Five Tips to Make a Difference.

NOTE: This post is solely for the benefit of all armies against bots. It also concentrates on tonight’s Army Warfare Leauge battles, which will be raided.

A few days ago Funks made a post in which Bluesockwa1 commented how there is little we can do against bots. Well that little might not be as little as you believe. In this short, but informative post, I will give you a few ways to stop or decrease the damage done by the bots.

1. Change the room to the EPF HQ

This is frankly the easiest of all. Once the bots appear (not before they do, but after) quickly change the room to the HQ. It is so simple, and although it isn’t the “greatest” room, armies have done it before, and it’s a lot better than getting into an igloo, as the bots can easily follow up. More importantly, you need to be over 45 days old to be able to take the EPF test. However since bot makers don’t want to use rare penguins, they decide to create new penguins which are obviously incapable to take the EPF agent test.

2. Don’t change servers

It has been done before, and it was obviously unsuccessful. Changing servers just creates confusion, and there is nothing that confirms the bots can not follow the army. Unless the army is usre no spies are on their chat, the idea is pointless.

3. Don’t give attention

All of the people stating how “Qwerty is an idiot” and how “I hate Qwerty” is exactly what Qwerty wants. He is a no-life 16 year old that everyone in the community hates, and after his last desperate attempts to get noticed, decided to use bots against us. The last thing you need to do is give him attention. Even on chat, just go calmly to the EPF HQ, and don’t show emotions.

4. It is almost over

After just a few days, over 50 people have downloaded this bot program. It has created much catastrophe, but it also showed massive attention. Numerous bot reports have already been sent by a lot of CP players, and I can assure you CP is already trying to solve this problem. Remember, due to the mass of bots, it is impossible for mods to ban every one of them. Therefor they try upgrading the game so that it would be impossible to use the bot program.

5. We need your help

There are peope that state filing a complaint against the bots does not help. Trust me, it does. The more people write complaint letters, the larger the chance that CP finds out about this mess, or gives this situation more importance. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Click here
  2. Click “report a bug” (don’t choose general support questions due to it decreasing the importance of the situation)
  3. Type in your penguin name along with your/ your parent’s e-mail.
  4. Add a message specifying the details of the bots (pictures, bot controller’s CP name are helpful).
  5. Send it!

I hope this will help us resolve this bot situation. Remember, we all hope it will be over in a few days, just like it happened with CP Storm and CP Blizzard, which were all theoretically the same things. I do hope sanctions are implemented to all people that were caught using these bots; in other words removing them from the community indefinitely would be appropriate.

That is all.


13 Responses

  1. The 1st idea is actually brilliant


  2. I never thought about going to the EPF room. That’s genius!


  3. The first idea is so clever! Now we can have a stress free battle without bots B)


  4. We had a chance at one pint to use the EPF for battles. When PR attacked we debated on fighting in the VR room. Never came to be for some reason. I think what happened is that few armies thought about it and when they did PR stopped the raids. Speaking of the Glorious Republic of the Purple, they have been busy raiding roblx and have discovered made their bot program again.


  5. 1 is useless. The 45 day rule was disbanded along with the agent test. And even if the bots aren’t agents, they can still port to EPF.


    • The 45 day rule is still implemented, and I do not mean going into the corridor, but in the actual HQ. If armies wanted to, they could have gone to the VR room (which I am not sure if it works). Without the agent test, you are unable to get to the HQ.


      • Point proven. And bots don’t take out their spy phones and push the EPF symbol (that’s what normal penguins do), they teleport to wherever the main penguin is based on their room id.


  6. If you cite a Bluesockwa, cite the right Bluesockwa.


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