The End of The Hot Sauce Army

EDIT – Both the HSA’s final event post and an interview were added to the post.

HALF PIPE – After nearly 6 months of surviving in their current generation, the Hot Sauce Army comes to an end due to many reasons.

The Hot Sauce Army was closed today by their creator, Dxdzn. Dx retired the army just under 2 weeks ago, which was probably the main reason the Hot Sauce Army fell from 40 to 15 in sizes. Shortly after Dx’s retirement, many went along with him, including Freezie, a HSA legend. These consecutive retirements resulted in the HSA losing size dramatically.  In desperation to rise back up, Japan and Flo were promoted to leader, though after a week Japan retired claiming the reason he retired was because “some troops became careless about the army”. Another possible reason Japan, Freezie, and many other high rankings/normal troops retired is because of the size losses, when they eventually fell to sizes of 10-15. After having enough, Dxdzn closed the army down. Here is the closing post from the HSA site (explicit content will be censored):

“Dx, you should be a legend. You’re like a s**y girl, like a d**k, HSA only rises when you’re on it.” -Panthers Bas

I’ll just state the obvious truth. You all f*****g gave up that it’s become a joke.

You gave up, let that run through your thick headed skulls for a sec, I wish I could close this wonderful legacy down with a happy-go lucky Cinderella story post, but unfortunately I can’t. Our 40+, our 1st 4 times means absolutely NOTHING.

Now it’s not all of you that gave up, a few of you actually had some faith in this army ’till it’s f*****g demise. I leave for 1 WEEK and what do I come to?  Let’s take a look:

– 2 Leaders gave up and brought themselves and their fat jocks to another army, even though HSA is the only REASON their known in armies in the first place and the only reason they even get the ranks they do in other armies.Ex: Japan who quit after being leader for like less than a week even after constant begging.

– 5+ people quit ‘cus you guys can’t keep an army alive for a week, pathetic.

In short, you failed and just gave an even more reason to say that I was the only one that did everything in HSA, even though that’s not true (to some extent). Actually, maybe it might be, maybe I was a 40 man f*****g army myself. /sarcasm

Seriously, I really wish we could leave on a good note but unfortunately no, I’m not mad, angry or sad. I’m simply just disappointed. Restart HSA, have a**l with it maybe even turn it into a hangout chat, I do not care. I’ll be adding people to legends page and removing some. Countless of people there don’t even deserve it and I only put ‘em them there to be nice.

I really hope you all have fun in whatever the f**k you do next, HSA was a family but family members gotta go their separate ways eventually. Have a great summer and for the last time;


We Never Cool Down.

To summarize this post, Dx is explaining why he closed the army down. His reasons were that without him, everyone within the army simply gave up, resulting in him ending the HSA. He also states on the site that anybody can restart the HSA because they “never cool down”.

The army had their finale on their capital Half Pipe. Sadly, the HSA only got 6 troops logged on for their last ever event of this generation. This was their last event result post from the site:

Hey Hot Sauce Army,

I’m not gonna make a long post, but this was our final or last UK event. Here is the only pic.

*Only 6 people came to the last UK Event of HSA. So sad…

Gar, HSA L.I.T

The HSA have also given out their whole nation (except Half Pipe) to their allied armies (those consist of the Water Vikings, Ice Warriors, Underground Mafias Army, Ranger Troops, and a new, rising army the SpecForce).

I interviewed Litning Miq/Slowking, a former loyal troop and Leader in Training of the Hot Sauce Army, about his thoughts on the death of the army:

Me = Italic and Underlined

Litning Miq/Slowking = Bold

What do you think were the causes/was the cause of the death of the HSA?

Well, the troops were being super negative once Dx left and did not even TRY to keep HSA alive, then a bunch of people started leaving.

What are your thoughts on the attempts of certain people recreating the HSA?

I will not mince words here, the people who are trying to bring it back are not worthy to bring it back, it’s mostly just a bunch of members and mods that don’t know a lot about CP Warfare. I would say you should give it a couple months at least before trying to bring it back.

Do you think the HSA will ever return, and if so, will they ever go back to their former dominance in the Top 10?

I don’t know, that is for the future to decide. Personally I think HSA, if it even comes back, will not make it anywhere really, because it’s just the Elites, who had so many generations that eventually died out.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I believe informing you that an army that has achieved so much recently dying is a mandatory thing to do.


42 Responses

  1. RIP HSA. 😦 *sets kfc on hsa’s casket*


  2. Poor, HSA, you will be missed.


  3. I was a former HSA 3rd in Command, but I had no pride in being one because they gave away owner/moderator ranks to those who just joined the army. HSA kept growing because they were the easiest army to achieve moderator/owner on, and also because Dx kept recruiting new people to join the army. However, this system only works temporarily. Dx managed to continue this because he always got new troops to join the army, but a normal person would stop recruiting once they start to reach decent sizes. This system may make the army larger in general, but there would be fewer troops that are complete loyalists to that specific army.
    To be honest, I knew that the HSA would fall once Dx retired. There are many other armies that I know will fall in the future, and I’m sure there are others that know as well.
    Anyways, the time I had in the HSA was unforgettable, and I hope that the HSA retirees choose another great army if they were to stay in the Club Penguin Warfare Community.


    • Ikr Flip…..

      Tigriss joined HSA in March 2012 I believe…………. 2 weeks later she is owner. Dx’s excuse was that she was the most loyal troop ever.

      In ACP you get promoted 1 rank for that kind of loyalty.


      • “but a normal person would stop recruiting once they start to reach decent sizes”
        That’s not the case with Iceyfeet


  4. No 😥
    This is so sad.
    After the Nachos, HSA were my 2nd favourite army. I always used to hangout on their chats and I have many awesome friends in HSA. Now knowing HSA army is dead makes me feel so sad…

    R.I.P HSA, we will miss you ❤


  5. That’s Dx’s fault. I blame their death on being too cocky and declaring war on the Nachos.


  6. For the record I held on until the very end. One of only about 3 people. That’s just saaaaad.




  8. I’m laughing apparently Panthers thinks he is all pro once again, well we all know Dudex was one of the most powerful leader who has taken care of the army well while reaching 40. My reason is Panthers is just but hurt and is blaming it on Dudex although he is a little right about Dudex just retiring.


  9. <strong< Well… the army's moving on with it's life..


  10. Are you an idiot? HSA didn’t give servers to WV… the 2 armies we gave servers to were CP Spec Force and Ice Warriors. Stop trying to get servers change.


  11. Goodbye HSA I won’t miss you


  12. I loved you HSA! I’m sorry that I became in-active in the end DX. I am very sorry, I will miss you!


  13. RIP fad army number 987786726253625162……….


  14. better dead than red


  15. Don’t worry, I’m recreating hsa. Stay tuned!!


  16. Change I also gave t


  17. Change I also gave them away to IW UMA and RT


  18. Wasn’t it obvious HSA was done without dudex?


  19. Goodbye hsa…sorry i became inactive but with all this school s*** i gotta worry about i cant really get back on cp…
    R.I.P HSA


  20. Nice interview slowking.


  21. lol a comment to urself @slowking. anyway, RIP hsa…… you tried hard and came far *puts red flower thingy next to grave* =c


  22. Why did HSA die? Because there were way too many owners (and mods). Two or so months into it being restarted, I was telling the leaders “You guys are going to die if you keep ownering everyone, they’ll just stop caring because they have nothing to work for.” and everyone just shooed me away like a fly, but look what happened! There’d be a full chat during the event and only 6 people logged on, for that reason. Good luck.


  23. I miss the REAL HSA. The one that I was a part of when I first joined armies. They were the definition of success.


  24. I leave for fucking two months and this is what the hell happends -_____- God fucking damnit people Whatever just remeber
    Hot Sauce Army Never Cools Down


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