A Short Re-Introduction to the New Chief of Staff

Cutting a long story short: I’m the new Chief of Staff.

I would imagine that everyone knows who I am, but for those who do not. I was a Reporter and Vice President of CPAC last year.

Due to Zak resigning his position as Chief of Staff, I was asked by the CEO to return to CPAC.

I probably won’t make many reporting posts, as that isn’t strictly my job. But I am the main source of communication between the Army Community and our team here at CPAC. So if you need something, just ask. I can usually be found on ACP chat.

– Cassius Brutus, CPA Central Chief of Staff.

8 Responses

  1. i love you cas 1st


  2. “chief” of “staff” sounds hawt.


  3. Welcome back! :mrgreen:


  4. ew

    loljk i love you cas


  5. […] In the CP army world, today Casiusbrutus was inducted as Club Penguin Army Central’s chief of staff. For those who didn’t know, he was a long-serving member of RPF for years, and while he sometimes was in the thick of controversy and tension with others in RPF, he stilll comitted much to the army, and at least some of us fondly remember working with him, at least at times. He ahd this to say in his post at CPAC, found HERE: […]


  6. yey


  7. Congrats Cas 🙂 great to have you back!


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