Army of Club Penguin and the Federation Battle for Breeze

BREEZE- Following the accusations of the Federation stealing ACP troops, which led to ACP declaring war on the Federation, the war started off with the Federation’s invasion of the ACP server Breeze.  The ACP capital server was home to a hard-fought battle today as both armies fought with their UK force of troops.  Though both armies did the best they could, only one came out on top.

Both ACP and the Federation agreed to having Edd64, a Nachos leader, judge the battle.  The battle took place on the third of June at 8:00 pm GMT/3:00 pm EST, so this was mainly between the forces of European troops from the two fierce rivals.  During the battle, ACP averaged around 20 and maxed 25, while the Federation averaged around 14 and maxed 17 troops.  While the Federation were more organized, ACP had the upper hand on tactics. 

Below, ACP does the E+U tactic while the Federation does the E+9 tactic on the Ice Berg.

Below, ACP does the E+8 tactic while the Federation chants “Federation” in capital letters in the Mine.

Below, the Federation does the E+F tactic in the Mine.

With both armies agreeing to having Edd64 judge the battle, he decided the winner of the battle based on size, tactics, and organization.  Below is Edd64’s official battle report.

Overall, ACP had an advantage in size in tactics.  Though the Federation had better organization, it wasn’t enough for them to pull off a win.

Following the battle, there were rumors that ACP had help from WW in the battle.  This was due to the following be posted on WW’s website:

We will not be entering the ACP vs. Federation war, we will only be defending our land from invaders, and since we are an ACP colony we share all of ACP’s servers and vice versa. Therefore we will not allow any army to take our servers. Here is the info for the defense. Comment if you can make it.

ACP denied the rumors of receiving help from WW.  The following photo was posted as proof on ACP’s official website:

Foldez, an ACP 2ic, was pleased with the results of the battles, as stated in a post on ACP’s website:

Fantastic work ACP!  If we keep this up Federation won’t be standing for very long.

Although the Federation did have decent sizes on Club Penguin during the battle, Federation leader Kingfunks4 was disappointed with bad tactics and unresponsive troops.  He did however think the army did well.  The following was taken from a post on the Federation site:

We lost the battle of Breeze today as the ACP maxed about 23 and we maxed 17. Our tactics were bad and there were a lot more troops on our chat but few were responsive and what I call ‘good troops’. I want us to do better at the next event. Remember guys, this army is in the top three and we are new to CP armies. We did well today.

This battle gave ACP the first win in the war.  Despite this early lead, there are many more battles to come, and only time will tell which army will be victorious in the end.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle.  How well do you think ACP and the Federation performed during the event?  Who do you think will win this war?  How long will it go on for?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

17 Responses

  1. Good I beat McHappy


  2. I think ACP did great without me. Typically events I haven’t been at get around fifteen but knowing we hit twenty-five is awesome! Federation, on the other hand, never maxed seventeen. In all of their pictures the most they ever have is fourteen red penguins.

    I believe in ACP, and think they will win the war. I don’t think the war will last long.


    • The question is, “What do you gain from this war?” Are you going to force the “old” ACP troops to rejoin ACP, and leave Feds? I just don’t understand the overall point.


  3. Federation your going to get your @$$ kicked, If you want to stand a chance though then i would start with overthrowing Taco.. 😛


  4. I was there. I am the sexiest one in the pics, naturally.


  5. What a load. The Federation isn’t stealing any troops.


  6. “While the Federation were more organized, ACP had the upper hand on tactics.”

    Aren’t organization and tactics in the same category? Organization is only a vehicle for tactics. One army can’t have better tactics unless they’re more organized.


  7. I think we put up a pretty good fight considering the fact that ACP is 3rd and Th Fed is 8th.


  8. Organization is not blobbing up and such, and tactics are like E+9 and line formations


  9. […] June 3rd, Breeze- The Federation attacked  with sizes of 13-14. Issues with the troops on Feds chat lead to them having low sizes especially when fighting moved to the Fire Dojo. Both sides agreed to have Edd from Nachos be the unbiased judge and he gave size and tactics to ACP, but organization to the Feds. ACP, according to Edd, averaged 20 and maxed 25.  A rumor was going around that the Watex Warriors assisted the ACP, probably due to the presence of Lucario at the battle but was trounced when the leaders were questioned about it. More detailed report HERE! […]


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