachos: Nachos
    IW vs WV: WV

    WV vs Nachos: WV 😉


  4. Bias ACP should be first.


  5. Hmmmmmm………cool XD


  6. Well us versus WW, that’s gonna be easy 😀 jk, good luck everyone ;D


  7. DW vs Chaos: DW
    WW vs Nachos:Nachos
    ST vs IW:IW
    WV vs RPF-WV


  8. DW vs Chaos: Chaos
    WW vs Nachos: Nachos
    ST vs IW: IW
    WV vs RPF: WV


  9. Funny how you think IW will win, You guys will be shocked when my army kicks ass on that date.


  10. DW vs. Chaos: DW
    DW troops – 18 Chaos – 7

    WW vs. Nachos: WW
    WW troops – 50.1 Nachos troops – 50

    ST vs. IW: IW
    ST troops – 69 IW troops – 71

    WV vs. RPF: ACP
    WV troops – 1 RPF troops -1 ACP troops – 3.14


    DW vs WW: WW
    WW troops 1 DW troops .9

    IW vs ACP: ACP
    IW troops – 96 ACP troops – 69


    ACP vs WW: PH
    ACP troops 3 WW troops 3.1 PH troops 3.2


  11. Woah Sky Republic got 1-2 *wt*


  12. Dw vs Chaos: Chaos
    DW max 5 Chaos max 15


  13. DW VS Chaos: Bots.
    WW VS Nachos: Bots.
    ST VS IW: Bots.
    RPF VS WV: Commando. Or bots.


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