Profanity Exclusive

What’s in a word? Not that much.

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Starting with a BANG is getting easier on the Profanity Exclusive series as long as the Army of Club Penguin Third in Command keep reeling out the goods. Last week we had Capncook counting to E, and this week we have Flipmoo being the average Flipmoo. A bolt out of the blue, we had Flipmoo send this in the morning, a stunning headline for CPAC.

Let’s head to the weather with Bep shall we?

Thanks, Bep.


The Underground Mafia Army suffered serious blows when their TOP OF THE LINE SPY PROGRAM was caught spying. How could the UMA Spy Program have been caught?


I don’t get how their PERFECTLY TRAINED spies could have messed this up! I mean, come on, its clearly obvious that he isn’t a spy. He’s using reverse psychology obviously. For every caught UMA Spy, an ACP owner gets fired. Get cracking, UMA.

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It’s obvious that scandals happen daily in this community, but let’s just take a look at sources this week. The Federation of CP and the Army of CP have been battling it out to the death recently, and The ACP banned not one, not two, but THIRTEEN people who they thought were “suspected federation members”, yet the Federation’s USA Leader Taco and their Second in Command, yours truly, were untouched the entire battle. Great security? I think so.

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Take a moment to breathe in the stupidity Rex can start, or at least did. Just breathe in your daily dose of funny, and crank up your sound so the music can get to you too.

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K, i dont give a crap anymore. #ForTehLulz.


30 Responses

  1. ferst, and interesting post..


  2. Why is this a post?


  3. Still not funny.


  4. What??


  5. I have to ask, Me of all people… Why aren’t I doing the weather? I’m Weather Mother******* boy


  6. random shit means it must be satirical and funny lelelele


    • LOL

      ‘camplazlo definitely does have a brother and i’m him’

      seems legit


  7. Thirteen people were banned? ono


  8. another funny post


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