Profanity Exclusive


Start this off with a bang, shall we?

Greetings fellow citizens of what I’ve been told and am forced to believe is the Planet Earth. I was given permission from Bluesockwa1, whom I bet six thousand xats on that he would experience a Watergate Coup of CPAC by February 2014 (I still have a chance, KingFunks!), to start some shet and do what Riots do best — come out of retirement to laugh at people and make Bluesockwa’s Saturday Nights much more enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Man, there’s a reason I hypercam everything. Laugh out Loud, just kidding. Maybe. Probably. Possibly. Predictably. Moving on from the jibberish, here’s some proof.



K, Good for you? Don’t Care. Moving on!

bannerfans_7802151 (2)


The fact that there’s an E in this number really set the bar for the ACP, as E is as far as ACP 3ic Capncook can apparently count. But it’s OK, guys, the ACP should be able to reach that E ranking in CPAC if they put themselves to it. Yes sir, be prepared for one of the reporters of CPAC to be reporting on record sizes for the ACP, let’s head over real fast to Bep and the weather, shall we?


Thanks, Bep, now for some late breaking news.


Former CPAC Chief Executive Officer KingFunks4 interrupted current CEO Bluesockwa1’s press meeting outside the server Mammoth, this picture was taken by SMAC reporters as the scene unfolded.


The press conference went swimmingly, as the public loves watching Funks get IP Banned from CPAC. Wait, that was cancelled? What? Well it was pretty freaking entertaining when it was happening anyways. Still is. Now for our Scandal of the Week.

bannerfans_7802151 (1)

CPAC Staff member Weatherboy1, has a rough life. After hours of working at the CPAC Breakroom and getting yelled at by Bluesockwa1, he goes home to his house, a cardboard box.


But what’s this?! Weatherboy1 seen clear as day in this picture with this awkward couple on what We here at CPAC have been told is the server vanilla. Caught in action, we await for a release on his behalf.

bannerfans_7802151 (3)

Seems that about 75% of this community is insane in some way, shape or form. Lets just throw a dart at a board and see who it is this week that’s influenced the community while still keeping an unsteady thought bubble.


And we get a winner. Bluesockwa1 isn’t insane, but he is influential. And who doesn’t want to go thrift shopping? Actually, it turns out Bluesockwa1 had a Harlem Shake scheduled at the same time *boom, usage of a dead internet fad*

bannerfans_7802151 (5)

Let’s see what amazing things are tweeted about our wonderful online community.


The only thing close to the truth in this tweet would have to be the fact that Tot is random.

bannerfans_7802151 (4)

I’m going to leave and bid you goodbye for now, but let’s take a look at one of the funnier moments that Blue1 and I had a blast making fun of from the past. April 1st, 2009.



15 Responses

  1. First


  2. XD ok? What the heck was that?


  3. Ikr… Lolwut




  5. fortehlulz


  6. just got molested


  7. At this rate I give you three weeks at most.


  8. I love the Obama pic one. Lmao.


  9. I have to ask where did you get that picture?


  10. lolololololol that part about the acp was funny, made me laugh!


  11. Lool i like the bit with funks on


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