Top Ten Armies: 06/02/13

Hello one, hello all. With the 2nd week of the Army Warfare League ending, we’ve seen some armies take charge against their highers, and others fall flat on their faces. Along with this, we’ve had some extreme troubles with bots being used at numerous events. However, we’ve pulled through this, and we are still here to bring you a new addition of the CPAC Top Ten. Ranks were comprised by Zakster, with descriptions written by Bluesockwa1 and Shiver.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [80.88]

2. Army Republic [+1] [77.41]

3. Army of CP [+2] [75.92]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [72.16]

5. Water Vikings [-1] [70.88]

6. Dark Warriors [+2] [68.75]

7. Ice Warriors [+1] [65.88]

8. The Federation [+2] [62.16]

9. Hot Sauce Army [-7] [59.75]

10. Shadow Troops [NEW!] [54.88]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Night Divers [NEW!] 

12. Dolphins [NEW!]

13. Watex Warriors [NEW!]

14. Pretzels [-3]

15. Dark Champions [NEW!]

1. Nachos: The Nachos have taken a fall this week, as have many, but they have still managed to remain in the top spot. The week began with a smashing victory for the Nachos as the defeated HSA in a short but bitter war that was fought not only on Club Penguin but also on xat. This boosted the troops morale, the winning battle showing impressive sizes of 30. On the 28th, the Nachos held a pretty decent USA Recruiting Session, along with a “fun” raid the next day (if you consider dressing up as bay-bees fun). Two days ago, the Nachos faced off against the Army Republic in a Practice Battle, where they pulled off sizes of around 25 — along with the victory. As the summer nears, the Nachos are set in a pretty good position to dominate.


2. Army Republic: AR makes an impressive rise to 2nd this week. The week began as they defeated the Underground Mafias Army in Round 1 of the AWL in fairly close battle. Next up came what was called “the best UK event in AR’s history”, with sizes of 25. Also at this time, the controversial 1-army rule was introduced to AR, which led to a fair amount of controversy. The support of 122344a, AR Creator, did help to settle the tension down, however. On the 28th, an impressive event with sizes of 25 proved in the opinion of Burito that the 1-army rule was working. The army also held an unscheduled two days later. As the week dragged on, rumors surfaced that AR was planning to declare war on the Water Vikings, but the Rebel Penguin Federation became AR’s target. In a late night raid of Tuxedo, the army averaged about 15. 

3. Army of CP: The ACP makes it into the Top 3 this week, with a crazy week — even by ACP standards. The week began with a return from ACP’s creator, Oagalthorp, who has now decided to stay for the summer, making Oagal the second of the 5 Warfare Pioneers to recently return to armies — the other being Commando717. In a Memorial Day Training, the army reached sizes of about 10. The next day, in an edition of an “Eventathon”, the army reached sizes of about 20. A few other “fun events” were sprinkled throughout the week, along with a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, in which ACP pulled off 25 and the victory. On June 1st, an unscheduled got ACP sizes of 25 once again. The big shocker this week came as Mchappy’s declaration of war was released on The Federation, a new army formed by Former ACP Leader Kingfunks4, who was extremely controversial during his time in ACP. Just today, the ACP raided The Federation’s server of Ice Shelf. As the next week approaches, what seems likely to be a large flame war is upon us. 

 photo JOKE_zpsb5e27df6.png

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF proves they can hold onto their spot as they rank fourth this week. The week began for RPF with a large amount of momentum, due to their lighting-fast rise and their recent victory over the Global Defenders during CPAC’s AWL. On May 27th, RPF successfully cleansed Tuxedo, an extremely significant server in the army’s history. Over the next two days, RPF acquired Tundra, Ice Box, and Parka. However, as the army continued to rise, they were entangled in a scandal regarding bot use. At this point, it is believed RPF was not involved — Qwerty, who was kicked out of RPF recently, is believed to have used the bots as a system of revenge on RPF. In response to AR’s declaration of war, RPF did not seem frightened at this point, and have also convinced the Hot Sauce Army — a powerhouse, who has however recently fallen to the bottom of the Top Ten — to side with them in this growing conflict.


5. Water Vikings: Many thought WV’s position in the Top Five would last only a week, but they seem to be here to stay. The week began for WV as they successfully claimed the server of Belly Slide with sizes of 20, but lost Parka to RPF as the army cleansed it. The next day, in a Practice Battle against UMA on the server of Great White, the army pulled off sizes of 15-20. Overall, the army did much worse than last week, but due to all armies taking a fall, they have only fallen to 5th.


6. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors claim 6th in this week’s edition of the CPAC Top 10 Armies. They kicked off their week with sizes of 24-27 in a battle vs. the Light Troops. That same day, they had an unscheduled Australian event with a max of 12. They begin their rise back to the Top 3 with new leader S Cargo to aid Crazy.

7. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors come in at 7th in this week’s Top 10. Their week began with an Australian event with sizes of 11-12. They defeated the Global Defenders in an AWL battle where they gained szes of 20-25; during a bot raid. Creator Iceyfeet1234 has returned to help the next generation of IW rise, after a fall in sizes and the unpreparedness of the those expected to succeed Albert. IW celebrated their 6th anniversary on Saturday.

Drinking tea peacefully while barely noticing the black penguins.

8. The Federation: The Federation weighs in at the 8th spot in this week’s version of the Top 10. Their week kicked off with an event with an average of 21 on Tuesday. The next day, they had a training session with a max of 15 troops. An event on Friday netted 10-15 troops. Finally, a draw against the Army of the Republic in an AWL match brought 13-16 troops. This week, two new leaders were appointed; Tacodaily and Max. Also, the ACP has declared war on the Federation on grounds of troop stealing and chat advertising.


9. Hot Sauce Army: The Hot Sauce Army falls to the 9th spot in this edition of the Top 10 amongst ownership debacles and scandals.. They began the week with an unsuccessful defense of White House against the Nachos with sizes of 14-16 causing the end of the Nacho-HSA war. A few days later, a US training event maxed around 17 troops. Following Dxdzn’s retirement earlier this week, Jason has worked to reorganize the army and come up with a list of their priorites.

10. Shadow Troops: The Shadow Troops quietly grab the 10th slot this week. They quietly began their week with an event with sizes of 10-12. Their next event gained similar sizes, except with a max of 13. Finally, their week ended with a victory over the Shadow Troops with sizes of 15-19. They seek to rise their way up to the Top 10 after a slow week.



We’re extremely sorry for the delay on this, a combination of inactive staff and the bot issue caused this to be released extremely late. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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54 Responses

  1. Oh man we got lucky this week.


    • yeah but whoever wrote our descriptions sucks…

      we didnt dress up as bay bees, we KILLED THE BAY BEES. and then took their clothes and dressed up as them…


  2. Prepare to taste some sexy waffles.


  3. Sup…I think HSA might die…..plz jason just plz


  4. HSA had an unsched that maxed 21


  5. Yay, we’re first again :mrgreen:, I can see ACP and WV rising c: and I am quite surprised at HSA D:


  6. WOO Night Divers :$


  7. I’m at a loss of words to as why RPF is above all the armies below the 4th spot.


  8. ST got 15-19 and got 20 once we should be 8th


  9. I think the biggest suprise of this top ten is that Dash got 20 postcards on Club Penguin! I mean how popular can a guy get.


  10. Where is DCP? D:


  11. if we end up in bad war dont look at me


  12. Dolphins have shut down.




  14. CPND 11th WOO HOO!


  15. The Federation got 23+ this week……


  16. WOAH!!! Hsa falls in 9th spot (omg) B.T.W Go Nachos (wary)


  17. LMFAO @HSA


  18. Great top ten! :mrgreen:


  19. “On June 1st, an unscheduled got ACP sizes of 25 once again.”

    Actually the ACP maxed a bit higher. The most you can find in a pic is 28; McHappy claims they hit 30. And it was unscheduled. The ACP should be at least one notch higher.


  20. Excuse me Blue1, but you forgot to embolden the ninth place army, HSA.


  21. does anyone know if ninjas are still alive


  22. Bias. Total bias. Goblin army of CP should be there. We maxed 1. And averaged 0. Your just biased against Goblin’s @Zak


  23. Oops, I must have wrote the rankings down wrong when Zak told me them. Sorry about that.

    However, I do think that ACP should be second (or at least tied).


  24. 9th… 😥


  25. Are you saying Icey isn’t a warfare pioneer


  26. Woah HSA had a dramatic downfall.


  27. I am in Team Gold and it is crazy there are no event and its badly organised I used to b a 3ic in the CPPD before they died are there any armies I can join my username is tranqo.


  28. (goo) An army of mine, in cpac!!!!


  29. look at LGA we max 10+
    our web is
    here is pic


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