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Well looks like the time has come.

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Hey there CPAC! Cutie here 😀

Wow, I can’t believe the time has come, the time for me to write my first post… I’m nervous, like really nervous right now xD Thank you Blue1 for hiring me :mrgreen: I hope you enjoy reading this!

Anyways, onto the point,

What will this Summer be like for us warfarers? Will we have a great summer, or a disappointment? Only time will tell.

Summer has been known as the ‘high rising’ point of CP armies, everyone is on holidays, or more specifically everyone is online, so that already makes it easier to recruit, especially with tons of people online! I mean we all have heard about those previous summers, famous for their ‘legendary’ army rises and events. I wasn’t here last Summer but hearing from others I can tell that Summer is definitely an awesome time for armies!

Why exactly is Summer the high rising point of armies, I hear you ask?

Well glad you asked that. Summer is a time of chillaxing and having fun on holidays! Many people are online at the sametime, especially others from different time zones, which doesn’t normally happen on a school day. More people discover CP armies, bringing in new recruits literally every 5 seconds 😀 Everyone is online, so loads of events happen, with GREAT, BIG, MASSIVE sizes. I mean just look at the pics of Summer 2009! That benefits us all, as Summer is a time of change too. Loads of armies are recreated, that army that just maxed 2 is maxing +50 and everyone is focused on battles.

What is the bad thing about Summer?

Well, putting apart the sizes, the fun and the breath-taking battles, Summers can get a little cramped. Chats would be overcrowded with people, with noobs running around screaming nonsense confusing everyone (No offence, anyone out there lol). Another bad thing is that many people are on holidays, so when leaders are on holidays, everyone else doesn’t know who to rely on anymore. Personally, as me being a Nacho, with Puckley being on holidays, we aren’t AS good as we usually are. This happens to many armies, and it’s a threat too.

What can YOU do to make this Summer awesome?

Loads, actually! I mean c’mon, if you’re free you may as well contribute to the army community. You can chill on chats, or make a post, anything you fancy :mrgreen: You can apply for CPAC, you can help with extra community activities (which there will be) and help out with anything. Use your time wisely! Another good thing about Summer is that is easy to get noticed. Say if you just made an army, it is more likely to be noticed during Summer, while everyone is all eyes and ears (well in this case, just eyes). In Summer they are TONS of events, like leagues and matches. Prove what you’re made of and go join in!

This proves Summer is indeed a fairly awesome time for everyone in the army community!

Well that’s it for my post, I hope you enjoyed reading! I will now be scoffing my Galaxy Bar if you mind.

What will you be doing this Summer?

Thanks for reading! Comment below!

~  ♣ Çυτιε2854 ♣

CPAC Reporter

52 Responses

  1. Oh em gee cutie is a cpac reporter.. Congrats!!


  2. Gratlongs Cutie 🙂


  3. Stick to news.


  4. Wow Congrats Cutie! Don’t be nervous to do nothing, you’ll get there! Just like u did this!


  5. Eh. Pretty good post for someones 1st post.


  6. I was thrown off about the lack of news on a news site. Silly me.


  7. Great post! Keep it up 🙂 and others have said keep to news, but that’s only if there’s news out there! This was awesome for a first post.


  8. So is this philosophy or what?


  9. Try not to use “XD” and too many emoticons in your post..


  10. Nice post! I like how you wrote about good things and bad things in Summer.


  11. I really like the post, good job!


  12. Nice post, but im gonna be inactive because ima be going out side


  13. World War


  14. Summer’s usually great, but the ‘noob’ leaders ruin it by banding together to destroy armies for childish reasons.


  15. Congratulations on joining the CPAC family! :mrgreen:


  16. I’ll probably join CPAC when I retire from all armies – which will happen in like a year or two (wary).


  17. Great Post. You are very talented! Can’t wait till your next post


  18. Nice post cutie.


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