ACP – Oagal’s Return?

Breeze – Is ACP’s Creator, Oagalthorp, planning to make a return?

Recently, ACP’s beloved creator, Oagalthorp, has planned to help work on some leading details which has caused the ACP fall. His plans are to work on having more posts, more battles and less events, and higher quality posts, thus increasing the activity level in ACP. His and the ACP Owner’s work have seemingly paid off, with their max of 30 yesterday, compared to their 20 – 25 last Sunday.

Here we have ACP doing an E+T Tactic with around 25 - 30 online.

Here we have ACP doing an E+T Tactic with around 25 – 30 online at yesterday’s event.

Here we have ACP with around 20 preforming a Joke In Line tactic, on last Sunday's event.

Here we have ACP with around 20 preforming a Joke In Line tactic, on last Sunday’s event.

ACP has certainly grown from their creator’s return, and though their rise may be a small increment now, if this continues then progress will certainly have been shown from Oagal’s plans. I caught up with Oagal to ask some questions about his plans.

Me: Blue

Oagal: Green

What made you decide to come back to ACP?

Well, I’m not exactly “coming back,” just increasing my presence a little. I’m doing some advising here, and some reconstruction there.

Do you believe ACP will rise in your presence?

Yes. Because of me? I’m not sure. But they’re definitely poised for a big rise this Summer.

What do you plan to do while you’re here?

Well, I’ve already proposed a growth initiative: More (and higher quality) posts, more battles, stuff like that. Besides that, its mostly just battle/war advisement.

As you can see, Oagal has big plans asACPprogresses into the Summer time. But the real question is, will they rise?

My Opinion:

I believe ACP is capable of rising with their newly profound help from their creator Oagalthorp, and are already showing signs of growth. With Mchappy and Oagalthorp in a combination, I believe they can both pull through and bring ACP to new heights. But, only time knows where ACP will be taken, and what will happen as the Summer days go by.

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21 Responses

  1. Sorry for such a short post, I was in a rush.




  3. ACP hasn’t really grown in size with Oagalthorp’s comeback. Only thing going up is our number of posts and number of views on site.


  4. What does Necause mean?


  5. I honestly think Commando’s presence in RPF has done far more then Oagal’s in ACP. These legends are just big people who made the armies. They may not be as good of leaders as we expected. They are just famous for creating the armies that became part of the Big 6.


  6. Wow, Commando coming back, Iceyfeet coming back, Oagal “increasing his presence”, Pink Mafias possibly returning this summer, what’s going on that’s making them come back all of the sudden?


  7. So much legends coming back, this summer is definitely going to be an interesting one then.


  8. Join my shit army that I’m trying to blatantly advertise!


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